Asics Vs Under Armour [Comparison of Sports Shoes]

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After watching Jumanji, I started to follow Dwayne Johnson, and through that journey, I learned about Under Armour shoes and got my first pair aside from my Asics.


Soon the differences between these athletic shoes came to light, and I will intricate those findings with you in this article, along with individual shoe’s pros and cons.

So, move along with me.

A Short Overview: Asics Vs Under Armour

The journey of Under Armour sports shoes started in 1996. And over the decades, this brand became a sensation among active lifestyle enthusiasts.

From military and tactical to soccer to hunting to golfing also training, you just name it, Under Armour has literally every sector under their possession.

The sneakers come with breathable, stretchy mesh uppers, a comfortable collar, and responsive cushioning to enjoy your every activity.


Asics launched their shoe line way before Under Armour in 1977. Through their high-quality sportswear, they won the heart of millions. They have various shoe categories, such as wrestling, tennis, running, golf training, etc.

They ensure that every product they bring to the market has the latest technology, Ortholite sock liner, comfort, and breathability for all those quick movements.

What are the Differences between Asics and Under Armour Shoes?

Both Asics and Under Armour shoes are of excellent quality and serve their purpose. Yet as they are two different brands, they differ in many ways.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Under Armour and Asics shoes:

Materials of Shoes

The materials of Asics shoes are quite different. 75% of the shoe’s upper is made with recycled ingredients to reduce carbon emissions. These sports shoes also have several unique materials, such as:

  • Engineered knit upper.
  • PureGEL technology for secure landing and cushioning.
  • Ortholite ™ X-55 sock liner.
  • AHAR ™ rubber outsole.
  • FF BLAST ™ ECO PLUS technology.
  • Reflective design.

on the other side, Under Armour shoes are still catching up when it comes to good quality ingredients. The material of Under Armour athletic shoes are:

  • Ground-breaking platform.
  • Stretchy mesh fabric.
  • Lateral TPU wrap.
  • UA IntelliKnit upper.
  • One-piece Flow midsole.
  • Rubber outsole.

All these ensure you are comfortable playing, running, or walking. In every situation, you will enjoy the best performance that Under Armour offers.

Price Difference

Under Armour athletic shoes starts at an affordable price. A pair of men’s UA Ansa Graphic Slides costs $13.97-$25.00. Meanwhile, Soccer shoes are the most pricy.

You will get a pair of Unisex UA Flow Velocity Elite Running Shoes at $250. This price range differs from model to model.

Note: You can also buy Under Armour’s gift card, which starts from 25 dollars to 500 dollars.

On the other hand, Asics running shoes like the Metaspeed+ cost around $250, and the price lowers to 99 dollars. So, it’s clear that the average cost of Asics running gears is higher than Under Armour.

Comfort Level

Now let’s talk about the comfort of Under Armour and Asics shoes. I have been using Asics Gel Cumulus 25 for a long time and never had any issues regarding comfort during running or walking.

The gel technology absorbs more impact and ensures a soft landing. FF BLAST ™ ECO PLUS gives more comfortable cushioning.


Meanwhile, Under Armour shoes, especially my new UA Flow Dynamic training shoes, also provide comfort with its IntelliKnit stretchy upper. It moves along with my feet’s movements. And the internal shank supports my underfoot properly.

Comparatively, my Asics is comfier than UM shoes. Even though these shoes are comfortable, another burning question is why running shoes are ugly. But I never felt mine was ugly. They looked rather chunky.


Asics running shoes run larger than regular shoes. But for me, it was not an issue. I got my regular size, and my Asics Gel Cumulus 25 fit me like a glove.

On the other hand, most of the Under Armour shoes are true to size, but there are also some exceptions. I am lucky as I ordered my size, which is US 9, and the fitting was perfect.

Weight of Shoes

Under Armour, shoes weigh 9.9 oz, and Asics shoes start from 8.5 oz to 10.9 oz for male shoes. Also, in the women’s section, the range is from 6.9 to 9.2oz.

So, it is clear that Asics sports shoes are comparatively less heavy than Under Armour pairs.

Another fact, heavy shoes are tough to dry if they get wet. And when that happens, you need to know how to keep your wet shoes from smelling.

Pros and Cons of Under Armour and Asics

Every athletic shoe, even from the same brands, has different features. And here, Asics and Under Armour are two separate brands; hence, several factors will determine the disadvantages and benefits.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Asics and Under Armour shoes:


  • »Ideal for long runs.
  • »Comfortable & lightweight.
  • »Soft footbed.
  • »Well cushioned.
  • »Improved energy returns.
  • »Supportive.
  • »Only some models come with narrow-toe boxes.
  • »High price range.
  • »Firm sole.
  • »Some designs lack arch support.
  • »Takes time to break in.

Under Armour

  • »Durable.
  • »Flexible upper.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Suitable for the long run.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Less support for overpronators.
  • »Some models need more flexibility through the midfoot.
  • »Expensive than other shoes.
  • »Charged cushioning.


Asics shoes are super comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. When you are looking for a perfect pair for longer runs, a soft cushiony footbed to rest your feet in, Asics shoes are second to none.

But, their high price and larger size are something you must keep in mind before your purchase.

But if you are looking for an affordable, good, quality sports shoe, Under Armour is a better option. Another fact about Under Armour is they last longer and are even suitable for longer runs.

However, these kicks are heavier due to their materials and chunky design. So, choose yours according to your need, but if you ask me, I will go with Asics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Under Armour shoes good for running?

Yes, Under Armour shoes are good for running, and they have a wide range of running kicks based on cushioning, speedwork, stability, and gender.

Are Asics shoes good quality?

Asics shoes are very good quality; even podiatrists recommend them for their outstanding features and advantages.

Is Under Armour a good brand?

Yes, Under Armour sure is a good shoe brand. They have been on the trustworthy company’s list of Newsweek since 2022.

Parting Thoughts

For my daily outdoor activities like running, training at the gym, or playing basketball on weekends, both Asics and Under Armour give the best service.

I tried them, and according to my preference, Asics is best suited. If Under Armour works best for you, go for it.

This is everything about these sports shoes in detail. Thanks for engaging till now.

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