Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure Vs Bone [Battle of Best Shade]

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Adidas Yeezy Slides are for everywhere, all day, every day. Its popularity is dramatically increasing due to its versatile design that suits various outfits.

But it’s hard to determine the best colorways and find differences between different models.adidas-yeezy-slide-pure-vs-bone

So, let’s dive into a detailed comparison of Yeezy Pure and Bone to pick the most adequate one.

Overview of Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure and Yeezy Slide Bone

Due to the exact origin and lineup, both models share several common characteristics and have the same EVA foam as build material.

Both the Yeezy Pure and Bone models are minimalist sandals from the Yeezy line, co-designed by Kanye West and Adidas.

Adidas introduced the Yeezy Slide Pure in 2021 at an economical price of $60.

However, the Pure was out of stock within a blink because of the hype and extra demand for Yeezy Slides.

The Slide Pure model features a distinctive ecru finish, and the injected EVA foam ensures a soft and comfortable experience.

With the comfortable footbed, smooth finish, and groove outsole pattern, this pair looks sleek and modern without compromising the traction.

On the contrary, the Yeezy Slide Bone was introduced in 2019 (two years earlier than the Pure).

Though the design and materials were similar to the Yeezy Pure, the redesigned version (2022) of Bone introduced some changes in the design and fittings.

Instead of the smooth texture of Yeezy Slides, restocked Bone features a more pebbled finish.

Not everyone welcomed these changes, but I found the granular texture more exciting and admired the superior grooved outsole’s traction.

The primary differences between these models are in price, texture, colorways, sizing, and break-in periods.

Move down to the next section to perform a head-to-head comparison of both models for a clearer understanding.

Attribute Comparison of Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure & Yeezy Bone

Though Yeezy Pure and Bone share several similar characteristics in design pattern and materials, there are multiple divergences in the colorway, break-in period, and, most importantly, price.

Let’s compare their features and offerings to understand the two models’ differences better.

AttributesYeezy Slide PureYeezy Slide Bone
MaterialsInjected EVA foamInjected EVA foam
ColorDarker colorwayOff white colorway
DesignSmooth textureGranular texture
ComfortVery comfortableComfortable
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size (often runs small)
DurabilityExtremely DurableExtremely Durable
Break-in PeriodNo break-in periodMore break-in period
AvailabilityLimited availabilityLimited availability
Price Range$70 – 200$100 – 300

Key Differences Between Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure and Yeezy Slide Bone

These two slides have only a few differences because they use the same materials and design patterns.

The primary divergences are in the colorways, price, added texture, and sizing.

Without further discussion, let’s dive deep into the detailed comparison of both slides to find the most appropriate one for your daily needs.

1. Design and Color

Both Yeezy Slides are minimalistic and one-piece sandals praised for Croc-like comforts and versatile designs that blend with various attires.

Pure’s all-white pattern is flat and smooth, closer to a beige color or shiny white. The Bone’s trivialized ivory hue has a granular

As you can see, the primary distinctions are in the color and texture.

The slides are made from one-piece EVA foam, and both shoes have the iconic three bands of the Adidas stamp in the footbed.

Their slip-on design allows a quick and easy on-and-off. The grooves structured of these pairs ensure an excellent grip on various terrains.

Depending on my attire, I often choose between the Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure and Ochre.

Overall, the monochromatic shades of the shoes are symbolic and can be paired with diverse outfits for various needs.

2. Materials and Durability

Both models are made from the same EVA foam with a monochrome finish. The EVA foam is widely known for its extraordinary cushioning and waterproof attributes, which offer the best comfort.

Both slides have the same grooves on the outsole in a horizontal pattern, making them ideal for wet and slippery surfaces.

The re-released Bone model features an extra textured feel. While several users complained about this new texture, I found it helpful in a snug fit and better grip.

But what about durability?

Slides are for everyday wear. So, they must be durable enough to handle all the impacts of daily activities.

After using both pairs for several months, there are still no visible damages, and they offer the same comfort as the first day.

Thanks to the ultra-durable EVA foam in both slides, it can tolerate most day-to-day stress without tearing and wearing quickly.

In short, you can choose any of these slides without worrying about swift degradation as its ultra-durable materials are made to last longer.

3. Comfort & Sizing

As I mentioned earlier, the injected EVA foam is extremely comfortable, and the deep footbed of Yeezy Pure and Bone ensures a snug fit.

When I first put the Yeezy Slide Pure on my foot, I instantly noticed the comfy feel and its snug fit. This pair is ready to wear out of the box, and the unique footwear molding will hug your feet.

On the other hand, Yeezy Slide Bone was not as comfortable as Pure when I wore it for the first time, meaning it had an extended break-in period.comfort-sizing-of-yeezy-slide-bone

If you’re wearing a thin sock, you may find the Bone very stiff compared to the Pure’s cozy fit.

Moreover, I don’t recommend these slides for people with foot conditions.

In terms of sizing, both slides are true-to-size. However, the Yeezy Bone runs a half-size smaller in most scenarios.

My friend has been using Yeezy Pure from the beginning. According to him, the Pure slide also runs a half-size smaller for him, and he has gone one size up for a better and more secure fit.

Though, in my case, the Pure was true-to-size, I didn’t have to go for a half or full size up.

In summary, both slides are very comfortable. However, there is an issue with sizing, so before finalizing your purchasing decision, put on a pair to track down the perfect size.

4. Availability & Distinct Variety

Due to the higher demand and comparatively minimal supply, there has been a continuous availability crisis since the initial release of Adidas Yeezy shoes.

The same applied to the Yeezy Pure and Bone slides.

Adidas has restocked them several times with some changes in the design or performance, but the demands are still as high as before.

For instance, the restocked 2022 Yeezy Slide Bone is comparatively more muscular than the previous one.availability-of-yeezy-slide-bone

The last time Adidas restocked the Yeezy Slide Bone, Pure, and Resin color was in 2022.

Because of the ongoing conflict between Yeezy and Adidas, there is no assurance that the slides will be restocked again.

Because of the extreme demand, it’s pretty hard to get the perfect pair for your size, as some sizes have a comparatively higher demand than others.

Fortunately, you may still find your size on some reseller’s websites like GOAT and StockX or in-store retailers, paying much more than the official price.

5. Price Equivalence

According to the four fundamental principles of supply and demand, the price will increase when the demand increases and the supply is static.

This law of supply and demand directly affects the prices of Adidas Yeezy Slides.

Though the retail price of Yeezy Slide Pure and Bone was around $60-70, the resale cost dramatically increased due to the incremental demand.

The price also varies depending on the size.

While some popular sizes cost two or three times more than retail, some are available for a few extra bucks.

However, buying from resellers is extremely risky as numerous people complain about the fake Yeezy slides.

So, don’t buy from unauthorized resellers.

On the StockX and GOAT websites, the price of Bone slides is much higher than the price of Pure slides due to the enormous demand.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure and Bone

Due to the kindred design pattern and materials, both slides are almost similar. But both models also have unique characteristics and utilization that assist one to stand out from the other.

These peerless attributes can persuade your purchasing decision.

So, let’s look at the following strengths and weaknesses of both slides to track down the most suited one.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure

  • »Introduced in a deeper shade.
  • »Out-of-the-box comfort.
  • »More affordable.
  • »Clean aesthetic.
  • »Minimal releases.
  • »Less distinct color than Bone.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Bone

  • »Introduced in an off-white shade.
  • »The re-released version has a textured feel.
  • »Rugged aesthetic.
  • »Suitable for outdoor and streetwear styles.
  • »More expensive than Pure.
  • »Comparatively stiffer for the first wear.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure Vs Bone: Which One Should You Pick?

So, which one should you choose between the Yeezy Pure and Bone?

Undoubtedly, both pairs will ensure great comfort and suit various outfits.

In case you’re fascinated by darker colors and out-of-the-box comfort with an economical deal, pick the Pure.

On the contrary, go for the Yeezy Bone if you’re more fond of an off-white colorway, can sacrifice the initial firmness, and are ready to pay a few extra bucks.

Overall, the winner is restocked Bone slides because of their granular texture and versatility.

However, give a trial at a shoe store before finalizing your purchase decision for a better fitting and cozy feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Yeezy Slide color?

All Yeezy slides are popular among youth and kids because of their versatility. Nonetheless, the most popular colorways are the Core (Black) and Pure. Due to their flexibility, these colors suit most attires better, increasing their popularity.

What size should you get in Yeezy bone slides?

Though the Yeezy Slide Bone is true to size, it often runs a half or full-size small. So, if you’re unaware of the Yeezy Slide sizing, you should go one size up than your regular shoe size for a snug fit.

Are the Yeezy slides worth the money?

The actual value of Yeezy slides is subjective and varies from eye to eye. If you can get a pair at the retail price, Yeezy slides are 100% worthy. Unfortunately, the higher reseller’s price may not be worth it unless you love the appearance and comfort of Yeezy slides.

How do you keep Yeezys from turning yellow?

Using the Yeezy slide for a prolonged time can make it yellowish. You should use a sole protector to keep your pair safe from yellowing. Apply a transparent cover to the outsole before wearing the slide.

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