Chelsea Boots Guide : 17+ Ultimate Tutorials in 1 Article [2024]

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A shoe is the first thing that catches everyone’s attention from your attire. And Chelsea boots are solely enough to make you stand out among all. It’s simple and elegant design is what makes it everyone’s favorite.

But wearing a pair of Chelsea boots out of purpose may look horrible on you. So, to steal the show, you need to know how to look perfect in the Chelsea boots.


To help you with a complete understanding of Chelsea boots, I have jam-packed with information about Chelsea boot in a single article. So whether you own a pair of Chelsea boots or planning to buy one, then surely go through the entire article.

What Is A Chelsea Boot?

Chelsea boots are ankle height boots with a stretchy panel on either side, a strap at the boot’s back, making them easy to wear. The main characteristics of Chelsea boots are it doesn’t need lacing, buttoning, or tying.

These features indeed make your work hassle-free and timesaving. You just have to slip your feet into the boots, and that’s it. The Chelsea boots are close-fitting, so there is no risk of slipping off your feet.

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History Of Chelsea Boots

1837 Sparkes-Hall designed the first Chelsea boot in 1837. J.Sparkes-Hall was the bootmaker of Queen Victoria. In that era, Chelsea boots were worn by both men and women for horse riding and usual walking.

In 1840, the Chelsea boots’ business took a significant step forward when the manufacturers added an elastic gusset to the boots. People liked the elasticated boots because it was easy to put on and off.


However, Chelsea boots came into the limelight and became popular in the 1950s and 60’s when the famous artists of the Beatles and Rolling Stones(an English rock band) wore the Chelsea boots. After that, there was no turning back of Chelsea boots till now, from celebrities to business tycoons to ordinary people Chelsea boots were the most choice boots among all.

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Why Are Chelsea Boots Called Chelsea Boots?

The answer to this question is somewhat contentious.

The name ‘Chelsea boots’ was thought by a group of people to portray the elasticated boots Queen Victoria II used to wear. In that era, the very stylish ‘Chelsea set’ wore them as devotees of the Queen’s fashion lead.

Nonetheless, a group of other people claims that the name was initiated from the vast number of popular stores on the King’s Road (SW3 postcode) in Chelsea, London, that sold elasticated boots during the 1950s and 1960s.

Are Chelsea Boots Still In Style For 2020?

Of course, yes, Chelsea boots are still in fashion for 2020. Due to its versatile style and easy to wear feature, people have been wearing

Chelsea boots for ages. For almost two centuries, Chelsea boots have made their place strongly among the shoe brands.

You must be thinking, boots of that age must have become old-fashioned.

But that’s not actually true.

Chelsea boot manufacturers have left no stone unturned to upgrade the boot’s design till now.

Chelsea boots have evolved with so many new designs in these years, keeping the boot’s forte intact.

Still now, Chelsea boots have as much of a hype as it was in the middle of the 19th and 20th centuries. Chelsea boots’ classic, simple, and vintage feel are enough to make a fashion statement.

Regardless of age, you can pair up the Chelsea boots with both formal and casual outfits. Whether you pair your Chelsea boots with chinos and a t-shirt or wear them with a suit, you are going to slay it either way.

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How Many Types Of Chelsea Boots Are There?


Mainly there are two types of Chelsea boots,

  1. One made of leather.
  2. Another with suede.

Both the boots are different from each other, starting from the texture to its look.

Leather Chelsea boots give a simplistic look, whereas suede Chelsea boots look more luxe.

Leather Chelsea boots have more of a neat and polished look, which perfectly goes with formal and semi-formal outfits. If you want to attend a meeting, a pair of black leather Chelsea boots will be an ideal match.

Whereas suede Chelsea boots have more of a textured surface that excellently goes with casual or semi-formal outfits. It is better not to wear suede boots in meetings because you don’t get that simplicity and neatness which leather Chelsea boots offer.

But the last call is yours, whichever you want to wear.

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What Color Of Chelsea Boots Should You Get?

Chelsea boots have a wide range of colors and designs available. Chelsea boots mostly offer dark color boots because it compliments very well with casual and non-casual attire.

However, each color of boots defines a particular outfit. For example: if you pair your suit with grey or tan Chelsea boots, it will not look good. For this reason, you need to have an idea about the different colors of Chelsea boots and what to pair with it.

Here are some best colors of Chelsea boots:

Black: Perfect for formal attire. The smooth and simple look is ideal for meetings or ceremonial programs.

Brown: You can wear them both with casual and formal outfits. Either way, you will get a sophisticated look.

Tan: For parties or hangouts, tan Chelsea boots are excellent.

Burgundy: An all-rounder color that is you can wear this color both with formal and informal attire.

Eye-catching colors(red, yellow, blue): If you want to experiment with your look, then definitely try different vibrant colors of Chelsea boots.

How Should Chelsea Boots Fit?

Knowing which color of Chelsea boot matches which outfit is not enough; you also have to understand how Chelsea boots fit. Because if you don’t buy the perfect fitting, the boots will fail to deliver its charm. And you definitely would not want to go back to the shop because that will be an extra hassle, right?


I have pin-pointed some steps below that you should know how Chelsea boots fit:

  • Chelsea boots don’t have any shoe-lace by which you can make the boot tight or loose. So it is essential to get a snug and close fit because if the boots are too loose, you will often experience boot slippage.
  • The boot’s foot and heel should be tightly fitted so that your feet don’t come out of the boots.
  • The boots elastic expands over time, so if you buy a large-sized boot eventually, your boot will be bigger than your feet size when the elastic stretches. Always go for close-fitting boots.
  • Chelsea boots usually run correct to size, so you do not need to buy a size up or down. However, if you buy a large size boot, then wear a pair of thick socks. Socks will eat up the extra space giving you a tight fit.

Are Chelsea Boots Supposed To Be Loose?

No, Chelsea boots should not be loose. Your boots should be neither too tight nor too loose; rather, it should be snug and comfortable.

Chelsea boots don’t have any shoe-lace, button, or zipper; if your boots are loose, then there will be no scope of tightening them. When you wear a loose boot pair, there is a high chance your boots will come out of your feet, causing accidents.

As well as boots should not be too tight. Wearing too close boots can cause swelling and blisters to your feet.

Are Chelsea Boots Formal?

Chelsea boots’ versatile features offer both a formal and a casual look.

Wear a black leather Chelsea boot, and you are good to attend a meeting or conference. You can also pair up your suede Chelse boots with a denim jacket and a pant and visit your casual outings.

However, if you are bold enough and want to do experimental looks, you can absolutely pair your Chelsea boots with whatever clothing you want.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots?

There is no restriction on wearing Chelsea boots; you can match with whatever outfits you want. However, each color and design of Chelsea boot complements a specific outfit.

To make yourself the show’s star, you should know which attire goes with the Chelsea boot’s different designs and colors.

Below I have listed some outfits that you can combine with Chelsea boots:

Black Chelsea boots: The most versatile option among all Chelsea boots. The color black complements almost every kind of outfit. Wear a pair of black Chelsea boots with a fitted suit if you want to attend a meeting and a perfectly sleek look to impress your boss.

Not that you can wear black Chelsea boots with formal clothes only, but also you can wear black pants and a denim jacket with black Chelsea boots, and you are good to go for a hangout with friends.

Brown Chelsea boots: Wear it with either formal or informal clothes. You will look utterly stunning. Wear light color chinos with a contrast polo shirt, and the brown Chelsea boots will do the magic.

You can pair your brown suede Chelse boots with straight denim and a shirt for a semi-formal look.

Burgundy Chelsea boots: It is the most unique and under-estimated color among all the Chelsea boots. Formal, semi-formal, and informal, almost every attire matches with burgundy Chelsea boots excellently. For a classy look, you can pair your burgundy boots with a brown coat and black chinos. And for a sophisticated look, you can wear a pea coat and blue jeans.

These are all tried and tested looks, and most people like to combine their Chelsea boots in such ways. But if you are someone who likes experimental looks and wants to do something out of the box, you can definitely pair your Chelsea boots with whatever clothes you want, and you will still get a timeless look.


How To Wear Chelsea Boots With Jeans?

Jeans and suede Chelsea boots make a deadly combination. From day night to casual meetings, you can undoubtedly wear your Chelsea boots with a pair of jeans and get a clean and relaxed look. There are many ways you can pair Chelsea boots with jeans.

For example, wear light washed jeans with a brown overcoat with light colored suede Chelsea boots, and you are perfect for slaying in this outfit.

Dark-colored jeans also look good with suede Chelsea boots. Black jeans, a roll-neck sweater, and a pea coat paired with suede Chelsea boots will add an extra charm to your look.

Can Chelsea Boots Be Worn With A Suit?

Yes, why not. You can absolutely wear a Chelsea boot with a suit. Besides wearing a pair of leather Chelsea boots with a fitted suit to achieve a formal look, there is no better option. But you have to choose the right pair of Chelsea boots to match your suit.

For a black or grey suit, pick a black color Chelsea boot. And try to wear the leather one because leather Chelsea boots give more of a neat and formal look which perfectly goes with a suit.

Which Weather Is Perfect For Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots are perfect for all year long. You can wear Chelsea boots with trousers and polo in the summertime. You can also pair the suede boots with Selvedge denim jeans and a leather jacket in chilly weather.

So whether it is summer, fall, or winter, Chelsea boots will give your feet ultimate pleasure.

Can Chelsea Boots Be Worn In Summer?

Yes, you can wear Chelsea boots in summer. But if you have sweaty feet, it may get uncomfortable because Chelsea boots are ankle length high and snug fitted, so there is less room for air passing, which results in sweaty feet.

However, summer is a great time to style Chelsea boots with different jeans and light washed shirts.

Can Chelsea Boots Be Worn In Snow?

Yes, you can wear Chelsea boots in the snow. Chelsea boots are perfect for light rain or snow. The boots will keep your feet warm and crisp in cold weather. Try to wear suede Chelsea boots in winter or snow because suede is relatively easy to clean.

However, the elastic used in Chelsea boots are not waterproof; instead, it is water-resistant, making your boots entirely wet. Also, the Chelsea boot’s sole doesn’t provide enough grip and friction on the damp surface, which sometimes can cause accidents.

But with utmost vigilance, you can absolutely rock in Chelsea boots in chilly weather.

Sizing Chart Of Chelsea Boots

Men Chelsea boot size chart:


Women Chelsea boots size chart:


Which Brands Make The Best Quality Chelsea Boots?

There are many brands of Chelsea boots that provide good quality boots. With increasing the quality, the price of the boots also increases.

Below I have listed the best quality boots, including their prices:


Grenson is one of the best among Britain’s shoe brands. Each pair of Grenson’s Chelsea boots is a masterpiece and takes about eight weeks to manufacture one single pair of Chelsea boots.

The price of Grenson’s Chelsea boot is $250.

Common Projects

Common Projects makes both leather and suede Chelsea boots. This posh looking and high-quality boots comes engraved with the brand’s gold numbering. Common Projects Chelsea boots are a bit pricey, but they are worth every penny.

The price of Common Projects Chelsea boot is $409.


H&M’s Chelsea boots are the cheapest yet good quality boots. As the boots are budget-friendly, most people like them.

The price of H&M’s Chelsea is $49.99.


The leather used in boots is environment-friendly and healthy. Astorflex has a vast collection of Chelsea boots with variation in designs. The boots are incredibly comfortable and made with high-end construction to get the best fit.

The price of Astorflex’s Chelsea boots starts from $110.

R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams makes one of the best quality Chelsea boots in the world. The streamlined and slip-on feature of the boots makes it suitable to wear with any kind of outfit.

The price of R.M.Williams Chelsea boots starts from $350.

Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger produces both classic and contemporary designs of Chelsea boots. Kurt Geiger always comes up with fresh and unique Chelsea boots, becoming every man’s favorite.

The price of Kurt Geiger Chelsea boot is &109.


Aldo is the perfect pick if you are looking for top-grade smart-casual Chelsea boots. At a very reasonable price, Aldo provides the best quality Chelsea boots.

The cost of Aldo’s Chelsea boot is $110.

Marks and Spencer(UK)

A British high street brand that makes very high-quality Chelsea boots and that too at a reasonable price. Marks and Spencer’s Chelsea boots are true to size, which is why people like it very much.

Cost of their Chelsea boots from $120-$135.

Dr. Marten

An old and well known British shoe brand got massive recognition for its air-cushion insole, which provides excellent comfort. Dr. Marten’s Chelsea boots are an all-rounder boot, i.e., you can wear them both with formal and informal attire.

The price of Dr. Marten’s Chelsea boots is $145.

Shoe the Bear

It manufactures a vast range of Chelsea boots with different designs and colors and provides shafts of various heights. With an extremely comfortable insole Shoe, the Bear’s Chelsea boots run true to size.

The price of their Chelsea boots is $160.

John Lobb

Probably the most expensive Chelsea boots belong to John Lobb. For an unbelievable price, John Lobb’s Chelsea boots give a royal feel to your feet.

The cost of John Lobb’s Chelsea boot is $1365 (pretty expensive, right!)

Things To Remember Before You Buy Chelsea Boots

If you are among them who are planning to buy a pair of Chelsea boots, then surely go through this specific topic because this will help you as a buying guide so that you spend your money wisely.

  • It is always recommended to buy boots from shoe stores rather than rely on size charts because there you can trail boots to get the perfect fit and take expert help.
  • Typically Chelsea boots run true to size, so there is no need to buy a size up or down. And as Chelsea boots are tight-fitting and are only flexible in the side panel rather than the instep, it is better to get your correct size boots.
  • If you notice any shoe brand claiming a pair of fastened boots with zippers as Chelsea boots, frankly speaking, they are not Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are famous for their elastic side panel, not the zipper. So choose wisely what you are buying.
  • Always go for a leather sole because traditional Chelsea boots have a leather sole, and perfect for achieving a classic look.
  • To pull off a classic and smooth look, wear a Chelsea boot that has a thinner sole. Though thick sole gives a better grip for the sleek look, go for a thinner sole.
  • Buy the boots in the afternoon, because our feet size changes slightly along with the daylight. In daylight, our feet tend to swell, and in the evening or at night, our feet are at the largest size. The best time is the afternoon to try on boots.
  • Use a boot stretcher if you find your Chelsea boots are a bit tight-fitted. What boot stretcher does is it stretches the boot so that they are more comfortable to wear. Also, if your boots are a tad bit loose, then wear a thick sock. The sock will eat up the extra room giving you an excellent fit.
  • Try to buy high-quality Chelsea boots. I know good quality Chelsea boots are pricey, but if you buy a single pair of high-quality boots, it will last you for years. Good quality leather and elastic panel is essential to retain the longevity of the boots.

How To Take Care Of Chelsea Boots?

Maintaining and taking care of Chelsea boot is a must. No matter how good-quality or expensive your Chelsea boots are, if you don’t take proper care of them, they will deteriorate ultimately.

Here are the steps that you should follow to take care of your Chelsea boots:

If your Chelsea boots are dirty, has scratches and marks, then you can follow this method below:

  • Make soapy water with dish soap and water and damp the cloth in the soapy water.
  • Wipe the damp cloth in a small circular motion to remove any spots.
  • If the dirt is embedded, take a soft-bristle brush and slowly brush the dirt off.
  • After you remove the marks completely, buff the boots with a good polish.

Below are some tips to make Chelsea boots last longer:

  • Frequently moisturize the boots with leather cream or conditioner to maintain the shine of the boots. Too dry boots can cause them to crack. So make sure to condition your boots once a month with a good quality leather conditioner.
  • To keep the boot’s shape intact, you can use a boot tree.
  • Waterproof the Chelsea boots with a good waterproofing spray to avoid any unexpected spill.
  • After every use, dust the boots thoroughly so that there is no build-up of dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Chelsea boots so popular?

Chelsea boots have a very sleek and versatile design that complements both casual and formal outfits. Whether you want to wear a  fitted suit or denim pants with a polo, Chelsea boots are a perfect match for both clothes.Also, the stretchy side panel of the boots is liked by everyone because they are easy to put on and off.

Do Chelsea boots run big or small?

Normally, Chelsea boots run true to size; there is no need to buy a size up or down. However, if you unluckily bought a loose pair of boots, you can wear thick socks to fit.

Do you tuck jeans into Chelsea boots?

No, do not tuck jeans into Chelsea boots; it doesn’t look right. Rather your pants should sit on top of the boots.

Should I size down for Chelsea boots?

No, you shouldn’t size down for Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are true to size, so buy your accurate feet size. And always check, there should be a space between the boot and your ankle.


Owning a pair of Chelsea boots is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Its classic and versatile look makes you stand out among all and enhances your personality. If you don’t own a pair of good quality Chelsea boots, you are absolutely missing out on something big.

Now that you know all the details about Chelsea boots, why wait? Go and grab the best quality Chelsea boots.

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