Asics Cumulus vs. New Balance 880 [Comparison 2024]

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The Cumulus and New Balance 880 are two of the most popular neutral running shoes on the market, but which one reigns supreme?

The Cumulus, known for its plush Gel cushioning and exceptional flexibility, takes on the 880’s soft yet firm Fresh Foam and supportive stability features. It isn’t just about picking a brand; it’s about finding the perfect match for your running style, terrain, and preferences.asics-cumulus-vs-new-balance-880

In this article, I will thoroughly analyze both footwear, comparing their cushioning, weight, support, and performance.

Let’s begin!

Overview of the New Balance 880 and Asics Cumulus Lineup

The New Balance 880 is a plush, supportive series of shoes ideal for heavier runners or those seeking maximum comfort on shorter runs. Its Fresh Foam X midsole is soft and bouncy, while the broader platform and firmer heel offer excellent stability.overview-of-the-new-balance-880

The Asics Cumulus, on the other hand, is a lighter and more flexible road shoe lineup that shines on longer runs. Its FlyteFoam Blast midsole is soft yet responsive, providing a smooth, rockered ride.

The upper is also more breathable and accommodating, making it a good choice for warm-weather runs.overview-of-the-asics-cumulus-lineup

Characteristics Comparison Between Asics Cumulus 25 and New Balance 880v13

Both shoes belong to the road running category but differ in features such as cushioning, weight, breathability, responsiveness, and overall performance.

Understanding these characteristics allows you to make informed decisions that match your running style, comfort preferences, and training goals.

FeatureAsics GEL-Cumulus 25New Balance 880v13
Weight9.4 oz (for men’s size 9)
8.1 oz (for women’s size 8)
10.9 oz (for men’s size 9)
8.6 oz (for women’s size 8)
Stack Height37.5mm in the Heel
29.5mm in the Forefoot
34mm in the Heel
24mm in the Forefoot
Heel-to-Toe Drop8mm10mm
UpperEngineered jacquard meshEngineered synthetic mesh
MidsoleFlyteFoam Blast Plus, PureGel underfootDual-density Fresh Foam X and FuelCell
OutsoleAHAR rubber with smooth lugsA strategic mix of rubber
CushioningSofter, plusherFirmer
RideSofter and bouncierSmoother transition
StabilityLess stableMore stable
BreathabilityBetter air circulationReduced airflow
FlexibilityEnhanced flexibilityMore structured platform
TractionGood on flat pathsBetter grip on rough terrain and wet surfaces
PriceAround $140Around $139.99
Best forLong runs, daily training, and neutral runners seeking plush comfortShort runs, daily training, and runners who prefer a firmer, more stable ride

The information presented in the table showcases the impressive running shoes from New Balance and ASICS. Nevertheless, a more detailed analysis of each aspect indicates a clear superiority of one over the other.

For a detailed analysis of their excellence, refer to the following section.

Major Differences Between NB Fresh Foam X 880v13 and Asics GEL-Cumulus 25

Comprehending the unique characteristics that set Gel Cumulus 25 apart from 880 v13 is essential for individuals seeking peak athletic accomplishment and comfort in their running footwear.

Key elements like responsiveness, upper design, cushioning technology, and overall performance are vital in shaping the overall running experience.

Below, I’ve described the differences between New Balance 880v13 and sics Cumulus 25:

Upper Construction

The New Balance 880v13 boasts an upper made of engineered synthetic mesh that feels like a cloud on your feet. The overlays contribute to its sleek and comfortable design. The upper provides a secure fit.

The new lace construction is a game-changer, allowing for customizable lacing and improved lockdown.

Additionally, my Achilles tendon is grateful to the raised heel counter of the shoe, and the plush tongue prevents those annoying lace digs.

However, if you’re a fan of pull tabs, you won’t find one here.

On the other hand, the Asics GEL-Cumulus 25 takes a different approach with a 3D-printed Engineered Jacquard mesh.upper-design-and-materials-of-asics-gel-cumulus-25

Unlike the New Balance, fewer overlays are present in the Cumulus’s upper, giving me a lighter and more flexible feel.

The versatility of this road shoe extends beyond running, making it a casual wear option, too.

The generously padded heel collar, along with the pull tab, adds to the convenience, while the reflective pieces at the rear enhance visibility. It excels in foot lockdown without requiring a runner’s knot, and there’s no fear of heel slippage.

Keep in mind, though, that the midfoot and forefoot are on the narrower side.

However, in terms of an all-around winner in the upper section, the New Balance 880v13 emerges as the top pick.

Midsole and Cushioning

The NB 880v13 boasts a dual-density midsole featuring Fresh Foam X and FuelCell. The Fresh Foam layer maintains its familiar firmness from the v12, while the FuelCell layer takes things up a notch with a slightly softer feel.

The result?

A softer, lighter, and more responsive midsole gives me that extra bounce with each step.

The 880’s Fresh Foam X is even firmer than the 1080 series.

On the other side of the ring, we’ve got the Asics GEL-Cumulus 25 rocking a single-density FF Blast+.ff-blast-of-the-asics-cumulus-lineup

The Cumulus takes a softer approach than its predecessors, providing a super-soft ride that even surpasses the cushioning experience of the 880.

To sweeten the deal, the PureGEL unit in the heel offers additional shock absorption.

So, in this midsole showdown between 880 and Cumulus, I’d say it’s a tie, as both soles are excellent!

If you’re wondering whether Asics Nimbus’s cushioning is better, check out our in-depth comparison of Asics Gel Nimbus 25 vs Gel Cumulus 25.

Outsole and Durability

The 880v13 features a strategic mix of rubber, with harder-blown rubber at the rearfoot and softer-blown rubber taking over the midfoot and forefoot.

However, the center of the heel isn’t covered with rubber, but despite that, it delivers solid traction on various surfaces. I haven’t faced any problems in wet or dry conditions.outsole-of-new-balance-880-and-asics-cumulus-lineup

Now, let’s talk about Cumulus. The 25th iteration of this long-running lineup is armed with Asics’ AHAR+ rubber, which claims to be 50% more durable than its predecessor.

That’s some serious longevity right there.

The Cumulus doesn’t stop there, throwing in a narrow vertical decoupling groove that divides the outsole in half. More rubber on the outsole means more durability, and Asics confidently states that the Cumulus will outlast the 880’s outsole lifespan.

So, for an outsole that’s not just gripping but also in it for the long haul, the GEL-Cumulus 25 is the clear winner.

Weight Distribution

The 880 v13 steps onto the scale at 10.9 ounces for a men’s size 9 and 8.6 ounces for a women’s size 8. The denser midsole and a more supportive upper make these jogging shoes heavier than the Cumulus.

While it might be a solid choice for specific runners seeking that extra support, I wouldn’t recommend the 880s to individuals craving speed or planning on tackling longer distances.

In contrast, the GEL-Cumulus 25 is lighter, weighing in at 9.4 ounces for a men’s size 9 and 8.1 ounces for a women’s size 8.

Thanks to its softer, bouncier midsole and flexible upper, the Cumulus is the lightweight contender ready to go the distance. Whether you’re gearing up for a long-haul run or aiming for faster paces, the Cumulus is up for the challenge.

Therefore, the Asics Cumulus 25 takes the crown as the winner, offering me a lighter and more versatile option.weight-distribution-of-asics-cumulus

Fit and Sizing

The New Balance 880 V13 is all about the roomy and relaxed fit. It runs true to size and offers regular, wide, and extra-wide options, making it a solid choice for those with wider feet or anyone who enjoys a little extra wiggle room.

The slightly wider fit and roomier toe box add to the overall comfort, making it a great pick for those who prioritize a laid-back feel.

On the flip side, the Gel Cumulus 25 is more about a snug, performance-oriented fit. Also true to size, it provides regular, wide, and extra-wide versions to accommodate different foot shapes.

The Cumulus features a standard fit with a snug midfoot and a slightly tapered toe box. This design caters to my average-width feet, providing a more athletic, responsive feel when I’m hitting the pavement.

So, who’s the winner in the fit category?

It boils down to personal preference. If you’re all about that roomier feel and have wider feet, the 880 is your go-to. But, if you prefer a snugger, performance-driven fit, the Asics Cumulus is the ideal choice.

Stability and Support

The 880v13 takes the lead in stability with its firmer midsole and the added support of an external heel counter. This combination makes it a solid choice, especially for those who overpronate or for runners carrying a bit more weight.stability-and-support-of-new-balance-880

On the other hand, the Asics GEL-Cumulus 25 leans towards a less stable design, making it ideal for neutral runners who don’t require as much corrective support.

So, I’d go with the New Balance 880 when looking for reliable stability runners.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

The New Balance 880v13 leans towards the firm side with a structured upper and a midsole that doesn’t bend as much. It makes it less flexible overall, especially when I’m gunning for the lightning-quick turns.

So, if you’re into agility drills that demand sharp twists and turns, the 880 might not be your go-to, mainly because its front foot outsole only has two flex grooves on it.

Now, let’s talk about the Cumulus 25.

With a softer midsole, more flexible upper, and the forefoot flex grooves on its outsole running seamlessly from end to end, it gives me a flexibility experience that’s hard to beat. It’s the perfect shoe for agility drills and to pull off quick direction changes.

So, when I want high flexibility and crave runners that bend and twist effortlessly with my every move, I choose the Asics GEL-Cumulus 25.responsiveness-of-asics-cumulus

Also, read our complete comparison on Asics Cumulus 25 vs. Cumulus 24 to know which Cumulus model is better.

Breathability and Comfort

The 880v13 leans towards warmth with its thicker mesh and additional overlays.

While this road shoe offers solid support, it is not my go-to choice on scorching hot days, as the extra layers can trap some heat.

Conversely, the GEL-Cumulus 25 provides better airflow thanks to its thinner mesh and fewer overlays. It makes the Cumulus a top pick when the temperature starts to rise, ensuring your feet stay cooler and more comfortable throughout your runs.

Ultimately, the Asics Cumulus 25 wins in the breathability section.

Ride and Traction


To me, the 880v13 takes the lead with a smoother ride transition, thanks to its firmer midsole. The firmness contributes to a stable feel when running, ensuring a more controlled and even transition from heel to toe.

But, the New Balance 880 v13 is less responsive compared to the Cumulus.

Now, the GEL-Cumulus 25 by Asics boasts a softer and bouncier ride, courtesy of its FlyteFoam Blast + midsole technology.

This foam adds an extra layer of cushioning and agility, making each stride feel more plush and energetic. I’d characterize the 25’s ride transition as a delightful bounce, providing me with a cushioned and lively experience.

However, I like the New Balance 880 more for smoother rides.


The New Balance 880 kicks things up a notch with the latest edition, providing solid traction on various surfaces, whether you’re navigating wet or dry conditions. This jogging footwear offers a reliable grip no matter where my adventures take me.traction-of-new-balance-880

On the other hand, the Cumulus 25 is specialized in keeping me steady on dry roads and pavements. These will be your go-to pair if your usual stomping grounds involve more concrete than dirt.

While the Cumulus might not be as versatile as the 880 in tackling different terrains, they provide a secure grip when you’re hitting the pavement.

But I’d pick the New Balance 880 v13 as the winner because of its excellent grip on both road and light terrains.

Pros and Cons of Cumulus 25 and New Balance 880 v13

By evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of both the Cumulus 25 and 880 v13, you can make a well-informed choice according to your running preferences, performance objectives, and comfort requirements.

This approach guarantees that the selected athletic footwear precisely matches your needs.

Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of the GEL-Cumulus 25 and NB 880 v13.

Asics GEL-Cumulus 25

  • »Lighter than 880.
  • »Versatile, can be used for both running and casual wear.
  • »Has a pull tab and lace lock for convenience.
  • »Excellent foot lockdown.
  • »Super-soft ride with shock absorption.
  • »More durable outsole.
  • »Better breathability.
  • »Highly flexible, perfect for agility drills and quick direction changes.
  • »Midfoot and forefoot are on the narrower side.
  • »Not as stable as the New Balance.
  • »Less traction on wet surfaces.

New Balance Fresh FoamX 880v13

  • »Comfortable mesh upper with a secure fit.
  • »Enhanced lace construction for customizable lockdown.
  • »Excellent traction on various surfaces.
  • »Ideal for wider feet or those who prefer extra toe space.
  • »Smoother ride transition due to firmer midsole.
  • »More stable.
  • »Heavier than the Cumulus.
  • »Less responsive.
  • »Not as breathable.
  • »Reduced flexibility.


As you can see, both shoes have their strengths and flaws, and the best pick for you depends on your priorities.

If you’re a fan of plush comfort, softer landings, and lightweight versatility, the Cumulus 25 is your champ. It’s breathable, flexible, and ready to tackle both long runs and quick bursts.

But if you need that extra stability, a smoother ride, and all-weather traction, the 880 v13 is the perfect choice. It might be a bit heavier, but its supportive design and reliable grip offer peace of mind no matter where your adventures take you.

Remember, no matter which one you choose, both New Balance 880 and Asics Cumulus runners are great options to help you surpass your limits and enhance your running experience.


Which shoe offers a wider fit between New Balance 880v12 and Asics Gel Cumulus 23?

Both shoes offer standard D width in most sizes, but some runners find the New Balance 880v12 slightly wider in the toe box. Asics offers wide and extra wide options in Gel Cumulus 23 for wider feet.

Is the New Balance 880 v11 any good?

The New Balance 880 v11 is a solid choice for those seeking a plush, comfortable daily trainer. Its Fresh Foam midsole delivers a soft, bouncy ride, while the engineered Jacquard mesh upper adapts to your foot for a smooth, unrestricted feel.

What is the difference between ASICS Cumulus 24 and New Balance 880 v12?

The Cumulus 24 is more lightweight and flexible, with a responsive FlyteFoam midsole and rearfoot gel cushioning for shock absorption. Conversely, the New Balance 880 v12 is firmer and more stable, with a bouncier Fresh FoamX midsole. It’s ideal for high-mileage runs or runners who need extra support.

What shoe is comparable to the New Balance 880?

For a comparable neutral trainer to the New Balance 880, consider the Asics Cumulus, Brooks Ghost, or Saucony Ride. They offer similar moderate cushioning and support, but the Cumulus is softer and plush, the Ghost is smoother, and the Ride is lighter and more responsive.

What is the difference between ASICS Gel Cumulus 22 and Fresh Foam 880v10?

Both the ASICS Cumulus 22 and New Balance 880v10 are high-cushion neutral running shoes. But the Cumulus is lighter and more flexible. It is a good choice for a smooth, comfortable ride. The 880v10 is more supportive and stable. It is a better option for runners who need extra protection on long runs or have stability concerns.

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