Allbirds Wool Runners Vs On Cloud 5: Which is Better?

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We have reached a time when we must be conscious and care for the environment. But we couldn’t just walk without any shoes.

Keeping that in mind, Allbirds and On has brought two lightweight and eco-friendly models, the Wool Runners and Cloud 5, into the market.allbirds-wool-runners-vs-on-cloud-5

Today, I’ll share the differences between Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 to help you pick the best everyday shoes.

So, let’s begin.

An Overview of On Cloud 5 and Allbirds Wool Runners

Shoes are part of our lifestyle, and sneakers are a big part of it. The On Cloud 5 and Allbirds Wool Runners are perfect examples of carrying out feet all day.

On Cloud 5

“On” shoes have a unique design and are famous for a cloud-like feel underneath.

The Cloud 5 shoe is one of the best in their entire collection to provide superb cushioning and breathability for a long time.

It’s made from 44% recycled material, and the lightweight feel made it one of the most popular lifestyle categories.

Allbirds Wool Runners

If you are a fan of minimalist design and use warm, casual sneakers, Allbirds has a model for you.

The Wool Runners cares for the environment and meets the highest standards of social sustainability and animal welfare.overview-of-allbirds-wool-runners

The eco-friendly materials help reduce the carbon footprint and keep our world green.

The Allbirds Wool Runners got lots of recognition for its consciousness to make betterment of the environment.

Both On Cloud 5 and Allbirds Wool Runners are nature-friendly shoes for everyday usage.

But, before getting one of the shoes, you must know about the details for a suitable and better purchase.

Key Attribute Comparison between Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5

Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 are excellent shoes for casual purposes. They share the same morals but have lots of dissimilar characteristics.

The changes are mainly concentrated around the shoe material. And that is the crucial part of a sneaker for the overall performance and user experience.

Let’s take a look at their key attributes below.

ParameterAllbirds Wool RunnersOn Cloud 5
Release Year20162022
Upper MaterialZQ Merino woolBreathable mesh
OutsoleNatural rubberCloudTec Traction rubber
Stack HeightHeel: 31 mm
Forefoot: 17 mm
Heel: 28 mm
Forefoot: 21 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop14 mm7 mm
Weight8.61 oz/ 244 g8.81 oz/ 250 g
UsageCasual usageRegular and casual usage

Feature Difference between Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5

The Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 are light casual shoes for everyday wear. Both are amazing and equally popular among nature-loving people.

However, there are a few dissimilarities you should look for before purchasing a model.

Here are the differences between Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5:

Upper Material

The upper of Allbirds Wool Runners are made from ZQ Merino Wool. It’s grown with regenerative farming practices to restore and preserve nature.

The material is very soft and warm. There are no perforations on the upper for air circulation.

So, it feels cozy and comfortable in fall, winter, and spring. But, the extra warmth can create problems in hot weather and summer.

It’s completely itch-free on the inside and gives a good all-around fit in my feet.

On the other hand, the On Cloud 5 uses breathable engineered mesh with taped reinforcement at the mid and forefoot.upper-material-of-on-cloud-5-

The material is very thin, so it feels very comfortable in all weather. The perforated tongue provides sufficient air circulation to keep the feet dry.

Cloud 5 isn’t stretchy like the Wool Runners. Therefore, it provides better lateral support during pronation.

Design & Aesthetics

The Allbirds Wool Runners offers the most simple and minimalistic design possible for a sneaker.

The entire upper is made from one piece of material. So you won’t find any stitching or extra design on the upper.

Wool Runners use a regular lacing system. The shoe laces are made from polyester and sufficient for tightening. It contains four eyelets on each side with a loop on the tongue.

The heel counter at the back has a pull tab for easy wear.

It has classic single-color variations, like black, white, grey, etc.

To keep the minimalistic design, Allbirds hasn’t added any branding or logo at the medial, lateral, or on the tongue of the shoe.

In contrast, On has given a little modern touch to its minimalistic design.

It uses a new lacing mechanism called speed lacing. It contains four eyelets and two webbing at each side of the tongue.

The shoe comes in 18 colors, including black, white, light blue, etc.

Cloud 5 uses a single color with two different shades for the upper. The primary color on the midfoot and tongue area is slightly darker, while the heel and forefoot are lighter.

Similarly to the Wool Runners, On Cloud 5 also has a pull tab at the back for effortless

Sole Technology

The material and technology used in Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 are entirely different. One prioritizes the environment and uses more sustainable materials than others.


Allbirds Wool Runners use Castor Bean for the insole. They use a layer of castor bean oil and ZQ Merino wool for a cushiony and moisture-wicking insole.

The On Cloud 5 uses foam for the insole. It’s thin but provides sufficient comfort.

Luckily, both models offer removable insoles. So, if you need better cushioning, you can go with custom orthotics.


Allbirds go green with its midsole for the Wool Runners. It uses a sugarcane midsole called SweetFoam®.

It’s the world’s first carbon-free EVA midsole.

The SweetFoam midsole is bouncy and gives impressive cushioning underneath. It absorbs the shock after landing and gives necessary comfort all day long.

On the other hand, Cloud 5 uses CloudTec® in Zero-Gravity foam for the midsole.midsole-of-on-cloud-5

It’s a signature midsole by On, and they describe it as the cloud. It’s very soft and lightweight to provide comfortable wear.

The midsole absorbs the shock and helps with a soft landing. After that, it gives bouncy feedback and eases every stride.

It reacts to your landing and compresses horizontally or vertically to provide necessary cushioning where it’s required.


The outsole in Allbirds Wool Runners has a thin layer of natural rubber. The tread pattern on the outsole is very small and almost has a smooth finish.outsole-of-on-cloud-5-and-allbirds-wool-runners

On the contrary, Cloud 5 uses a thin CloudTec Traction rubber for the outsole. It covers the forefoot and heel of the shoe but is exposed in the midfoot area.

Size & Weight

Both Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 fit true to size. It will fit absolutely fine if you purchase from a retail store or online.

ParameterAllbirds Wool RunnersOn Cloud 5
Stack HeightHeel: 31 mm
Forefoot: 17 mm
Heel: 28 mm
Forefoot: 21 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop14 mm7 mm
Weight8.61 oz/ 244 g8.81 oz/ 250 g
They weigh almost the same for the identical size and are much lighter than the average shoe.

But the stack height and heel-to-toe drop are lower in Cloud 5 than in Wool Runners.

Fit & Comfort

Wool Runners has a thin upper, and it feels very cozy. However, it’s not the best in terms of comfort in warm weather.

The wool material becomes hot very quickly and sweats my feet a lot.

However, the comfort in cold weather is fantastic. It’s completely itch-free, and I can wear it without any socks.

But, the regular size feels slightly snug, and the lateral side of my feet often rubs with the midfoot wall. So, I recommend sizing up from your normal size to get a proper fit.

The traditional lacing system is fantastic and gives a good tightening.

However, the cushioning around the heel collar and tongue is very minimal. It’s fine for walking on the road, but not suitable for running or workout.

On the other hand, the Cloud 5 is highly breathable for all-season usage.

The thin upper gives excellent air ventilation to keep the feet dry and give total comfort.

It has moderate padding around the heel collar and tongue. So, walking or using it for an extended time feels much better.

Unlike the Wool Runners, it has ample space in the midfoot and toe box. So, I went with my regular size, and it fit

The midsole technology is definitely better and provides more cushioning for extended usage.

It offers a unique speed lacing system, but it doesn’t create a problem while tightening the shoe properly.

Stability & Support

The Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 aren’t very exciting regarding stability and support.

The cushioning around the heel collar and tongue is minimal in Wool Runners. Therefore, it doesn’t provide the best ankle support while using. But it’s sufficient for walking without any pain.

Wool Runner is a neutral shoe, so it doesn’t have an arch support.

Also, the sidewall doesn’t have any support system. It’s very easy to overpronate with this shoe and may create injury if you step on a crooked road.

Similarly, On Cloud 5 isn’t the best suited for stability and providing foot support.stability-of-on-cloud-5

The moderate cushioning around the heel collar and tongue is just enough for walking but not ideal for running or workouts.

It also is a neutral shoe. So, you won’t get arch support at the midfoot area.

But the upper isn’t as stretchy as Wool Runners. So, it’s slightly better to keep the feet in place and reduce the overpronation.

Durability & Performance

Allbirds Wool Runner is made with sustainable materials. So, it’s easy to wear out over time.

I’ve used it in the past, and it easily lasts for 8-10 months in casual usage. But, the durability won’t be enough to maintain running or workout activities.

The midsole stays in perfect condition after a couple of months. However, the upper and outsole encounter the most damage.

The upper wrinkles over time, and the thin outsole pattern wears out after around 100 miles.

It becomes slippery and loses stability on smooth surfaces.

On the other hand, On Cloud 5 is slightly better but only a little to compete with a flagship model.

According to the official result, Cloud 5 runs around 300-400 miles with good care and maintenance.

However, the exposed midsole gets damaged pretty easily after running around 50 miles. It mostly affects the lateral side at the front, even on regular usage.

It walks well on smooth surfaces, but the outsole is not suitable for a crooked road or full of pebbles.

Price Comparison

The pricing is a huge difference between Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5.

Allbirds Wool Runners
  • »Around $98
On Cloud 5
  • »Around $139.99

There’s more than a $40 price gap between the two models.

Both are lifestyle shoes with almost no running capabilities. So, compared to Wool Runners, the On Cloud 5 seems to have an expensive price tag.

Pros & Cons: Allbirds Wool Runners Vs. On Cloud 5

The Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5 are excellent shoes for casual purposes and give you advantages. But depending on your situation, these shoes may have several disadvantages.

Allbirds Wool Runners

  • »Feels comfortable in cold and snowy weather.
  • »Uses sustainable materials.
  • »Gives good comfort without socks.
  • »Very minimalistic design.
  • »Not suitable for rain and warm weather.
  • »The outsole becomes slippery over time.

On Cloud 5

  • »Suitable for all weather usage.
  • »Extremely lightweight shoe.
  • »Highly breathable upper material.
  • »Provides various color options.
  • »Expensive than most lifestyle shoes.
  • »It’s not ideal for workouts and running.

Allbirds Wool Runners Vs. On Cloud 5: Which Should You Buy?

Before purchasing the Allbirds Wool Runners and On Cloud 5, you must know these shoes are only good for walking and casual usage.

These are unsuitable and not meant to be a running, workout, or versatile shoe.

But for everyday usage, Wool Runners and Cloud 5 are good options in the market.

If you are environment conscious and looking for a minimalistic, affordable sneaker, the Allbirds Wool Runners is a perfect choice.

However, if you don’t have a budget and are looking for a casual sneaker with a slightly modern design and minimal support, the On Cloud 5 is your best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Allbirds Wool Runners too hot for summer?

The wool upper becomes warm in hot weather or during summer due to less breathability. It’s still wearable, but the experience won’t be the most comfortable.

Do podiatrists recommend Allbirds?

Allbirds are made from natural elements like wool, sugarcane, and rubber. These elements make the shoe very friendly and suitable for the feet. Therefore, podiatrists recommend Allbirds shoes for everyday walking.

Are On Cloud 5 shoes good for being on your feet all day?

Yes, the On Cloud 5 is a very lightweight and breathable shoe. It feels incredibly comfortable to wear all day long in any weather.

Are Allbirds Wool Runners good for walking long distances?

Allbirds Wool Runners are casual lifestyle shoes. It’s ideal for walking, but there’s not enough support and cushioning for walking a long distance.

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