Asics Gel Resolution 7 Vs. 8 [Review Comparison 2024]

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As a tennis player, you know the court is your domain. Every slide, lunge, and pivot depends on the perfect blend of comfort, support, and responsiveness in your shoes. But with new models dropping every season, choosing the right pair can be difficult.

Enter the ASICS Gel Resolution series, renowned for its stability and explosive performance. The latest iterations, version 7 and 8, have both players buzzing.

But which one reigns supreme?asics-gel-resolution-7-vs-8

In this article, I’ll dissect both shoes, analyzing their key features, performance strengths, and potential weaknesses. I’ll break down the upgrades and trade-offs to determine your ideal shoe.

Let’s begin!

An Overview of ASICS Resolution 7 and Resolution 8

The Asics Resolution series reigns supreme as court-focused stability shoes. Both the Resolutions 7 and 8 offer unwavering support for aggressive baseliners and explosive movers alike.

The GEL-Resolution 7, praised for its plush Gel technology and gender-specific cushioning, locks the heel in place during lateral movements. Its Trusstic system further reinforces midfoot stability, making it ideal for players seeking maximum support and shock absorption.

The ASICS Resolution 8 enters the court with a slightly heavier but more dynamic approach.

Its Solyte midsole delivers a snappier response underfoot, perfect for players who prioritize speed and agility. The DynaWall offers support while maintaining flexibility and enhancing court feel and responsiveness.

This iteration prioritizes agility without compromising the series’ signature stability, making it a good choice for aggressive movers who value support and speed.

Now, let’s delve into the details of both tennis shoes and find out which option is more suitable for you.

Properties Comparison Between GEL-Resolution 8 and GEL-Resolution 7

Both footwear options belong to the competitive category of All Court tennis shoes but differ in cushioning, responsiveness, weight, and upper design.

Informing yourself with these characteristics allows you to make informed decisions that align with your training goals, playing style, and comfort preferences.

FeatureASICS GEL-Resolution 8ASICS GEL-Resolution 7
Release DateNovember 2021December 2016
CategoryAll Court, Hard CourtAll Court, Hard Court
Weight13.83 ounces (for men’s size 9)13.4 ounces (for men’s size 9)
Stack Height29.2mm in the Heel
20.5mm in the Forefoot
35.5mm in the Heel
30.5mm in the Forefoot
Heel-to-Toe Drop8.7mm5mm
UpperFlexion Fit, Dynawall & Dynawrap technology, PGuard Toe ProtectorFlexion Fit, PGuard Toe Protector
InsoleThicker Ortholite removable socklinerStandard non-removable insole
MidsoleSolyte Midsole Material, GEL Technology under rearfoot and forefootSolyte Material, GEL Technology, Impact Guidance System, Gender-specific cushioning
OutsoleAHAR rubberAHAR Plus rubber
FitSnug fit, Secure lockdown, Suitable for wider feetSnug fit, Secure lockdown
BreathabilityBetter air circulationReduced airflow
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityEnhanced flexibilityLess responsive
TractionExcellent gripModerate grip
PriceAround $150Around $140

The table data suggests that both Resolutions are exceptional kicks. However, thoroughly analyzing each component clarifies that one outshines the other.

To determine which shoe is superior, refer to the next section.

Primary Differences between Asics Gel Resolution 8 and Gel Resolution 7

Understanding the distinctive features that differentiate GEL-Resolution 8 from its predecessor, Resolution 7, is crucial for individuals striving for peak athletic performance or comfort in their tennis shoes.

These variances include shoe design, responsiveness, cushioning technology, and overall performance, all significantly influencing a player’s overall experience.

Below, I’ve highlighted the differences between Gel Resolution 8 and Gel Resolution 7:

Upper Construction

The Resolution 8 takes its upper to a new level with a full-length Flexion Fit Polyurethane construction. It enhances protection and incorporates a no-sew PU construction to defend against powerful lateral movements without additional weight.

The mesh material in the Resolution 8 improves breathability, making it exceptionally durable for players like me who frequently slide on the court.

On the other hand, the Resolution 7 features a new polyurethane material upper for enduring comfort, making it ideal for prolonged and intense matches.upper-construction-of-gel-resolution-7

Toe Box

Both models prioritize durability and protection against toe drag.

The Resolution 8 envelops the toe box in PGuard material, ensuring robust defense.

Meanwhile, the Resolution 7 shields the toe area with a rubber and resin compound, boasting a durable toe box suitable for those prone to toe dragging.

Heel Counter

The Resolution 8 features overlays, an external heel counter, two layers of memory foam in the heel collar, and Dynawall technology. These tennis sneakers deliver enhanced stability and secure fit during court movements.

The Resolution 7, while still utilizing memory foam in the heel collar and an external heel counter, focuses on a Flexion Fit vamp and overlays to ensure secure lockdown and stability.


The Resolution 8 goes the extra mile with a shoelace garage connected to the tongue for a snug and glove-like fit. This shoe has additional lacing holes for heightened grip and support, and the anti-gravel tongue effectively clears away debris for distraction-free exercise.tongue-of-gel-resolution-8

Resolution 7, on the other hand, also prioritizes an anti-gravel tongue made from the same material to prevent debris from entering the shoes and minimize distractions.

As you can see, both contenders bring their A-game when it comes to the upper, but if I had to pick a winner, I’d choose the ASICS Gel Resolution 8.

Insole Features

Compared to its predecessor, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 has the upper hand regarding the insole.

The shoe boasts a thicker Ortholite insole, giving extra comfort and moisture control during a long day on the court. The Resolution 8 also lets you pop out the insole, making room for a medical orthotic if needed.

Now, even though the Resolution 7 is a solid shoe, it misses out on these insole upgrades.

Thus, GEL-Resolution 8 is the undisputed winner in this insole showdown.

Midsole & Cushioning

The ASICS Resolution 8 and Resolution 7 share some common ground in their midsole features, making them both reliable choices for tennis enthusiasts like me.

In terms of shock absorption, both models boast Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel technology, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on the court. The SpEVA midsole in both provides lightweight cushioning, enhancing responsiveness during gameplay.midsole-and-cushioning-of-gel-resolution-8

However, the Gel Resolution 8 takes things up a notch with its FlyteFoam technology, offering a lightweight and comfortable feel that adds an extra layer of luxury to my games.

The Dynawall technology in the Asics GR8 contributes to lateral stability. It gives me confidence in my side-to-side movements.

Additionally, the stabilizing plastic foot frame provides crucial support. It’s a standout feature not present in the Resolution 7.

So, while both athletic footwear features Dynamic Duomax Support for pronation control, the Gel Resolution 8’s additional technologies make it the winner for me.

Outsole Material

The ASICS Resolution 8 and 7 incorporate the Trusstic System under the arch, providing a solid foundation for stability and efficient court movement. So, I can rely on consistent support when making quick cuts and lateral movements.outsole-material-of-gel-resolution-8-and-gel-resolution-7

Both have reinforced middle soles to prevent injuries related to excessive twisting.

This feature contributes to a stable platform, reducing the risk of rolling over and minimizing the chances of injury during intense matches.

Now, let’s talk about the differences.

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 boasts an AHAR+ outsole with pivot points, offering excellent traction for quick transitions. This design is particularly suitable for hard and clay courts, making it a versatile option so I can switch up their playing surfaces.

Additionally, the non-marking grip ensures a firm hold without leaving any traces on the court.

The icing on the cake is the six-month outsole durability guarantee.

In contrast, the Resolution 7 also features AHAR+ and pivot points, catering to both indoor and outdoor use. The reinforced middle sole works together with the Trusstic System to enhance stability during my games.

While it reduces the risk of injuries, I’d say the standout feature is the six-month warranty, specifically covering sole-related issues, allowing me to return the shoes if any concerns arise.

However, the Resolution 8 is my top choice due to its reliability and performance on different surfaces.

Comfort & Breathability

The GEL-Resolution 8 steps up the comfort game with a more cushioned and rounded toe box. It offers an improved feel and better airflow straight out of the box.

The addition of FlyteFoam and GEL cushioning in the midsole gives me a springy sensation to every step, and I love the familiar feel with a touch of out-of-the-box comfort upgrade.comfort-and-breathability-of-gel-resolution-8

What sets the Resolution 8 apart is its soft uppers that accommodate wider feet like me, coupled with the excellent cushioning from the Gel underfoot.

With no break-in needed, it is a winner for instant comfort.

The close fit without uncomfortable pressure points ensures a snug experience, and the balance between exceptional comfort and a responsive low-to-the-ground feel is commendable.

On the other side of the court, the Gel Resolution 7 is no slouch in the comfort department.

Known for its exceptional cushioning, good arch support, and heel protection, it has been one of my favorites. While the new upper material requires a break-in period, I’ve found the comfort matches up after, providing a contoured fit similar to earlier versions.

However, the GR7 falls slightly behind in ventilation due to a denser upper material, while the Resolution 8 introduces a more breathable design.

In the end, the ASICS Resolution 8 emerges victorious with its combination of improved comfort and cushioning.

Weight Difference

The Asics Resolution 8, tipping the scales at 13.83 oz, has a slight edge in heaviness compared to its predecessor, the Resolution 7.

Despite the added weight, the GEL-Resolution 8 seems to have pulled off a winning strategy.

The extra ounces don’t hinder my performance at all; instead, they contribute to a solid and stable feel on the court. When I’m playing, the weight is surprisingly unobtrusive, avoiding any cumbersome or clunky vibes.weight-difference-of-gel-resolution-8

Interestingly, the weight difference becomes a non-issue when you slip into the Gel Resolution 8s. Thanks to easier flexing, the shoe feels even lighter than its predecessor.

The weight distribution in the ASICS GR8 is on-point, providing a stable and nimble ride.

Now, onto the GEL-Resolution 7, stepping onto the court carrying a weight of 13.4 oz. It might not be the featherweight champion, but it’s not on the heavy side either.

Known for its support, durability, and stability, the GEL-Resolution 7 doesn’t let a few extra ounces slow me down.

Ultimately, the Gel Resolution 8s come out on top, feeling more comfortable and plush. They might be slightly heavier, but that doesn’t cause any problems with my gameplay.

Fit and Sizing

The Resolution 8 is perfect for those with wider feet like me. It offers a comfortable embrace reminiscent of its predecessor, the Gel Resolution 7. It takes it up a notch by introducing a wider width option, addressing concerns about width.

The length is roomy and true to medium width, with flexible uppers that move seamlessly with my feet.

But I’d suggest going down a half size for an optimal fit due to the softer upper material.

Conversely, the Gel Resolution 7 has a reputation for an excellent, true-to-size fit that prevents excess foot movement. Its balanced arch, solid cushioning, and agility make it stand out in the

While both shoes offer stellar fits, the Resolution 8 takes the crown for its adaptability to various foot types, accommodating wider and thinner feet with DYNAWRAP lacing and soft uppers.

It’s like the GEL-Resolution 7 with a few upgrades – a closer-to-court feel, less plush, and a redesigned upper with elastic tongue straps that secure the fit.

I must admit, the straps felt snug initially, but they improved responsiveness.

So, the Asics Resolution 8 emerges as the clear winner in the showdown of fits.

Performance Comparison

Durability Dynamics

Regarding durability, both the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 and Gel-Resolution 7 showcase impressive features, making it difficult to choose the better one.

The Resolution 8 boasts a six-month outsole warranty, signaling outstanding durability. Its Asics High Abrasion Rubber soles maintain the lineup’s robust reputation, offering a sturdy and enduring shoe.

I haven’t noticed much damage even after 18+ hours of use, with only slight wear in the toe area. But that doesn’t significantly impact my overall performance.

On the other hand, the Gel-Resolution 7 is not lagging in the durability department, either. It is highly durable, catering to intense tennis players like me.durability-dynamics-of-gel-resolution-7

The shoes exhibit minimal damage and wear after extended playtests, and the AHAR Plus technology in the outsole provides a 50% boost in durability.

Like its successor, ASICS GR7 also comes with a six-month outsole warranty.

Now, choosing a winner here is tough, as both models have their strengths.

However, if I had to pick one, the Resolution 8’s positive feedback after extended use and comparable outsole life to past models give it a slight edge in terms of overall durability.

Stability & Support

The Gel Resolution 8, though slightly heavier, stands out with improved stability and responsiveness. It features enhancements like DYNAWALL for lateral stability and DYNAWRAP to align the foot with laces.

Designed in collaboration with Gael Monfils, it addresses criticisms from Resolution 7 with solidified sides and has received positive feedback for its sturdiness on quick courts.

I love the locked-in feel provided by the updated upper with Dynawrap and Dynawall.

My only drawback is the heel slippage. But it can be resolved using the last eyelet.

On the flip side, the Asics Resolution 7 has been praised for its strong support and stability during aggressive on-court movements.

The stiffer upper has improved support, addressing previous issues of stretching.

After adjusting my laces, I mostly enjoyed the locked-in feel, with stable midfoot and arch protection.

As you can see, regarding stability, both models have their strengths.

However, the Gel Resolution 8 takes the lead with its improvements in stability and agility, making it the winner in this comparison.stability-and-support-of-gel-resolution-8


The Gel-Resolution 8 boasts an outstanding court grip with a non-sticky tread pattern, ensuring agility. It’s well-balanced for different playing styles, offering solid footing and flexibility on hard courts. It is ideal for me, who likes to slide.

The redesigned AHAR Plus outsole contributes to improved grip and stopping power. Lab tests showed a 7.5% better braking performance than its predecessor.

Notably, it excels on indoor hard courts, and ASICS even offers a clay court outsole on the GR8 for players who prefer the clay.

But do not underestimate the Resolution 7.

It provides an ideal blend of grip and flexibility on hard courts, ensuring controlled stops without risking ankle rolls. The tread pattern smooths out for consistent traction and smooth transitions between shots.

After a month of use, I could control every slide, enhancing comfort when I slowed down into shots. The strong push-off contributes to increased movement speed, and the outsoles don’t hamper movement on the court.

However, while both models deliver excellent traction, the Gel-Resolution 8 edges ahead with its top-notch traction without sacrificing agility.

Pros and Cons of ASICS Resolution 8 and Resolution 7

By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of both tennis footwear, you can make an informed decision based on your playing preferences, performance objectives, and comfort criteria. This approach ensures you choose a shoe that best aligns with your requirements.

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of Asics Resolution 8 and 7.

ASICS Gel Resolution 8

  • »More protective upper.
  • »Improved breathability.
  • »Snug fit in the tongue.
  • »Ortholite insole for extra comfort and moisture control.
  • »Excellent traction.
  • »Better durability.
  • »Comfortable with a cushioned and rounded toe box.
  • »Accommodates wider feet.
  • »Improved stability with Dynawall and Dynawrap features.
  • »No break-in period.
  • »Slightly heavier.
  • »Heel slippage issue.

ASICS Gel Resolution 7

  • »External heel counter and memory foam in the heel collar for stability.
  • »Anti-gravel tongue for debris prevention.
  • »Good arch support.
  • »Stable midfoot and arch protection.
  • »Slightly lighter.
  • »Not well-ventilated.
  • »Requires a break-in period.
  • »Absent of Dynawall and Dynawrap features.
  • »Less adaptability to various foot types.


As you can see, the GEL-Resolution 8 blows the Resolution 7 out of the water. It’s got a new upper that stretches for a perfect fit and lets your feet breathe easily.

Plus, ASICS tweaked the toe box, heel, tongue, and even the insole. They even threw in some FlyteFoam to make the shoe more agile and hug your foot when you make the sharp turns. It is more comfortable with a rounded toe box.

Despite being slightly heavier, the Resolution 8 maintains a stable and nimble ride. It excels in fit adaptability and accommodating wider feet.

Overall, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is the preferred choice for its comprehensive upgrades, making it the best option for tennis enthusiasts.


Are Asics GEL-Resolution 7 good for wide feet?

The ASICS GEL-Resolution 7 is generally not recommended for wide feet. While it is true to size, many find the toe box narrow and constricting, especially for wider feet. If you have wide feet, it’s best to try on the Resolution 8 or 9.

What is the difference between Gel Resolution 8 and 9?

The Gel-Resolution 9 boasts a sleeker design, an improved Dynawall for quicker braking, and a revamped Dynawrap for enhanced midfoot support. It retains the Gel-Resolution 8’s stability, making it a faster, more dynamic option for aggressive baseline play.

Is ASICS Gel Resolution 8 good for volleyball?

The Asics Resolution 8 is a tennis shoe, and even though it provides ankle support and shock absorption, it is not ideal for volleyball. Volleyball shoes offer greater flexibility and lighter weight for agility, whereas tennis shoes prioritize lateral stability and support for aggressive baseline movements.

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