Adidas Samba OG vs Samba Classic [Battle of Best Retro]

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Last weekend, I went to a retro-style theme party wearing my Adidas Samba OG. Honestly speaking, my shoe and outfit combination was perfect for everyone at the party.

The Samba series, especially the OG and Classic models, delivers a vintage and old-school vibe that can easily rock the 70s style and go smoothly with the current trend.

However, choosing a single model among them might just be the most difficult choice.adidas-samba-og-vs-adidas-samba-classic

Today, I’ll share my personal experience and point out the difference between Samba OG and Classic to help you select the appropriate model.

So, let’s dive in.

Overview of Adidas Samba OG and Samba Classic

Adidas Samba OG and Classic are both iconic sneakers with a rich history and loyal followings. The Samba series is instantly recognizable by the vintage T-toe design.

OG and Classic are the most popular models in the Samba series. They give an old-school appearance and a fashionable 60s and 70s vibe.

Samba OG

Adidas Samba OG is a vintage shoe that was initially made for indoor sports. But currently, it’s widely used for casual purposes.

It features classic silhouettes and contains retro elements, catering to those who appreciate timeless styles with a touch of nostalgia.

Samba OG brings back old memories by keeping up with modern technologies and materials.

Samba Classic

The Samba Classic belongs to the Adidas sportswear line and is specially designed for indoor soccer.

It offers a vintage, old-school, and extended tongue design that differentiates it from the other models in the Samba series.

Adidas Samba Classic delivers versatility in both indoor pitch and outdoor to blend perfectly with the ongoing trends.adidas-samba-classic

Both Samba OG and Classic belong to the same family. However, they offer diverse features that distinguish the overall user experience.

Knowing the small details is crucial before purchasing one of these models.

The following passage will describe the major differences between Adidas Samba OG and Samba Classic and help you select the right shoes for your personality.

Key Characteristics Comparison Between Adidas Samba OG & Samba Classic

Adidas Samba OG and Samba Classic have very similar designs and characteristics. But, they have some minor changes that determine their comfort, performance, and purpose.

Let’s compare the features of Adidas Samba OG and Classic from below:

Upper Material & Design

The overall appearance and look are similar in both models. The main differences between the Adidas Samba OG and Classic are in upper design and material.

They offer iconic T-toe shapes with excellent breathable upper materials.

Leather and suede are used to make the upper in OG and Classic models. It gives a vintage appearance and looks aesthetic with a classic outfit.


The most significant difference I notice between OG and Classic is the tongue design.

Samba Classic offers a longer tongue, while the OG comes with a regular tongue size.adidas-samba-og-vs-classic-tongue

The longer tongue gives support and a cushiony feel to the ankle during indoor soccer. It gives protection from the ball and works as padding.

The Adidas label is woven on the upper part of the tongue to symbolize the branding.

On the other hand, Samba OG goes with the most regular tongue size with a large blue Adidas trefoil logo drawn on it.

Most people prefer the OG tongue size that smoothly goes with any outfit.

Leather and Suede

At a quick glance, the leather and suede quality or design will look the same.

They both have suede T-toe boxes and leather in the rest of the upper material. However, the texture and finishing are different and serve a distinct purpose.

The Samba OG has a glossy leather pattern and rough or gritty suede material.

In contrast, the Samba Classic offers a grainy leather pattern and a smoother suede toe cap to help control the ball easily.adidas-samba-og-vs-classic-upper


Adidas Samba OG comes with various color and design options.

It offers regular colors like black, white, grey, brown, aluminum, silver-green, and shadow olive.

The three-stripe Adidas logo at the quarter area presents a different color to make the branding easily visible.

In contrast, the Classic model only offers two colors, cloud white and core black. The three stripes use the opposite color to express the Adidas logo.

The outsole in both models has a distinct color to match the appearance and color contrast.


Apart from the Adidas logo on the tongue, there’s a Samba logo on the lateral side of the shoes.

The series name is written beside the three stripes in both OG and Classic models.

In OGs, Samba is written in regular golden font. Whereas the Classic uses a bold golden font.adidas-samba-og-vs-classic-branding

Insole, Midsole & Outsole

Samba OG and Classic both use removable insoles. They are very thin and don’t give much cushioning to my feet.

But there’s an additional padding in the arch area of the Classic model, which gives comparatively better support.adidas-samba-og-vs-classic-insole

However, you can replace it with an orthopedic or aftermarket insole.

Adidas uses EVA midsoles in both Samba OG and Classic models. They are flat and don’t have good arch support.

Similarly, both variants use gum rubber outsoles, and the lug pattern is completely identical.adidas-samba-og-vs-classic-outsole

Size & Weight

Adidas Samba OG and Classic offer a true-to-size fit.

The toe box is narrower compared to many sneakers or shoes. So if you have a regular fit, both shoes will fit perfectly.

But it will be difficult to wear the shoes for wider feet and feel uncomfortable afterward.

Therefore, I suggest purchasing a half or one-size bigger model than your regular fit.

Both Adidas Samba OG and Classic are lightweight shoes. However, the OG feels lighter as there’s less cushioning inside than the Classic.

Fit & Comfort

Samba OG and Classic have narrow designs. It will fit perfectly for most people with regular feet.

As a person with wide feet, I find it uncomfortable and very stiff. So, I had to size up my OGs to get a proper fit.

Now, for comfort, both models offer similar experiences. They aren’t ideal to walk or use for long periods.

But the Classic has better cushioning around the collar lining than the OG. Also, it provides arch support with extra padding in the insole.

So, the Samba Classic is a slightly better choice for sports or long casual

But you should know one thing: the fit and comfort are nowhere near Ultraboost or BOOST powered shoes, and you will feel awkward after wearing them from the trainer or runner shoes.

Stability & Support

Both Adidas Samba OG and Classic have flat outsole and insoles. So, you won’t get sufficient arch support in these models.

The Classic model has slightly thicker padding but not enough for the feet.

Also, they don’t provide any ankle support to the feet. Therefore, it’s not an ideal shoe to run or walk off-road.

However, it’s possible to get better support and results by replacing the insole with an arch support.

Durability & Performance

The insole in both OG and Classic is spongy and thin. It’s the only soft material between the feet and the outsole.

So, the cushioning and comfort don’t last for very long.

In my usage, I have used both models for around a hundred miles. At that time, the comfort was reduced a lot compared to when I first bought the pairs.

However, the lugs under the outsole were in good shape, giving me sufficient traction on flat and indoor surfaces.

But I’ve noticed the grip isn’t great on a wet surface. It slips quite often and doesn’t give good confidence on slippery surfaces.

Both OG and Classic models have suede uppers that are not waterproof. So, you must be very careful about the water and wet surface.

Price Comparison

Samba OG and Classic are very closely priced in the Adidas Store.

Adidas Samba OGAdidas Samba Classic
Around $100Around $90
There’s only a $10 difference between the models.

But, the Samba OG often receives discounts and provides a good value for money choice.

Pros & Cons: Adidas Samba OG and Samba Classic

Samba Classic and OG are both good vintage shoes.

But the features aren’t universal for every user. It can give advantages and sometimes disadvantages to some users.

Here are the pros and cons of Adidas Samba OG and Classic:

Samba OG

  • »Offers a more modern appearance.
  • »Has many color options.
  • »Very lightweight.
  • »Has a regular-sized tongue.
  • »The cushioning isn’t sufficient.

Samba Classic

  • »Offers classic and vintage look.
  • »Removable insole.
  • »Suitable for indoor sports.
  • »Only available in two colors.
  • »Has a long tongue.

Adidas Samba OG vs Samba Classic: Which is Better For You?

There is little to distinguish the Adidas Samba OG and Classic. Both models are constructed with the same materials and offer similar performance.

The only thing that matters in the decision-making is the design, especially the tongue.

I’ve seen many people buying the Classic model and later regretting the long tongue or cutting it in the worst-case scenario.

If you want indoor sports shoes, don’t have a problem with long tongues, and prefer retro colors, the Adidas Samba Classic would be your perfect choice.

But if you prefer a regular tongue and a more refined color option, the Adidas Samba OG will be your better pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between OG Samba and Classic?

The main difference between Samba OG and Classic is the tongue design. OG offers a regular-size tongue, while Classic has a more extended tongue architecture.

Are Samba OG shoes comfortable for walking?

The Adidas Samba OG is suitable for casual walking on flat surfaces. But walking long on off-road or crooked roads is not appropriate.

When did the Adidas Samba release?

The Adidas Samba series was first released in 1949. Later, many models were gradually added to this series. It contains OG, Classic, Vegan, Velosamba, Recon LT, Super, Rose, RM, and ADV models.

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