Adidas Ultrabounce vs Ultraboost: Clash of Best Runners

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The footwear landscape is ever-changing, and manufacturers are introducing more and more lineups for various demands.

Adidas is leading the footwear industry with innovative technologies and newer materials.

The main emphasis of their Ultrabounce and Ultraboost collections lies in producing top-performing running footwear.adidas-ultrabounce-vs-ultraboost-

Let’s compare head-to-head to pinpoint the optimal choice for your daily runs.

Overview of Adidas Ultrabounce and Ultraboost

Adidas has walked a prolonged trail to reach its destination by introducing different shoes for various needs over the years.

In 2013, Adidas presented a new technology, Boost, for running shoe lineups.

And the journey of Ultraboost started in 2015 when Adidas created an entire dedicated lineup of the best running shoes.

Nowadays, Ultraboost and Ultrabounce are trendy running shoes praised by thousands of runners and athletes.

Adidas Ultrabounce

The Ultrabounce is a budget-friendly running shoe with a recycled textile upper, standard EVA foam midsole, and Adiwear rubber outsole.

Because of its double-layered engineered mesh upper, the Ultrabounce shoe is exceptionally breathable and suitable for hot climates.

The midsole foam has excellent energy return, though it is less cushioned.

Moreover, the solid Adiwear rubber outsole provides a blanched grip on most surfaces and is very durable.

Ultrabounce shoes have a wider toe box than most standard shoes, which assures extra space to move your toe freely.

Some of the most liked Ultrabounce shoes are Ultrabounce Running Shoe, UBOUNCE DNA C, Ubounce DNA Shoe, etc.

Adidas Ultraboost

Did you know that the NASA space shuttle sculptures inspired the technology of Ultraboost shoes?

Most Ultraboost shoes feature Primeknit mesh upper with synthetic overlays, which are highly durable and offer excellent ventilation.

Some models also feature a separate lacing cage for a more secure fit.

The major changes are in the midsole and outsole technologies. Adidas UBoost utilizes Boost foam instead of the standard EVA foam like the Ubounce.adidas-ultraboost

And the Continental rubber outsole of Ultraboost provides more aggressive traction on most surfaces.

Keeping all these facets in mind, move down to the following section to perform a heel-to-heel comparison of both lineups.

Attribute Comparison of Adidas Ultrabounce and Ultraboost

These two lineups from Adidas share some similarities and differ in several aspects. The primary differences are in the midsole, outsole, upper materials, and overall weight.

To understand the divergences of both shoes more precisely, consider the subsequent side-by-side comparison.

ParametersAdidas UltrabounceAdidas Ultraboost
Best forCasual wear, walking, and light workoutsIdeal for runners
Upper MaterialsDouble-layered engineered mesh, Knitted panelsPrimeknit mesh, Synthetic overlays
MidsoleStandard EVA foam, Bounce foamBoost foam, EVA foam, TPU
OutsoleAdiwear rubberContinental rubber
Overall weightLighter and more nimbleSlightly heavier
Toe BoxWider than standard but not like UltraboostWider toe box
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
ComfortLess comfyVery comfortable
BreathabilityMore breathableLess breathable
TractionGood tractionExcellent grip
PriceLess priceyMore pricey

Core Differences Between Adidas Ultrabounce and Ultraboost

Though the price range of Ubounce and Uboost shoes are incomparable, there are some similarities in several segments, such as fittings, comforts, and tractions.

But there are a ton of features that differentiate one model from another.

As I mentioned earlier, the primary divergences are in the upper, midsole, and outsole materials that influence other features you expect from your daily running shoes.

Let’s compare the lineup’s features and offerings to understand the similarities and dissimilarities.

1. Upper Materials

First things first: When looking at shoes, people usually see the upper portion of the shoe.

To be honest, both lineups offer different upper materials that you will notice at first sight.

Ultrabounce shoes mostly use a double-layered engineered mesh upper that is highly breathable and lightweight. This mesh provides flexibility and comfort for running.

Moreover, some Ubounce models also utilize knitted panels on the collars or sides that give the shoes a more premium look and a snug fit.

Ultraboost, on the other hand, takes advantage of its higher price and uses superior material for the upper.

Most Uboost shoe uppers are made of Primeknit (consisting of specialized machines and thermoplastic yarns), a strong, flexible, single-layered textile.

Some older models used mesh for specific parts (forefoot, tongue, etc) of the shoes to provide extra breathability.

Both lineups use synthetic overlays for specific models to ensure more support and stability.

Adidas Ultraboost surpasses the Ultrabounce with more premium upper materials and more secure & comfortable fits.upper-materials-of-adidas-ultraboost

2. Midsole & Outsole

While the Ubounce shoes use bounce technology (Standard EVA foam) for the midsole, Uboost uses the Boost foam (provides better cushioning and rebound) technology for their midsole.

The outsole technologies are also divergent.

So, let’s compare the technological differences for a better understanding.


Adidas utilizes its Bounce foam for its Ultrabounce shoes. The Bounce foam is an upgraded version of Standard EVA foam that offers excellent cushioning and is very lightweight.

This midsole is famous for its comfortable ride on rough surfaces. Moreover, the midsole has a little spring, which ensures a more flexible ride.

Conversely, for Ultraboost, Adidas utilizes its Boost foam (tiny foam capsules).tiny-foam-capsules-in-adidas-ultraboost-midsole

It was developed by Adidas and BASF, which is widely known for extraordinary cushioning and rebound.

This midsole technology offers exceptional energy return and responsiveness for high-impact activities.


Both lineups use durable rubber for the outsole.

The Ultrabounce harnesses the power of the Adiwear rubber outsole that is capable of providing all-around traction and smoother movement on every terrain.

UltraBoost, on the contrary, employs the strength of a more high-performance Continental rubber outsole.

This outsole is efficient at providing more grip and maximum cushioning for a comfy ride.

Besides, the lug patterns of both shoes are also distinct. Usually, UBoost shoes offer deeper and more aggressive lugs for better traction on wet surfaces.

UBounce utilizes a shallower tread that also provides good traction and smoother movement.

Overall, the Adidas UltraBoost outshines Ultrabounce with its better midsole, outsole, and aggressive lugs.outsole-of-adidas-ultraboost

3. Design and Comfort

In terms of design, the Ultrabounce offers a clean and sporty aesthetic. These shoes also have a wide range of colors, from monochromes to vibrant options.

This design pattern is preferable for casual wear, light workouts, and short runs.

UltraBoost, on the other hand, offers more modern and sleek schemes. It also has contrasting colors and pronounced midsole lines for more unique looks.

The design pattern of UBoost is suitable for a wide range of activities, from a night date to high-performance running. It won’t disappoint you anywhere.

In terms of comfort, the mesh upper and Bounce midsole of Ultrabounce provide excellent comfort.

The step-in comfort of the UBounce is superior to the others.

However, the Boost midsole and Primeknit upper of UBoost shoes are comparatively more comfortable and cushioned than Ultrabounce shoes.

After wearing both shoes, I instantly realized the step-in comfort of Ultraboost shoes is more unnatural and has more break-in periods.

In short, though the Ultraboost provides extraordinary cushioning and better design patterns, Ultrabounce has a slight advantage in step-in

4. LockDown & Ventilation

Adidas Ultrabounce feels a little looser due to the lack of front lockdown. Though the midfoot and heel portion has a good lockdown, it’s not even close to the lockdown of Uboost shoes.

Utilizing the Primeknit upper and strengthening elements for the sides and heels, UltrBoost can deliver remarkable lockdown for the entire feet.

Note: The UltraBoost shoes offer the best lockdown compared to any prominent running shoes.

Without a doubt, the engineered mesh upper of UBounce shoes is more breathable and has better ventilation than the knit upper of Uboost.

But there are some other aspects that you should consider before finalizing your purchasing decision.

For instance, the knit upper of Uboost shoes is not something you want to wear in rainy or cold weather because this upper material can absorb more water than the mesh upper of UBounce.

I prefer the secure lockdown of Ultraboost shoes, and you will love it too. But the Ultrabounce is the clear winner in terms of ventilation.

5. Traction and Stability

We all expect extraordinary grip from a high-quality running shoe.

Fortunately, both lineups provide good grip, thanks to their rubber outsole.

The Adiwear rubber of Ultrabounce shoes is suitable for most tracks, and you won’t feel any ration issues wearing these shoes.

However, the Continental rubber outsole of UltraBoost shoes is more gripper and can better handle wet and uneven surfaces with the help of their deeper lugs.traction-and-stability

In the context of stability, the Ultrabounce shoes are far behind the Ultraboost shoes.

I felt a lack of stability in the forefoot, and the front and back sides of the shoe seemed disconnected, causing stability issues on uneven terrains.

Thankfully, the UltraBoost shoes are more stable due to the lower midsole and plastic plates in the forefoot.

The UltraBoost lineup outstrips the Ultrabounce lineup by providing more traction, increased stability, and better pressure distribution.

6. Performance & Durability

The most crucial aspect of running shoes is their performance and durability. In this segment, both lineups have their own characteristics.

The Ultrabounce shoes are less responsive and have a limited energy return, making them inappropriate for high-impact activities.

These models offer sufficient cushioning and additional bounce for walking or lighter physical activities

In recent years, some athletes have been using Bounce technology for their shoes due to its bouncy nature, which helps to increase overall performance.

However, the Adiwear foam of UBounce shoes loses its quality much faster.

Contrarily, Ultraboost shoes are widely known for superior energy return and responsiveness, which is what you expect from a premium running shoe.

Moreover, these shoes are more durable compared to UBounce shoes, thanks to their unique outsole materials.

But the knit upper of Ultraboost shoes is less sturdy and gets dirty quicker than the mesh upper of UBounce shoes.

Overall, Ultraboost is more high-performance-centric, and the outsoles are more durable.

Ultrabounce, on the contrary, has less performance and is less sturdy. But the upper of the Ultrabounce is more enduring than the other models.

7. Price and Significance

Between both shoe lineups, there is a significant price gap.

While the UBounce shoes are available for around $80, the cost of UBoost shoes is around $190.

I was surprised by the price-to-performance ratio of Ultrabounce shoes. Because of all the materials and technologies used in UBounce shoes, the price is legitimate.

UltraBoost shoes are more premium and include various advanced technologies and materials that cost a lot.

In short, considering Ultrabounce & Ultraboost’s price and value ratio, the prices are justified.ultrabounce-ultraboosts-price-and-value-ratio

Pros & Cons of Adidas Ultrabounce & Ultraboost

Because of versatile materials and technologies, both lineups have unique features and attributes.

With several similarities and dissimilarities, one surpasses the other by introducing new technologies.

Most importantly, these unparalleled attributes can influence your purchasing decision.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of both lineups to pick the most suitable one.

Adidas Ultrabounce

  • »Very affordable.
  • »Breathable mesh upper.
  • »Wide and stable base.
  • »Good traction on most surfaces.
  • »Stylish and modern design.
  • »Durable upper and rubber outsole.
  • »Not suitable for speedwork or long distances.
  • »Less durable outsole.

Adidas Ultraboost

  • »Secure heel grip.
  • »Well cushioned and responsive.
  • »Extremely durable materials.
  • »Excellent grip and balanced stability.
  • »Snug fit and improved lacing cage.
  • »Excellent ventilation.
  • »Comparatively heavier.
  • »Higher price point.

Adidas Ultrabounce Vs Ultraboost: Which One Should You Pick?

It’s easier to choose between UBounce and UBoost shoes if you know what you’re seeking from your next running shoe.

If you’re seeking a high-performance running shoe that offers excellent traction, stability, maximum cushioning & better lockdown, and you’ve no budget limit, the ultimate option is the Ultraboost.

Whether you’re a new or an advanced runner, it’s always safe to go for premium models.

However, if you’re on a tight budget but still want the best shoes that offer maximum ventilation, good traction, and durability, pick the Ultrabounce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Adidas Ultrabounce shoe good for walking?

Ultrabounce shoes are good casual shoes for walking and light workouts. These shoes are pretty comfortable and generate a considerable energy return for prolonged walks.

Is Adidas Ultrabounce comfortable?

The EVA midsole of Adidas Ultrabounce is bouncy and comfortable. Moreover, the double-layered mesh upper also added extra comfort. However, these shoes lose the comfy feel and become firmer over time.

Can you wear an Ultraboost in the rain?

Yes, you can wear water-resistant Ultraboost shoes with GORE-TEX. This technology will keep your feet dry even in heavy rain by forming a waterproof barrier.

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