Cloudnova Vs Cloudnova Flux Vs Cloudnova Void Vs Cloudnova Form

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Suppose you’re interested in buying a comfortable and high-performance Cloudnova shoe.

In that case, you might have noticed that there are multiple versions of Cloudnovas available in the market as well as listed on On-Cloud’s website.

But what exactly are the differences between these models, and which one should you choose for your daily wear?cloudnova-vs-cloudnova-flux-vs-cloudnova-void-vs-cloudnova-form

Let’s lace up all these Cloudnova pairs and find out, shall we?

A Quick Rundown of All Cloudnova Shoes

Cloudnova is a performance-focused footwear series by ON, a Swiss company that provides exceptionally comfortable pairs for daily wear.

Over the past few months, the Cloudnova shoes have become quite popular among running crowds for their unique wave design and wide ground contact area. With this increasing popularity, On Cloud has introduced several Cloudnovas to cover a wider audience.

These Cloudnova models aren’t yearly/iterative updates but complementary versions of the vanilla Cloudnova.

For example, the Cloudnova Void was released almost a year after the Cloudnova Form.

However, it is not an updated version of the latter but instead focuses on a different running crowd while retaining the Cloudnova DNA.

The same goes for other models as well.

Furthermore, these Cloudnova shoes were all released in the span of 2022 and 2023.

Feature Comparison between Different Cloudnova Models

Despite all four models being in the same lineup and footwear category, there are a few technical differences between the Cloudnova, Flux, Void, and Form.

These slight variances can drastically impact your everyday running experience.

To get a better understanding, let’s do a side-by-side technical comparison between the Cloudnova, Cloudnova Flux, Cloudnova Void, and Cloudnova Form.

AttributesCloudnovaCloudnova FluxCloudnova VoidCloudnova Form
Release year2022202320232022
Weight9.5oz for US men’s 9 size10.4oz for US men’s 9 size10.75oz for US men’s 9 size10oz for US men’s 9 size
SizingRuns slightly largerTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Upper materialEngineered meshBreathable meshTranslucent haptic meshEngineered mesh
InsoleRemovable socklinerRemovable socklinerRemovable socklinerRemovable sockliner
MidsoleHelion™ superfoamCloudTec® Zero-Gravity foamCloudTec® Zero-Gravity foamCloudTec® Zero-Gravity foam
Stack height18-32mm19-33mm19-33mm18-32mm
Heel-to-toe drop14mm14mm14mm14mm
OutsoleSegmented rubberSegmented rubberSegmented rubberSegmented rubber
Break in periodShortShortShortShort
Best forEveryday wear, walking, light runningShort runs, mixed sportsEveryday wear, walking, easy runsEveryday wear, walking, light running, recovery runs
CostAround $160Around $160Around $160Around $150

Key Differences between On Cloudnova, Cloudnova Flux, Cloudnova Void, and Cloudnova Form

While I bought the base Cloudnova model for everyday use, the ON(the actual name of the brand) was kind enough to send me review units for their other Cloudnova variants.

Since then, I have run with these shoes for over 300 miles and found some interesting differences between these Cloudnovas, which can make or break the deal for you.

Here are the fundamental differences between the Cloudnova, Cloudnova Flux, Cloudnova Void, and Cloudnova Form that every potential buyer should be aware of:

1. Design and Aesthetics

Among the four On-Cloud shoes, the Cloudnova Void features the most unique look due to its sock-like translucent haptic mesh. This model exudes an eye-catching design along with a bold and expressive look.

However, it only has one color option.

Meanwhile, the vanilla Cloudnova opts for a sleek silhouette that radiates a modern and sporty vibe.

This variant also comes in various colorways, making it a better option for versatile wear that goes well with any outfit.

The Cloudnova Flux and Form both offer two colorways to style them with your casual wear.

Both shoes also boast a streamlined design and subtle lines for a dynamic

That being said, the CloudTec pods are concentrated only in the rearfoot area of the Cloudnova Flux, while they are evenly distributed in the other models.

2. Upper Construction

All Cloudnova shoes feature engineered mesh uppers. However, the implementation of this material varies depending on the model.

For example, the Cloudnova utilizes double-layered engineered mesh for breathability and structure. This implementation might not be the most flexible one, but it offers a nice balance of comfort and support.

In the meantime, the Cloudnova Flux has a single-layered engineered mesh to maximize breathability and flexibility.

It’s also slightly softer than the other versions.upper-construction-of-cloudnova-vs-cloudnova-flux-vs-cloudnova-void-vs-cloudnova-form

The Cloudnova Void took a different approach and opted for a translucent haptic mesh for its upper construction. It’s a single-layered construction that has adequate breathability and a snug fit.

On Cloud has used such a material in this shoe to give it a more unique look rather than improve its functionality.

Lastly, the Cloudnova Form utilizes a single-layered engineered mesh similar to the vanilla Cloudnova.

However, the Form has reinforced overlays to enhance this shoe’s overall structure and support.

FeatureCloudnovaCloudnova FluxCloudnova VoidCloudnova Form
Mesh LayersDoubleSingleSingleSingle with overlays

Additionally, the Cloudnova and Cloudnova Form have reflective elements in their upper to improve visibility in dark environments.

3. Midsole and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the On Cloudnova series is known for its plush cushioning and smooth transitions.

However, each model caters to slightly different preferences.

The Helion superfoam found in the vanilla Cloudnova offers moderate cushioning with a responsive feel. It may not be as comfortable as other On Cloud shoes, but it’s still a lightweight material suitable for everyday wear, walking, and light running.

The Flux, Void, and Form uses Zero-Gravity foam with varying levels of cushioning depending on the model.

For Cloudnova Flux, its midsole feels a bit firmer and more responsive during long walks.

But for the Void, the midsole is more comfortable and less

The Cloudnova Form, on the other hand, has the thickest midsole for a comfortable and bouncy ride.

Nonetheless, all these shoes boast On-Cloud’s iconic CloudTec hollow pods in the midsole, which compress and rebound on impact.

They also have a plastic shank called Speedboard technology infused in their midsoles to give springy running sessions.

From a comfort standpoint, the Cloudnova Form felt the softest and plushiest during my high-mileage runs. Void comes in second place with its decent cushioning. The vanilla Cloudnova and Flux provided almost similar experiences in this regard.

TraitsCloudnovaCloudnova FluxCloudnova VoidCloudnova Form
MidsoleHelion™ superfoamCloudTec® zero-gravity foamCloudTec® zero-gravity foamCloudTec® zero-gravity foam
ComfortComfortable for everyday wearComfortable & flexibleAll-day comfort, light supportSuperior comfort & support

4. Outsole and Durability

There’s very little difference between the outsoles of these Cloudnovas.

All these shoes feature segmented rubber outsoles strategically placed over the Cloud pods in high-wear areas like the forefoot and rearfoot.outsole-of-cloudnova-vs-cloudnova-flux-vs-cloudnova-void-vs-cloudnova-form

They also have flex grooving to improve traction on wet surfaces.

The entire midfoot area of these runners is completely exposed, creating concerns about their overall durability, especially while running on rougher terrains.

I’d suggest avoiding off-road adventures with these Cloud shoes.

Furthermore, the vanilla Cloudnova has slightly deeper grooves for enhanced traction, while the Cloudnova Flux has more rubber in its outsole for slightly better durability and support.

5. Fit and Sizing

The Cloudnova Flux, Void, and Form generally fit true to size with options for going half a size up or down.

The only exception is the vanilla Cloudnova model, which runs slightly larger for standard foot sizes.

Conversely, the Cloudnova Form has a slightly wider platform for a more relaxed fit, ideal for recovery runs. But it might not suit everyone, especially those with narrower feet and athletes who want a more secure feel for their high-movement activities.

FeatureCloudnovaCloudnova FluxCloudnova VoidCloudnova Form
FitSlightly large, roomyTrue to size, snugTrue to size, snugTrue to size, relaxed
SizingGo down half a sizeStick to size; consider half a size up for wide feetConsider half a size up for wide feetStick to size; consider half a size down for narrow feet

None of these shoes have any wide options as we get from other brands like ASICS or HOKA.

Hence, you should trial these shoes to check if they fit correctly according to your foot physique before buying any of them.

And that’s not all!

Toe Box

The Cloudnova, Cloudnova Void, and Cloudnova Form have spacious toe boxes with ample room for toe wiggling.

None of these shoes felt restrictive during my gym workouts or casual walking sessions.

Meanwhile, the Cloudnova Flux has a slightly narrower toe cap with a lower profile. However, due to having a very soft and flexible upper, there is no risk of bunions or blistering with this Cloudnova model.

Size Chart

The following size chart applies to all four Cloudnovas, including men and women.

US Men's SizeUS Women's SizeUK SizeEU SizeFoot Length (inches)

6. Tongue and Lacing

These Cloudnova models feature standard profile tongues with lace closure. They are also very similar in padding and breathability.upper-construction-of-cloudnova-vs-cloudnova-flux-vs-cloudnova-void-vs-cloudnova-form

However, the Cloudnova Flux has a sock-like construction that molds around your midfoot for a snug fit.

All these shoes also have a similar standard lacing with additional eyelets for heel lockdown.

Apart from visual variances, there’s barely any difference between the tongue and lacing of these Cloudnova runners.

7. Weight Distribution

The vanilla Cloudnova is the lightest and the Cloudnova Void is the heaviest shoe out of the bunch.

The weight difference between these two shoes is more than 1 ounce.

So, if you prefer a lightweight feel and better agility, the Cloudnova would be an ideal choice.

The Cloudnova Form is also a suitable option for lighter wear.

Furthermore, the Cloudnova and Cloudnova Form have a more evenly distributed weight across their build, promoting neutral running styles and stability.

The Cloudnova Flux and Void, on the other hand, focus their weight in the midfoot and rearfoot area, allowing a natural gait cycle and smoother toe-off.

8. High-Performance Running and Daily Training

While all Cloudnova models offer comfort and cushioning, their suitability for running and daily training varies based on their specific features and design.

For example, the plush cushioning and wider platform of the Cloudnova Form make it a well-balanced option for both everyday running and gym training. It might not be as lightweight as the vanilla Cloudnova, but it still delivers a smoother and comfortable ride.

It is also great for high-impact activities and long-running sessions due to the generous cushioning and bouncy CloudTec.high-performance-of-cloudnova-vs-cloudnova-flux-vs-cloudnova-void-vs-cloudnova-form

Conversely, the Cloudnova Void and Flux lack such a trait. But their responsive midsole is ideal for short runs and outdoor sports. They also have padded collars for ankle support and reinforced heel counters to enhance your court training experience.

As for the vanilla Cloudnova, it can easily handle casual jogs and light running due to a nice balance of moderate cushioning and responsive midsole.

  • Maximum cushioning: Cloudnova Form.
  • Flexible and responsive: Cloudnova Flux or Void.
  • Comfortable for walking and casual activities: Cloudnova.

Pros and Cons of the On Cloudnova, Cloudnova Flux, Cloudnova Void, and Cloudnova Form

While these different Cloudnova shoes might have some apparent and some not-so-apparent differences, each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The following pros and cons of these Cloudnova models should help you determine the one that ticks the most boxes for your running needs.

On Cloudnova

  • »Versatile wear for everyday running and walking sessions.
  • »Moderate cushioning for a comfortable fit.
  • »Sleek design with various color options.
  • »More lightweight and agile.
  • »Less supportive of high-impact activities.
  • »Less stable compared to other models.

On Cloudnova Flux

  • »More breathable mesh upper keeps feet cool and sweat-free.
  • »The flexible build makes it perfect for short runs and outdoor sports.
  • »Stylish silhouette for a casual fit.
  • »Moderate cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • »Heavier fit.
  • »Less supportive.

On Cloudnova Void

  • »Unique design.
  • »Provides a snug and comfortable fit.
  • »Suitable for walking and casual running.
  • »Versatile wear.
  • »Slightly heavier than the vanilla Cloudnova model.
  • »Limited support for high-performance workouts.

On Cloudnova Form

  • »Plush cushioning for superior comfort.
  • »Cheaper than other Cloudnovas.
  • »More supportive of high-impact activities.
  • »Moderately stable.
  • »Reflective elements for visibility in the dark.
  • »It’s not as lightweight as the vanilla Cloudnova model.
  • »Less flexible.

Speaking of Cloudnova, check out the differences between Cloudswift and Cloudnova.

Verdict: Cloudnova Vs Cloudnova Flux Vs Cloudnova Void Vs Cloudnova Form

If you want a comfortable fit that can also deliver a satisfying running and daily training performance, the Cloudnova Form should be at the top of your wishlist. It is not only cheaper than other Cloudnovas but it also offers a balanced user experience for everyday wear.

The Form is also adequately lightweight without sacrificing plush cushioning or comfortable upper fit.

However, if you want a more stylish option and don’t mind spending some extra cash, the Cloudnova Void is an appealing choice.

The other two Cloudnova shoes are also great for casual users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cloudnova Form suitable for running?

Yes. Cloudnova Form shoes are suitable for running as the On-Cloud brand has perfectly balanced its performance tech in the mid-top silhouette of these daily wear.

Which On-Cloudnova is best for the gym?

The Cloudnova Flux is the most suitable for gym workouts. These shoes incorporate Speedboard technology and a more stable platform that enhances high-performance indoor activities, including lateral movements.

Why are Cloudnova shoes so popular?

The Cloudnova shoes are very popular among athletes due to their support for everyday wear without sacrificing running and daily training performance.

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