Asics Cumulus 25 vs Nike Pegasus 40: A to Z Comparison

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When discussing shoes, Nike needs no intro. Its Pegasus lineup is one of the most widely appealing running shoes, which gets professional runner recommendations.

But is there any alternative to the Pegasus?

Asics is there with its Gel-Cumulus lineup, which is closely equivalent to the Nike Pegasus.

As I have used both of the series’ latest running shoe models, I will compare the Nike Pegasus 40 and Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 to help you pick a dependable daily trainer.asics-cumulus-vs-nike-pegasus

Let’s dive in.

Overview of Nike Pegasus 40 and Asics GEL-Cumulus 25

If you follow the latest trends in running footwear, you have already experienced the clash between Nike vs Asics running shoes.

Nike has several categories for specific purposes, and Pegasus is one of their legendary line of neutral road running shoes.

After introducing the Pegasus series in 1983, Nike has made several improvements over the decades and incorporated various technologies for comfort & smooth ride.

The significant change between Nike Pegasus 37 vs Nike Pegasus 36 is the upgradation to React foam from the Cushlon. The improvement didn’t pause there, and new Air Zoom Units were introduced in its 40th iteration, the Nike Pegasus 40, in 2023.

Conversely, Asiscs debuted one of its most popular running shoes, Gel-Cumulus in 1999.

In pursuit of perfection, they released Cumulus 25 in 2023, a great competitor of the Pegasus.

Their unique FF BLAST PLUS, PureGEL, and AHAR technology revolutionized the running experience, leaving no doubt about its dominance.

Attribute Comparison of Nike Pegasus 40 and Asics Cumulus 25

The Performance of Nike Pegasus and Asics Gel Cumulus are top-notch. So, a quick athletic footwear analysis will guide you in choosing the right running shoes.

Below is a Nike Pegasus 40 vs Asics Cumulus 25 comparison table:

AttributeNike Pegasus 40Asics Gel-Cumulus 25
Release Year20232023
Upper MaterialLightweight mesh layerEngineered jacquard mesh upper
Midsole MaterialZoom Air units, Nike React foam FF BLAST PLUS with PureGEL
OutsoleWaffle patterned rubber outsoleAHAR outsole rubber
Tongue TypeFull-gusset, paddedSemi-gusset, slightly less padded
Stack Height (Approx.)Heel: 33 mm / Forefoot: 23 mmHeel: 37.5 mm / Forefoot: 29.5 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop~10mm~8mm
FlexibilityVery flexibleModerate
Weight (Approx.)9.4 ounces (Men 9)9.4 ounces (Men 9)
BreathabilityGoodSlightly better than Pegasus
Toe BoxMediumSlightly narrow
Heel TabNoneFinger loop
Reflective ElementsYesYes

Let’s move on to the in-depth shoe performance analysis.

Key Differences Between Asics Cumulus 25 vs. Nike Pegasus 40

As both Cumulus and Pegasus are great for daily running shoes, the top running shoe picks depend on the runner’s preference. Breathability, cushioning, comfort, etc., are essential factors in choosing the perfect footwear.

Here are the major comparisons between Asics Cumulus 25 vs Nike Pegasus 40:

1. Upper Constructions

Asics has changed the upper in Cumulus v25 from v24. Cumulus 25 features an engineered jacquard mesh upper for optimal comfort and performance.

On top of that, eco-conscious runners find it attractive as the upper uses over 90% of the polyester derived from recycled materials. The flat laces are long and good enough in terms of quality.

Meanwhile, Nike used engineered mesh, which is soft and stretchy in the Pegasus 40.

The roomy toe box ensures a comfortable fit for runners. Moreover, Nike replaced the midfoot Flywire system with midfoot panels to enhance midfoot lockdown.

2. Tongue and Heel Tab

Regarding tongue, I’ve always liked the gusseted type.

While Gel-Cumulus 23 lacks it, Asics Cumulus 25 and Cumulus 24 didn’t disappoint me.

Both the latest two models feature a thick semi-gusseted tongue.

In my test run, there were no tongue-moving or rubbing issues on the newest revision.

However, it was not comfy like its predecessors. Besides, the 25’s tongue thickness was slimmer than the previous versions. But it’s still thicker compared to Asics Nimbus.

Shoe NameTongue Thickness
Asics Gel-Cumulus 25~6.0 mm
Asics Gel-Cumulus 24~7.5 mm
Asics Gel-Cumulus 23~8.0 mm
Asics Gel-Nimbus 25~2.0 mm
Asics Gel-Nimbus 24~2.0 mm

Conversely, Nike offers a fully gusseted tongue in the Pegasus 40.

On top of that, it is hugely padded and quite comfy without feeling lacing pressure. However, v39 had more padding on the tongue.

Shoe NameTongue Thickness
Nike Pegasus 40~8.5 mm
Nike Pegasus 39~10.0 mm
Nike Pegasus 38~5.5 mm

When it comes to the heel tab, you won’t see any on the Peg 40, 39, or 38.

And, here comes Cumulus. Though the predecessors lacked the feature, Asics didn’t hang back in its 25th iteration and integrated a finger-loop pull tab.

3. Outsole Design and Traction

The latest Asics Cumulus comes with their signature AHAR (Asics high abrasion rubber) outsole with properly placed AHAR LO and AHAR PLUS compounds.

This approach assures superior grip where it counts while reducing wear and tear.outsole-of-nike-pegasus-40-and-asics-cumulus-25

Meanwhile, Nike used a blown rubber outsole (Duralon) in the Pegasus 40. This outsole grip is also excellent on sidewalks or wet city streets.

I tried the shoes on light trails. But it’s more suitable for urban roads. If you like to run on rugged trails, I recommend using the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 or Pegasus Trail 4.

4. Midsole Construction and Cushioning

Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 offers its key technology in the midsole with a combination of Pure Gel and Flytefoam Blast+.

While the Gel was already performing well, integrating the lighter and softer PureGEL in the 25 delivers exceptional shock absorption for daily training runs. The heel strikers find it comfortable with a smoother landing.

The Flytefoam Blast+ is also fantastic in terms of responsiveness and energy return.midsole-construction-of-nike-pegasus-40-and-asics-cumulus-25

The Cumulus 25 provides a comfortable 8mm drop with a stack height of 37.5mm in the heel and 29.5mm in the forefoot. Yet it still managed to keep its weight below 10 ounces.

On the contrary, Pegasus 40 from Nike offers React foam and Air Zoom units in its midsole.

Though it lacks ZoomX, which I desperately wanted in the Peg 40, it was a stable and comfortable ride.

This shoe has less stack height than the Cumulus 25, which is 33 mm and 23 mm on the heel and forefoot, respectively. Besides, the standard 10mm heel-to-toe drop helps you move forward efficiently.

ParameterAsics Cumulus 25Nike Pegasus 40
Heel Height~37.5 mm~33 mm
Forefoot Height~29.5 mm~23 mm
Drop~8 mm~10 mm
Weight~9.4 oz~9.4 oz

5. Breathability and Comfort

Breathability-wise, Gel-Cumulus impressed me. My feet stayed cool throughout the test run for good air circulation. So, it’s a perfect choice if you live in a summer area.

But what’s the magic?

The lightweight mesh construction and generously sized ventilation holes prevent heat build-up.

So, on a 0-to-10 breathability scale (with 10 being a wind tunnel), I can give a solid 8.0 out of 10.0 rating for its refreshing running experience.

The more cushioning helps for soft landing and good shock absorption for heel strikers. Moreover, the padded heel collar fits the shoe nicely to give a comfortable ride.

On the flip side, the perforation holes on the Pegasus 40 gave me hope of better breathability.better-breathability-of-nike-pegasus-40

But, this winged wonder took a nosedive in terms of breathability for my feet. My test run felt like walking on the hot sand instead of flying on Pegasus’ wings.

The ventilation system is not satisfactory for the thick upper. So, it turns out that more holes don’t guarantee more whoosh.

I have to give this runner a sad 6.0 out of 10.0 regarding breathability.

The effective lockdown and perfect fit ensure a comfortable run without any pain. However, I found the energy return is not great.

6. Size, Fit, and Durability

The Cumulus 25 fits true to size on my regular men’s US size 9. The forefeet felt slightly wider for the stretchy mesh upper.

Though, at the big toe, it felt a bit narrow for wiggle room, the midfoot and heel were a perfect fit for a decently secure ride.

Many shoes have to compromise the upper’s durability to provide more breathability.

But this Cumulus shoe says no!

The upper and heel counters are excellent in terms of durability, and after a prolonged period, there are only a few signs of wearing. It is how Asics shows the adjustment of durability and comfort.

Meanwhile, the Peg 40 also fits true to size for the size nine on my feet.

The toe box is wider for a comfortable fit, though the big toe area is still slightly narrow, like the Cumulus.

Regarding durability, what can I say…a tank? If I have to compare the Pegasus 40 with the Nike Renew Ride 3, it’s really a tank!

Jokes apart, but the Peg 40 is superb in long-lasting if you worry about the abrasion.durability-of-nike-pegasus-40

The thick layered upper is excellent. However, the heel collar shows some wear and tear signs after riding over 150 miles.

7. Price and Value

Both shoes cost a similar amount.

The Cumulus 25 comes at ~$140, whereas the Pegasus 40 comes at $10 cheaper, which is ~$130.

The value they offer at such prices is worthwhile. With such comfort, durability, and performance at such a price, it is bang for the buck and a good investment for the long run.

Pros & Cons of Asics Gel Cumulus 25 and Nike Pegasus 40

Both Cumulus 25 and Pegasus 40 are well-rounded neutral running shoes that ensure comfort, cushioning, and durability. Learning their benefits and potential drawbacks can make or break the deal.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of the Asics Cumulus 25 and Nike Pegasus 40:

Asics Gel Cumulus 25

  • »Secure lockdown and great fit.
  • »Comfortable and softer ride.
  • »Lightweight even though having high stack height.
  • »Provide smoother transitions.
  • »True to size with great heel support.
  • »Durable outsole with excellent traction.
  • »Slightly higher price than the Pegasus 40.
  • »Uncomfortable for hot weather runs.
  • »Bit narrow toe box for wider feet.

Nike Pegasus 40

  • »Budget-friendly than the Cumulus 25.
  • »Flexible and versatile.
  • »Soft, durable, and bouncy sole.
  • »Secure lockdown and stable ride.
  • »Lightweight and suitable for fast-paced long runs.
  • »Soft cushioning with fantastic comfort and response.
  • »Modern design with customizable color options.
  • »Inappropriate for overpronators.
  • »Absence of ZoomX foam.
  • »Average breathability.
  • »Lacks energy return.

Now, which performance running gear you should pick? Keep reading.

Which to Choose: Asics Cumulus 25 or Nike Pegasus 40?

Cumulus 25 and Pegasus 40 neutral running shoes offer excellent cushioning and smooth transitions.

The Cumulus offers an upper with a luxuriously padded tongue, a snug heel collar, and a smooth lining. All these ensure comfortable, longer runs.

The FF Blast+ midsole completes the shoe and serves you for miles. It’s a companion for miles of effortless comfort.

The Pegasus is built for long and tempo runs, making it a versatile footgear. Thanks to the Zoom air units and React foams.

Though the heel is slightly less secure, it’s more stable and lighter than many other running shoes.

I am a bit more Cumulus guy than its rival, Pegasus.

Though it comes slightly higher than the Peg 40, the fit, comfort, breathability, and lightweight perfectly match my requirements. It’s a perfect wingman for me.


What’s the difference between Nike Pegasus 39 vs 38?

Nike made some satisfactory changes in the Pegasus 39 compared to its predecessor 38. The newer model 39 is more lightweight than the 38. Moreover, v39 provides a more snugger fit, better responsiveness for additional Zoom Air units, and traction for the redesigned outsole than v38.

Is Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 better than the ASICS Gel Nimbus 25?

Both Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 and Gel Nimbus 25 are great shoes. The Cumulus one provides a more ground feel and is breathable, lightweight, and flexible. The weighty Nimbus lacks breathability but is more stable with better cushioning.

What is the Asics version of Nike Pegasus?

Asics Gel-Cumulus is an excellent alternative to Nike Pegasus. While Pegasus started its journey more than decades before the Cumulus, both became competitors for their unique offerings with great comfort and durability.

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