APL Vs On Cloud [Know which one is Suitable for You]

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Recently I became interested in sustainable, technologically advanced all in all shoes, and guess what, which are on the top list? APL and On Cloud.


As I looked further, I saw more unique features and advantages these two brands offer. In this article, I will discuss how to make your journey easy.

So, keep reading before your first-morning run.

Overview of On Cloud and APL

On Cloud believes in less waste and more performance. This brand mainly focuses on providing high-performance, eco-friendly shoes for running, which shows in their product.

These lightweight and flexible shoes are what you need for running.

And the fact that you can quickly put On Cloud shoes on and off makes them popular among busy athletes. Except for the royal brands like Adidas and Nike, On Cloud shoes are making their way to the heart of shoe lovers.


On the other hand, APL shoes come with innovative technology and materials which provide comfort, flexibility, breathability, and proper cushioning for an active lifestyle.

You will find the latest shoe technologies to make every part of APL sneakers.

Also, this brand claims the 8-spring system of these shoes converts the phase potential energy to kinetic energy, which elevates your performance and comfort.

Differences Between APL and On Cloud Shoes

When it comes to the new innovative footwear launch, On Cloud and Apl shoes are on the checklist of every shoe lover like me.

But to get the best out of any shoe, you must know its features, drawbacks, and ins and outs.

Let’s check out the differences between On Cloud and APL:


The comfort, stability, and performance of APL and On Cloud shoes depend on the material they are made out of.

APL shoes are famous for their top-quality building ingredients and proper use of the latest technology to create a user-friendly shoe you can wear daily.

The material used in APL shoes are:

  • EVA foam sheets.
  • APL Lusso slide.
  • Napa leather-made sole and straps.
  • Carbon.
  • Nylon.

Meanwhile, On Cloud is also known for its sustainable materials and high-performance shoes. The materials are:

  • Zero- Gravity foam.
  • Cushion pods.
  • Thick EVA foam.
  • Rebound rubber.
  • Springy board for stability and natural rolling.
  • Helion foam.

With the mix of Cloud technology, these materials make the finest pairs like the Cloudmonster. My favorite pair. This ultra-cushioned shoe is the most comfy shoe I have ever worn.

Arch Support

Another prominent feature of any outdoor shoe is its arch support. It’s essential not only for flat feet but also for every wearer.

Generally, APL shoes give better arch support than On Cloud shoes. APL shoes have Propelium and EVA in their midsole, offering enhanced arch support, shock absorption, and comfort.

This material also helps the midsole to maintain a higher level of structural integrity which you won’t find in On Cloud sneakers.

Instead, they come with an exposed foam midsole that is less supportive than APL.


APL sneakers come with proprietary foam and air-cushioned soles, which give amazing cushioning and comfort. These shoes are perfect for short runs, but you will feel some discomfort for long runs.

Meanwhile, On Cloud shoes give better cushioning for long-distance runs.

The company uses CloudTec and Speedboard midsoles for long-term ease. Also, the weaving pattern ensures strength and flexibility.

So, it’s pretty clear you can wear both for running. Another fact is that you should know whether you can use flat shoes for running.


If your shoes become wet while wearing them, your feet will slip inside of your sneakers, which is very uncomfortable and dangerous at the same time.

The lightweight design and structure of On Cloud shoes elevate their breathability. Also, the padding around the tongue and heel collar is thin. This also helps with proper airflow.

On the contrary, APL shoes are more breathable and don’t have any issues.

Every model comes with TechLoom Phantom, known for being super breathable. The upper of APL shoes also has mono mesh fabrics that help to flow air through your shoes and feet.

Size and Fit

On Cloud, shoes are true to size. But these shoes’ forefoot area is quite narrow, so if you have wide feet, you have to go a half size up to achieve a perfect fit.cloud-shoes-are-true-to-size

And if you want a snug fit, buy your regular size.

On the contrary, APL shoes generally run small and have a snug fit because of the TechLoom breathable kit. The best way to get proper fitting is to size up.

So, try them on before buying to know whether you have to go a half or full size up.


Another crucial factor of any running shoe is its durability. As running or basketball shoes goes through heavy movements and pressure, how long they will serve you matters.

On Cloud, shoes are pretty durable with their synthetic and mesh layers used in manufacturing.

Also, the outsole of these shoes has carbon rubber, ensuring they stay intact for six months even after all types of movements and high wear and tear.

Still, compared to APL, these are less durable, as APL shoes come with a lifetime warranty.

Two layers of durable rubber give its outsole proper grip and durability. The use of EVA foam ensures flexibility which also influences how long these shoes will last.


Now let’s check out the price range of On Cloud and APL shoes. When it comes to pricing, On Cloud shoes are less expensive. You will find these super comfortable and eye soothing color shoes for $140 and $150. For a good pair of running shoes, this price range is affordable.

Compared to that, APL shoe’s price is much higher. These luxury shoes start from $300 and go up to $400. If you are not on a budget, getting a pair of APL, Such as APL Superfuture Highlight Pink, is a good catch.


But this model is sold out most of the time. My sister is waiting eagerly for these pink pairs.

Additionally, if you wanna try similar shoes like On Cloud, check out the differences between On Cloud and Nobull shoes for a clear concept.

Pros and Cons: On Cloud Vs APL

APL shoes are so good and comfy that the NBA banned them as they gave basketball players advantages to perform. On the other hand, On Cloud shoes comes with durable materials that make them last longer.

Still, there are some disadvantages too, which you should know before your purchase.

Here are the pros and drawbacks of APL and On Cloud shoes:

On Cloud Shoes

  • »Comfortable.
  • »Easy to put on.
  • »Various color options.
  • »Different designs.
  • »Proper cushioning.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »True to size.
  • »Highly-priced.
  • »Thin lacing in some models.
  • »Takes time to adjust.
  • »Narrow forefoot area.

APL Shoes

  • »Highly responsive propelium midsole.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Breathable.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Ideal for a short run.
  • »Not suitable for wide feet.
  • »Some models and not suitable for heavy lifting.
  • »Hard to get on.
  • »Not ideal for flat feet.
  • »Not good for long runs.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Runs small.


Both On Cloud and APL shoes are durable, comfortable, and versatile for daily light and heavy use. If you want a highly responsive and lightweight shoe for short runs and regular use, APL shoes are the best fit.

But the high price point is something you must keep in mind.

Anyway, on a budget, On Cloud shoes are ideal because you will get a properly cushioned, sustainable shoe that is true to size and comes in different varieties.

Ultimately, you have to choose your ideal shoe, depending on your need.


Can you run in APL shoes?

Yes, you can run in APL shoes, as they are designed mainly for running. More specifically saying, APL TechLoom Tracer is made for all types of training activities, including running.

Are APL sneakers good for wide feet?

No, APL sneakers are not good for wide feet because these shoes run narrow and have a low-volume upper which will restrict your foot movements.

Is APL a Lululemon brand?

No, APL is not a Lululemon brand, but in 2017, they partnered with Lululemon to expand their company value.

Wrap Up

Today most famous shoe manufacturers focus on new innovative materials which are eco-friendly, last longer and are sustainable.

APL and On Cloud shoes are made from the finest ingredients and the latest technology. The price point varies depending on their individual qualities and models.

You got everything about these newly popular sports wears from this write-out. So, buy the one you need.

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