Adidas Supernova vs Supernova Plus [Which is the Best?]

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Choosing the ideal running shoe requires a delicate balance between comfort, support, and performance. When picking running shoes, you must shortlist the Supernova and Supernova Plus.

The Supernova, a high-mileage trainer, is known for its stability and firm ride. Meanwhile, the Supernova Plus, crafted from recycled materials, offers a more positive, energy-returning experience.

But which one should you pick? Or which one will be ideal for you?adidas-supernova-vs-supernova-plus

Just read on, and you will have all the information to pick between the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus.

So, let’s begin.

Overview of Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus

Before we discuss these two running shoes in more depth, let’s briefly examine what you can expect from Supernova and Supernova Plus.

Adidas Supernova

The Adidas Supernova is a long-standing favorite among runners, known for its high mileage, durability, and stability.

The shoe features a traditional design with modern technologies, such as the responsive Boost midsole and a Stretchweb outsole for optimal grip.


The Supernova provides a firm ride, making it a reliable choice for daily training. Its designed mesh upper promotes breathability, and the Fit counter molded heel counter ensures a comfortable fit.

The Supernova is praised for its comfort, long-lasting performance, and accessible price.

Adidas Supernova Plus

The Adidas Supernova Plus is a newer Adidas running shoe line addition.

Crafted from Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials, the Supernova Plus is a testament to Adidas’ commitment to sustainability.


The shoe offers a less cushioned but energy-returning experience, making it ideal for average-to-lightweight runners. It also features a flexible Bounce midsole with enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Its seamless stretchy knit upper provides a snug, sock-like fit.

While it may not be as durable as the Supernova, the Supernova Plus shines in its lightweight design and responsiveness.

Characteristic Comparison of Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus

The Supernova is a superb option for novices looking for their first pair, while the Supernova Plus bridges the gap between standard and premium Adidas running shoes.

They both are exceptional value for money paired with lots of features.

Here is an information table for the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus for you to compare side by side:

AttributesAdidas SupernovaAdidas Supernova Plus
Pattern & DesignStylish and diverse colorwaysUpgraded snug design with modern colors
CushioningBoost and Bounce foams for comfortIncreased Boost in the forefoot, EVA foam in the midfoot
PerformanceResponsive, stable, ideal for moderate distancesEnhanced responsiveness, faster paces, shorter distances
UpperBreathable engineered meshImproved breathability, engineered mesh
MidsoleBoost and Bounce midsoleEnhanced Boost midsole
OutsoleRubber for tractionContinental rubber with better grip
Material QualityDurable materialsRecycled materials for sustainability
Stack Height & Heel Drop32mm heel, 22mm forefoot, 10mm drop32mm heel, 22mm forefoot, 10mm drop
PriceCost less than Supernova PlusAffordable
Best forComfort, support, everyday runs, long distancesPerformance, faster paces, shorter distances, those seeking a more springy feel

Explore the essence of these performance running shoes with the following section, where a deeper dive into their details awaits.

Fundamental Differences Between Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus

The Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus are versatile running shoes. They both have specific qualities for running shoes.

Here are the primary differences between the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus:

1. Upper Materials and Design


The Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus use breathable Engineered mesh as the primary material for the upper, which helps to keep the feet cool.

However, Supernova Plus uses more recycled materials than the basic Supernova.

Specifically, 50% Parley Ocean Plastic  and 50% recycled polyester.

Also, some Plus models have synthetic overlays on the mesh, adding durability and structure to the shoe.

The Supernova has a more minimalistic and seamless mesh upper, which gives it a lighter and more flexible feel.


The overall upper design looks straightforward for both of the shoes.

In addition, the upper of the Supernova models has a lot of perforation.

The Supernova effortlessly embraces a design ethos that champions simplicity and breathability. The seamless mesh vamp allows for an unencumbered and stylish aesthetic.

With a slender profile, the tongue enhances breathability and invites a sense of agility. The eyestay, marked by a commitment to simplicity, ensures a lightweight feel, offering comfort with every step.

Also, the fabric eyelets and plain laces blend seamlessly, emphasizing an overall sleek appearance.

The upper heel portion, minimal yet effective, helps me enjoy a feather-light experience.

Meanwhile, the Supernova Plus introduces a nuanced design with a touch of sophistication.

Supernova Plus’s vamp, a combination of breathable mesh and strategic synthetic overlays, achieves a perfect balance of style and structure.


Also, I find the plush tongue provides a comfortable fit.

The reinforced eye stays are stitched with meticulous care, making them durable and secure. Reflective accents on the laces add a style touch and improve safety.

The upper heel portion, augmented with extra padding and a convenient pull tab, showcases thoughtful details for a truly refined experience.

Adidas Supernova has a straightforward upper, but The Plus model has more rigidity and uses recycled materials, which is ideal for our environment.

2. Midsole & Outsole Engineering

The interplay between midsole and outsole is the heart of shoe performance, and the Supernova and Supernova Plus take distinct approaches.


Supernova uses a full-length EVA foam platform with embedded Boost capsules in the heel to offer responsive cushioning and shock absorption.

I find the flexibility of the midsole mirrors the fluidity of movement, making each stride effortless.

Also, Supernova uses responsive Bounce foam in the forefoot, providing additional energy return and a smooth toe-off.

On the other hand, Supernova Plus uses Boost foam on the heel portion and Forefoot portion.

So, when my heel touches the ground, it provides stability, and the forefoot Boost helps me keep pace.


The Plus also incorporates a Torsion System, which is a plastic bridge that joins the heel and forefoot, giving it stability and support. These strategically placed TPU rails guide my foot through its natural gait cycle, maximizing energy transfer and propelling me forward.


Crafted with Durable rubber, both Supernova and Supernova Plus promise superior traction. Supernova’s herringbone pattern ensures a reliable grip on varied surfaces.

In contrast, Supernova Plus flaunts an assertive, multidirectional design with added flex grooves for terrain adaptability.

The Supernova’s familiarity brings stability, while the Plus, with its dynamic outsole, excels in agility during intense workouts.

Adidas Supernova has some other running shoe models. Here is how the Supernova and Supernova Plus stack up with the other models:

ModelMidsoleOutsoleWeight (Size 9)
Adidas SupernovaBoost and Bounce foamsRubber outsole10.7 oz
Adidas Supernova 2BOOST and Bounce midsoleTPU-injected outsole16.8 oz
Adidas Supernova 3Bounce midsoleRubber outsole10 oz
Adidas Supernova PlusBoost on the heel and forefootRubber outsole11.2 oz

I found the Adidas Supernova Plus’s insole and outsole are better and have better functionality.

3. Enhanced Comfort and Breathability

I find the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus Showcase distinct characteristics in the comfort and breathability department.

The Supernova boasts a highly breathable mesh upper, ensuring a cool and dry experience even under the sun’s intensity.

Also, you can easily see the perforation holes on the upper mesh.

On the contrary, with its mesh and synthetic overlays, the Supernova Plus sacrifices a bit of breathability for added durability and better support.

Moving to the midsole, the Supernova blends Boost and Bounce foams. That strikes a harmony between comfort and responsiveness.

Meanwhile, the Supernova Plus goes all-in with a full-length Boost midsole, elevating cushioning and energy return, albeit at the cost of added weight.

Also, the Supernova’s Ortholite foam offers a cozy layer, while the Supernova Plus opts for a molded EVA insole, emphasizing support over adaptability.

My personal experience leans towards the Supernova’s refreshing coolness during summer runs and balanced approach, providing a responsive yet light ride.

4. Cushioning and Support

For me, the deciding factor between the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus is the cushioning and support. As a runner, these qualities are essential to me.

The Supernova opts for a moderate level, blending Boost and Bounce foams in its midsole.

Conversely, the Supernova Plus goes all-in with a more Boost heel and forefoot, promising maximum cushioning, responsiveness, and energy return.

Shifting focus to support, the Supernova boasts a neutral stance, employing an Ortholite foam insole for subtle comfort.

In contrast, the Supernova Plus elevates the support game with a molded EVA insole, emphasizing arch protection and overall foot support. Also, the addition of a Torsion System in the Supernova Plus further enhances stability, albeit sacrificing some flexibility.

I have tried both shoes and prefer the Supernova Plus over the Supernova.

Also, I find the Supernova Plus provides additional arch support.

I noticed the Supernova Plus is more cushioned and supportive, especially for longer runs and harder surfaces. The Supernova Plus feels more comfortable and stable for my feet, and it helps me run faster and longer.

5. Optimal Stability & Traction

Choosing between the Supernova and Supernova Plus often hinges on finding the perfect balance between stability and traction.

The midfoot Torsion System and durable rubber outsole offer solid support for neutral runners.


It guides your foot through its natural gait cycle, preventing excessive inward or outward rolling.

I tackled a hilly trail race in the Supernova, feeling secure and in control on uneven terrain. Thanks to its stable midfoot platform.

Meanwhile, Supernova Plus ramps up the stability game.

The Propulsion Rails act like miniature guardrails, channeling your foot through its natural motion and minimizing energy waste.

Also, the Continental rubber outsole provides exceptional grip on slick surfaces.

I remember bombing down a wet pavement in the Plus, feeling confident and surefooted, even in the pouring rain.

Adidas Supernova is reliable on roads and light trails, and its zoned tread patterns excel for everyday runs.

However, I feel additional traction is desired on wet surfaces or loose gravel.

On the other hand, Supernova Plus is a mountain goat on any terrain. The rubber outsole provides an exceptional grip, especially on wet and slippery surfaces.

The Supernova is more flexible and natural, especially for shorter runs and softer surfaces.

6. Size, Weight & Fit

In terms of size, both adhere to standard Adidas scales, but the Plus might feel slightly more spacious, particularly on the forefoot.

If you’re in between sizes, experimenting with half sizes for each model is a smart move.

FeaturesAdidas SupernovaAdidas Supernova Plus
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size, but runs long
Weight10.7 oz / 9.2 ozSlightly heavier at 11.2 oz / 9.6 oz
FitComfortable, true-to-size, wider toe boxComfortable, true-to-size, slightly more structured midfoot and forefoot

Weight is also a vital factor.

The Supernova Plus shouldering a heavier load than the Supernova. It is for using more Boost foam in the midsole portion and adding stability features.

While this might be inconsequential for shorter runs, the accumulated ounces can impact marathon endeavors.

In my experience, the Supernova fits perfectly in my usual US size 9.5 out of the box. It takes 10 to 15 miles of running to break in thoroughly.

Meanwhile, I have to go over half a size for the perfect fit for the Plus.

From my wider-footed perspective, the Supernova’s spacious toe box earned my favor, while the Plus, with its snugger, supportive fit, might appeal to those with different preferences.

I like the fit of the Supernova.

However, if you like a slightly more snuggly fit on the toe area, then the Plus will be a good choice for you.

7. Peak Performance and Durability

When you pick a running shoe, it’s all about performance and how long it can give its performance effortlessly.

Supernova is a versatile allrounder.

The heel-focused Boost and Bounce combination delivers a comfortable, responsive ride for moderate distances and various paces.

In my experience, the Supernova felt comfortable for both leisurely jogs and tempo intervals, offering enough bounce without sacrificing stability.


Moreover, I found my old Supernova model to be a reliable workhouse.

The durable rubber outsole and full-length EVA platform stand up to miles of wear and tear. It’s your daily running companion, ready to conquer city streets and light trails.

After months of regular running in the Supernova, the outsole exhibited minimal wear, demonstrating its dependability.

Meanwhile, the Supernova Plus is designed for speed and provides adequate energy return.

The additional Boost foam on the forefoot unleashes explosive energy return with every stride, propelling me forward.

The Continental rubber outsole with deeper lugs digs in for superior traction on even slick surfaces.

It’s an all-terrain explorer, ready for gravel paths and challenging inclines.

Although the additional Boost might compress slightly over time, the shoe still held up well after my off-road adventures.

Here is a performance information table for the Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus:

FeaturesAdidas Supernova Adidas Supernova Plus
StabilityGoodBetter, with Torsion System in the midsole
DurabilityGood, with a durable rubber outsole and breathable mesh upperExcellent, with Continental rubber outsole and mesh upper with synthetic overlays
Heel-to-toe drop10 mm10 mm
Stack height32 mm heel, 22 mm forefoot32 mm heel, 22 mm forefoot

Ultimately, the Adidas Supernova Plus provides true performance and stability. Also, its recycled upper is more durable than the Supernova.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus

So, you have an extensive idea about what you can expect from the Supernova and Supernova Plus.

The Supernova is a testament to Adidas’ commitment to durability, while the Supernova Plus showcases its dedication to sustainability.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Adidas Supernova and Supernova Plus:

Adidas Supernova

  • »Plush comfort for miles.
  • »Excellent support and stability.
  • »Versatile for all paces and distances.
  • »Durable materials.
  • »Budget-friendly champion.
  • »It is less responsive when you crank up the tempo.
  • »10-20 miles break-in period.

Adidas Supernova Plus

    • »Less cushy comfort for marathon stints.

    In a nutshell, the primary distinction between the Supernova and Supernova Plus is the additional Boost foam in the forefoot of the Plus.

    Otherwise, they are very similar shoes with only minor changes.

    Adidas Supernova Vs Supernova Plus: Which One is Better?

    The Adidas Supernova is a compelling choice for those seeking versatile shoes suitable for running and daily wear.

    It strikes a compromise between usefulness and value, with a little lighter body and a lower price tag than the Supernova Plus.

    Combining Boost and Bounce foams ensures a comfortable ride with responsive energy return. Its breathable mesh top and long-lasting rubber outsole make it a good choice for everyday wear.

    On the other hand, the Adidas Supernova Plus takes center stage as a high-performance option tailored for runners craving enhanced support and cushioning.

    While it comes with a slightly higher weight and price point, the Boost heel and forefoot justify the investment, delivering impressive responsiveness and stability.

    Moreover, the mesh upper with synthetic overlays and a Continental rubber outsole further solidifies its top-tier running companion position, providing superior grip for an elevated running experience.

    In the battle between these two running shoes, the Adidas Supernova Plus emerges victorious for those prioritizing advanced performance features.

    With its heightened support, responsive Boost in the heel and forefoot, and superior grip, it is the go-to choice for dedicated runners seeking an extra edge in their performance.


    Is Adidas Supernova good for wide feet?

    Although the Adidas Supernova is not specifically designed for wide feet, it is often praised for its wider toe box than many standard running shoes.

    Is Adidas Supernova comfortable?

    The Supernova is known for its plush and supportive cushioning, which comes from its full-length EVA platform and heel-focused Boost cushioning. This combination of features absorbs shock and reduces fatigue during runs, earning the shoe consistently high marks for comfort.

    What type of shoe is the Adidas Supernova lineup?

    The Adidas Supernova lineup is a versatile running shoe that can be used for various activities, from daily walks and light jogs to moderate-distance runs and some faster paces.

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