Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat vs Sand: Which to Pick?

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When the Adidas Yeezy Ararat first came on the market, my friend managed to get the model, but unfortunately, I couldn’t grab one.

It became so popular in social media and shorts that people were crazy for it. After one year, I finally got my feet on the Ararat look-alike, Yeezy Sand.

I’ve compared them side-by-side, and here I’ll show the differences between Adidas Yeezy Ararat and Sand to help you pick the right RNNR shoes.adidas-yeezy-foam-runner-ararat-vs-sand

So, let’s start.

Overview of Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat and Sand

In 2015, Yeezy launched a collaboration between Adidas and famous American rapper Kanye West. Both had Yeezy’s ownership, and Adidas was responsible for producing, marketing, and distribution.

Since its launch, the company has made multiple trendy shoe models. Some caused havoc on the internet and crashed the entire Yeezy website on the launch date.

The Adidas Yeezy foam runner Ararat and Sand are two models with hype that spread all over the world.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat

The Yeezy Ararat first appeared in London Fashion Week in February 2020 and launched in June.

The name Ararat came from Mount Ararat, which is related to Kim Kardashian’s Armenian heritage. The white color of the shoe symbolizes the snowcaps of Ararat Mountain.

Its unique design and fashionable appearance brought a storm in the shoe market.

People all over the world were crazy about it. But unfortunately, Ararat was only available for the US.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sand

The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sand debuted on March 26th, 2021, one year after the Ararat.

In overall design, it’s exactly the same as Yeezy Ararat. But this time, it was launched in the international market.adidas-yeezy-foam-runner-sand

People outside the US got the opportunity to wear the Foam Runner shoe. It sold out so quickly from official stores that Adidas had to start production again to restock the shoe.

Both models look and feel similar to wear.

However, there are some minor changes in their appearance and availability that determine the purchasing decision.

Let’s discuss the major features and differences below and help you pick the right Yeezy Foam Runner shoes.

Major Comparison Between Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat & Sand


Take a close look at the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner shoes above. Can you spot any differences?

In normal light or inside a closed environment, it’s challenging to find a dissimilarity. But there are some changes which make them two different models.

Here are the major differences between Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat and Sand:


The primary difference between Yeezy Ararat and Sand is the color. At an angle or under light, the color variation becomes more visible.adidas-yeezy-ararat-sand-color

As the name suggests, Ararat reflects the white color of the snow-capped mountains. The model is pure white and offers a lighter tone compared to Sand.

On the other hand, the color of Yeezy Sand is true to its name. It offers a warmer and yellow-tinged tan compared to Ararat.

In terms of color appearance, they fit perfectly with any casual outfit.


Both Ararat and Sand have the same architectural design. The upper is curvy and almost looks like a wave.

They have several oval-shaped holes on each side that give a futuristic vibe and a lot of ventilation.

The vamp has a total of thirteen holes. The medial and lateral sides have fourteen small and three big holes at the heel area.

Initially, the shoes were made for running. But, its versatility allows the customer to use it for various purposes.adidas-yeezy-ararat-sand-design

The unique design makes it perfect for casual occasions and training in any type of weather.


Adidas Yeezy Ararat and Sand are made from the same material. The whole shoe is crafted from a single piece.

Both models use a combination of petroleum-based ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and foam-produced algae.

The sole is constructed with EVA technology, and the whole upper part is made of foam.

These materials are environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on our nature.

This unique construction provides exceptional comfort, flexibility, and lightweight wearability. The material is water-resistant, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Shoes often get dirty or muddy after a running session. But the Yeezy Ararat and Sand allows me to clean it properly with detergent, leaving no sign of stains.

Size & Fit

Yeezy Ararat and Sand only offer full-size models, like 8, 9, 10, 11, etc.

So, if you wear half sizes, for example, 9.5, you need to size up and take the next one.

Both models follow the US sizing. But if you are from the UK, the sizing may seem a bit confusing.

Surprisingly, the UK size is no different from the US as labeled on the packaging. This means a US 8 is a UK 8. But usually, that’s not the case for Yeezy shoes.adidas-yeezy-ararat-sand-size

So, I recommend purchasing the shoe by following the US size of your feet.

Now, regarding the fittings and comfort, I really have no complaints.

Before purchasing the Yeezy Sand, I thought the rubbery shoe would be sticky and bite my socks or feet.

However, after wearing the shoe, my perspective changed completely.

It’s incredibly soft, cushiony and gives a snug fit. The rubber doesn’t bite my socks at all, giving my feet a comfortable space to move around.

The shoe is so lightweight that I instantly felt the weight distribution compared to other running shoes.

Yeezy runner shoes are very flexible and easily bend after pronation.

I’ve run on the pitch, riverside, and dirt roads wearing the shoe. The fitting was accurate on all types of roads, and performance was satisfactory.

Price Comparison

Adidas Yeezy Ararat and Sand were similarly priced during the launch at the official store and website.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner AraratAdidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sand
$75 - $300$80 - $300

Ararat started at $75, and Sand was at $80 in the official store. But due to its heavy popularity, it quickly stocked out from the store.

On top of that, the collaboration between Adidas and Yeezy has ended recently.

So now, the production has stopped, and no new models are coming to the market.

As a result, the retail price has risen to four times the original price. If you are lucky enough, you can find the model in your local retail shop.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat and Sand

Ararat and Sand offer similar characteristics and features. However, minor differences can result in advantages or disadvantages to the user.

Let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of Yeezy Ararat and Sand:

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat

  • »Snow white color looks premium.
  • »Very flexible.
  • »Built with water-resistant material.
  • »Extremely comfortable.
  • »The retail price is much higher than the original price.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Sand

  • »Yellow-tone color goes with every casual outfit.
  • »Very comfortable for running.
  • »Available in the international market
  • »The retail price is much higher than the released price.

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat vs Sand: Which Should You Choose?

There are no differences between Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat and Sand in design, comfort, and performance.

Ararat is white, and Sand is slightly yellowish.

So, if you prefer white, Yeezy Ararat will be your go-to runner shoe. Otherwise, you can go with the Yeezy Sand.

But in actual appearance, they look almost the same.

The primary preference comes in the price and availability.

The Yeezy Ararat was US-only, and production was very limited. So, the retail price is high and hard to find outside the US.

In contrast, the Yeezy Sand was released worldwide and is comparatively easier to find.

Sometimes, you can get the shoe from the retail market at a reasonable price.

If you don’t have any specific color preference, I suggest purchasing any of the models you get from a retail shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat?

The Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat comes in a snow-white color. The name and color were inspired by Mount Ararat, situated in Armenia.

What color is the Yeezy Foam Runner Sand?

The Yeezy Foam Runner has a slight yellow-tanned color. In indoor spaces, the color looks very like white. But under a broad light or outdoor environment, the actual color becomes visible.

Is Yeezy Foam Runner comfy?

Yes, both Yeezy Runner Ararat and Sand are incredibly comfortable. They are lightweight and offer a snug fit. The bouncy rubber gives a cushiony feel and support in running or training.

Can foam runners get wet?

No, foam runners are made with water-resistant material. So they don’t get wet. You can easily wipe the water from the foam runner to make them dry.

How can you tell if foam runners are real?

Real and fake foam runners can be identified easily by checking the hole’s structure. The real one contains sharp and clean edges, whereas the fake models often leave materials around the hole.

Do foam runners stretch over time?

Foam runners are very flexible and give a snug fit to the user’s feet. But with continuous usage, they stretch a bit to adjust with your feet properly.

Is Yeezy Foam Runner a shoe?

Yes, Yeezy Foam Runner is a shoe. It can be categorized as a polarized shoe. They might look different, but they are unique from their own style and serve the same as other shoes.

What makes Yeezys so expensive?

Most Yeezy shoes are limited, and very small quantities are produced. Also, they are very unique and trendy, which makes them expensive compared to other similar types of footwear.

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