On Cloudmonster vs Cloudsurfer: Battle of Running Shoes

Written By Sunny

The On Cloudmonster was one of my favorite and most used running shoes of 2022 and 2023. Its performance and durability are just mind-blowing.

But, when they brought the Cloudsurfer 7 to the market, it really caught my attention. The redefined design and upgraded technology were among the best in recent years.cloudmonster-vs-cloudsurfer

I’ve been using both shoes till now, and today I’ll compare the Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer to help you pick the suitable shoe for your daily usage.

So, let’s begin.

An Overview of On Cloudsurfer and Cloudmonster

The Cloudsurfer and Cloudmonster are the flagship models from On. They are impressive running shoes with maximum comfort and performance.

From their release to now, these shoes have been the most popular and sold units in the competitive shoe market.

On Cloudsurfer

The On Cloudsurfer series was first launched in 2019. It’s a neutral running shoe widely known for its cushioning and responsiveness.

The newer midsole technology and foams give a soft yet supportive feel, making it suitable for a wider range of paces and distances.

With its great success and performance, On brought a new version of this shoe—the Cloudsurfer 7.

It delivers a smooth, comfortable ride with a touch of liveliness, making it a popular choice for everyday training runs.

On Cloudmonster

The On Cloudmonster was released in 2022. It is a maximalist daily trainer known for its ultra-plush ride.

Its oversized midsole absorbs the impact effectively, making it ideal for runners seeking maximum comfort on long distances or hard surfaces.overview-of-cloudmonster

The combination of breathability, durability, and performance makes it one of the best running shoes for easy and moderate paces.

Both models are superb for running. But there are a lot of changes that make their usage slightly different.

And before purchasing any of these models, learning about the details is a must.

We will explore all the features of Cloudsurfer and Cloudmonster, but first, let’s take a look at the key specifications of these models.

Key Specifications of On Cloudmonster and On Cloudsurfer

The On Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer are exceptional running shoes in the market. They offer different components, materials, and technology in the model.

The overall specification greatly influences purchasing a shoe for your regular usage.

Let’s learn about them in a short summarized form from below.

ParameterOn CloudmonsterOn Cloudsurfer 7
Release Year20222023
Upper MaterialReflective MeshMesh
MidsoleCloudTec®, Helion™ superfoam, Speedboard®CloudTec Phase®
Stack HeightHeel: 30mm
Forefoot: 24mm
Heel: 32mm
Forefoot: 22mm
Heel-to-toe Drop6mm10mm
Weight275 g/ 9.7 oz245 g/ 8.64 oz
Lacing SystemStandardStandard
Arch SupportNeutralNeutral
PronationNeutral Pronation, Supination, UnderpronationNeutral Pronation, Supination, Underpronation
FlexibilityModerateVery flexible
Strike PatternForefoot/ Midfoot strikeHeel strike
UsageLong run, marathonShort runs, mid runs, slow runs, walking

Feature Comparison between Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7

The Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer are one of the most popular running shoes in the market.

On has released only one version of the Cloudmonster. But after 2019, a newer model of Cloudsurfer was released in 2023.

Therefore, we will compare the latest versions from both series and find the best-suited running shoes for everyone.

Here are the feature comparisons between On Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7:

1. Upper Material

The Cloudmonster uses Reflective Mesh for the upper construction. Some parts of the upper shine in dark conditions with a bit of light.

It’s really helpful for running or jogging in the morning and at night.

The upper is not very stretchy, but the ample cushioning around the collar and forefoot makes it one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

Cloudmonster has a very sustainable upper, but it’s very breathable. On the breathability scale, the shoe easily tops in terms of air ventilation. upper-material-of-cloudmonster

It feels very cozy and relaxed during summer and hot weather conditions.

On the other hand, the On Cloudsurfer 7 uses Engineered Mesh for the upper material. But there’s no exciting technology like the reflective material on it.

It’s slightly stretchy and accommodates the feet much better than most shoes.

The shoe contains many large perforations for air ventilation. The breathability is decent but not as great as the Cloudmonster.

It provides the necessary comfort and warmth during winter and autumn. However, my feet sweat a lot in the summer or hot air, and ask for more ventilation.

2. Design and Aesthetics

The On Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7 were released with a one-year difference. However, the shoe design and aesthetics are totally different between the two models.

Structural Designing

structural-designing-of-cloudmonster-and-cloudsurfer-7The outsole pattern is the first and most noticeable change in the Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7.

The bubble-shaped outsole design is the signature of On, and they call it Cloud.

The On Cloudmonster has used the cloud design, but with the Cloudsurfer 7, they entirely changed their signature style.

It now uses a Lego design, tilted forward to give a teeth shape upon landing or pressure.

The new design looks more redefined and technologically advanced. It certainly gives a new twist of aesthetics to the On Cloud principles.

Lacing System


Both models use a standard lacing system. But the lacing design is a bit different.

The On Cloudmonster offers a round-shaped lacing style with the help of a loop holder on each side. It contains four loop eyelets at each side of the tongue.

The tongue has loops on the top for better fittings and tightenings.

In contrast, the On Cloudsurfer 7 has a traditional lacing with a criss-cross pattern. It contains five eyelets on each side of the tongue.

Unlike the Cloudmonster, it has four lace loops on the tongue to provide a better snug fit.

Tongue Mechanism

The On Cloudmonster has a fully gusseted tongue mechanism. The entire length of the tongue is attached with an upper for good fitting.

However, the Cloudsurfer 7 has a semi-gusseted tongue mechanism. Half of the tongue is connected with the upper, while the other half has no connection.

Color Variation & Branding

The Cloudmonster comes in 11 colors, including black, white, light blue, etc.color-variation-of-cloudmonster

A large On logo is present at the shoe’s lateral side, and a small one at the toe box and heel counter.

It has an exaggerated CloudTec naming just the middle of the upper and midsole at the external side of the shoe.

On the other hand, the Cloudsurfer 7 offers only five colors in the market. It contains the most basic colors like black and white.

The On logo is present at the medial, lateral, and heel counter of the shoe to describe the branding.

3. Midsole Technology

The midsole is the most crucial part of a shoe. It decides how the shoe will perform and give you comfort.

The On Cloudmonster uses CloudTec® technology with Helion™ superfoam for the midsole.on-cloudmonster-uses-cloudtec

The Helion foam is the top portion of the midsole and covers the entire shoe. While the CloudTec fills the bottom part all the way to the outsole rubber.

Helion superfoam is very soft and gives maximum cushioning for ultimate comfort.

The CloudTech is bigger than previous generation shoes, providing more cushioning and bouncy rides. It provides a sensational rebound with each stride.

It also uses the Speedboard® technology at the middle of the midsole to provide a stiffer feeling and help with the massive energy return.

The Cloudmonster and Cloudstratus 3 have the same midsole technology and feel very similar under the foot.

On the other hand, the Cloudsurfer 7 doesn’t have all the exciting technology in the midsole.

It’s made with the newest CloudTec Phase™ midsole. It’s the upgraded version of CloudTec® technology with better performance.

The midsole is very soft and gives a plush. It’s the most cushiony material from On for the most comfortable ride.

It doesn’t have any Helion foam in the midsole. Also, there’s no Speedboard plate, for which it doesn’t feel stiff while running.

With the introduction of more softness and the absence of Speedboard, it misses the responsiveness required for a quick run or sudden change of pace.

4. Outsole and Durability

Cloudmonster uses CloudTec pods and a layer of rubber for the outsole construction.

The ups and downs or cloudy shape pods help with the traction on all types of surfaces.outsole-of-cloudmonster-and-cloudsurfer-7

The midsole is exposed at the midfoot, but the crucial point, like the heel and forefoot, is covered with the rubber. The rubbery layer at the external side of the CloudTec pods offers better grip after impact.

It’s highly durable and easily lasts more than 300-400 miles with good care and maintenance.

On the contrary, Cloudsurfer 7 uses rubber as the outsole.

It doesn’t have CloudTec pods like the Cloudmonster. Instead, the outsole has a square shape pattern and a smooth finish.

The traction and grip are different than usual On running shoes, but the durability is impressive.

With good care and maintenance, the Cloudsurfer 7 easily lasts more than 400 miles.

5. Size and Weight

Both Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7 fit true to size. If you purchase shoes from the retail store or online, they will match perfectly with your regular size.

ParameterOn CloudmonsterOn Cloudsurfer 7
Stack HeightHeel: 30mm
Forefoot: 24mm
Heel: 32mm
Forefoot: 22mm
Heel-to-toe Drop6mm10mm
Weight275 g/ 9.7 oz245 g/ 8.64 oz

The stack height and heel-to-toe drop are higher in Cloudsurfer 7 than in Cloudmonster.

But surprisingly, it is 30g lighter than Cloudmonster for the US Men’s 9, thanks to the new and upgraded CloudTec Phase midsole.

6. Fit and Comfort

The On Cloudmonster fits perfectly in the feet and provides good comfort.

When I slide my feet into the shoe, the toe box size perfectly accommodates my feet. It leaves sufficient room at the front to wiggle the fingers properly.

The upper feels very thick and comfortable. It provides maximum cushioning during running and walking.

The breathable upper provides good air ventilation and keeps my feet warm in chill weather conditions.

However, the tongue isn’t the most padded part of the shoe. Though, it’s enough to give good comfort.

But it’s the opposite for the heel collar and heel counter. They have sufficient padding to help with the lockdown and comfort.

The helion super foam feels fantastic underneath. It’s super soft and gives the necessary cushioning for the best user experience.

On the other hand, the On Cloudsurfer 7 is the best in terms of cushioning. It offers better softness and comfort than Cloudmonster.

After wearing the shoe, the toe box felt the same as Cloudmonster. It has ample space to hold my feet and wiggle my finger.fit-and-comfort-of-cloudmonster

But, the lacing system has an issue with the regular size.

The first eyelets is on the forefoot of the upper. When I tie the laces firmly, it wrinkles the upper and pokes my feet.

It feels uncomfortable to long-running. Therefore, I went one size larger to avoid the problem.

The cushioning of Cloudsurfer 7 around the forefoot, heel collar, and heel counter is extremely well-provided. Also, the tongue is much thicker than most average shoes.

For this plushy construction, it feels very warm, especially in the summer.

But I’ve seen a significant improvement under the feet. The On CloudTec Phase midsole provides super comfort while running short to mid-distance.

Both shoes are great regarding comfort, and it totally depends on the foot type and requirements.

7. Stability and Support

The stability and support feature feels completely different in both shoes.

On Cloudmonster is a neutral running shoe with almost no arch support. However, it has a removable insole, and you can replace it with a better orthotics sockliner.

It will provide necessary arch support for running or walking.

The heel collar is slightly higher, which gives good comfort and support around the ankle.

The lateral stability is impressive in the Cloudmonster. Also, the Speedboard plate inside the midsole gives good support while running in a standing position.stability-and-support-of-cloudmonster

On the contrary, the stability and support aren’t the best in Cloudsurfer 7.

It provides ample cushioning around the heel collar to give ankle support. But, it doesn’t have the necessary arch support for high-arch people.

However, custom orthotics can improve the arch support at midfoot and give better stability.

On has removed the Speedboard plate from the Cloudsurfer to provide a more plush feel under the feet. Therefore, it doesn’t give great support while running.

Also, the newer CloudTec Phase midsole is unstable laterally. Due to the high stack height, it easily twists at the forefoot and midfoot, making it overpronation quite often.

8. Price Comparison

The Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7 are higher mid-range shoes and the price is very similar.

On Cloudmonster
  • »Around 169.99
On Cloudsurfer 7
  • »Around 159.99

There’s only a $10 difference between the models in the official On store.

Both are popular and exceptionally good running shoes. So, the pricing is justified and worth your money.\

Usually, they don’t appear at a discount. But, if you manage to get one at a lower price, it will definitely be a value-for-money purchase.

Pros & Cons: On Cloudmonster Vs. Cloudsurfer 7

The On Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7 are superior running shoes but are made for different purposes. For which they may deliver advantages and disadvantages based on regular usage.

On Cloudmonster

  • »Very comfortable shoes for all weather conditions.
  • »Provides CloudTec, Helion, and Speedboard at midsole.
  • »Various color options in the store.
  • »Offers maximum cushioning with good responsiveness.
  • »Suitable for short to long distances and marathons.
  • »Slightly more expensive than most average running shoes.
  • »Not suitable for a recovery run.

On Cloudsurfer 7

  • »Very comfortable and plush running shoes.
  • »Provides new and advanced CloudTec Phase midsole.
  • »Suitable for running short to mid-distance and recovery runs.
  • »Offers excellent shock absorption.
  • »Slightly cheaper than Cloudmonster.
  • »Not ideal for warm weather.
  • »Unsuitable for quick runs.
  • »Doesn’t have many color variations.

Cloudmonster Vs. Cloudsurfer 7: Which Should You Buy?

The On Cloudmonster and Cloudsurfer 7 are impressive daily running shoes with outstanding performance and durability.

But, the best user experience depends highly on their usage.

If you are looking for a running shoe with a combination of comfort and responsiveness and use it for short to long-distance running, the On Cloudmonster is undoubtedly the best choice.

However, if you want a cushion and a comfortable running shoe for walking and running a short to long distance, the On Cloudsurfer 7 will be a better purchase.

But, if you are unsure about your usage or need a versatile shoe, the Cloudmonster will serve perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudsurfer good for?

The On Cloudsurfer is good for cushioning and comfort. It is suitable for walking or running short to mid-distance and recovery runs.

Is the On Cloudsurfer a good walking shoe?

The Cloudsurfer has the softest midsole in the company. It’s very comfortable, plush, and well-suited for a slow pace. It performs exceptionally well while walking and gives the best user experience.

Is Cloudmonster good for running?

Yes, the On Cloudmonster is a trendy running shoe for its fantastic performance and durability. It’s a versatile running shoe suitable for running short to long distances, quick runs, and marathons.

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