Adidas Grand Court vs Stan Smith [Battle of Sneakers]

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Adidas, being one of the biggest footwear manufacturers, has several sneaker lineups at its disposal. The ones that stand out from the bunch are the Stan Smith and Grand Court tennis sneakers.

Thankfully, I managed to get my hands on both units for review purposes.

Some of the differences I have found between these shoes should be noted by the potential customers for either of these products.adidas-grand-court-vs-stan-smith

With that said, let’s go through the key differences between Adidas Grand Court and Stan Smith to determine the best one for you.

A Quick Rundown of Adidas Grand Court and Stan Smith Sneakers

Adidas has been making versatile tennis shoes/sneakers for quite some time.

Among them, Stan Smith is one of the most popular and iconic models that is still universally praised despite being debuted in 1973.

Very few sneakers have managed to achieve such a feat!

Built on this legacy, Adidas has continued its pursuit of perfecting the crafts and user experience of such sports sneakers.

Thus, the Grand Court lineup was introduced in early 2016.

Although these shoes are inspired by classic tennis footwear, Grand Court is best described as lifestyle sneakers due to its wider range of versatility.rundown-of-adidas-grand-court-and-stan-smith-sneakers

Later, Adidas released the Grand Court 2.0 to improve this well-received lineup further.

Technical Comparison Between Grand Court and Stan Smith

Despite both of these shoes being from the same brand and category, the technical specifications of these shoes are not similar at all. Such technical dissimilarities can give an overview of what we can expect from these kicks.

So, here’s a technical comparison between Adidas Grand Court and Stan Smith sneakers:

AttributesAdidas Grand CourtAdidas Stan Smith
DesignVintage style with a prominent Adidas logoMinimalistic style with perforated Adidas stripes
Upper materialFabricated leather, vegan-friendly canvas, suedeFull-grain leather
Stack height13-23mm16-21mm
Arch supportMinimalMinimal
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Toe capRounded and softRigid shell
CostBelow $70Around $100

And that’s not all!

The dissimilarities between the aforementioned shoe models continue beyond these technical aspects, which brings us to our main topic.

Major Differences Between Adidas Grand Court and Stan Smith

Before we discuss the key differences between these shoes, let’s see some of the similarities they bring to the table.

Both Grand Court and Stan Smith offer high-quality material with a streamlined finish. Hence, neither of them feels cheap or outdated. They are also very suitable for casual wear in your day-to-day life.

While these similarities may bring these shoes closer in a value proposition, the core differences set them apart even further.

These are the key differences between Adidas Grand Court and Stan Smith that can make or break the deal for you:

1. Design and Aesthetics

The most pronounced difference between the previously mentioned shoes is the overall design and aesthetic.

Since many people purchase sneakers for sports and casual wear, it has become more important for buyers to know how good of a fashion statement their shoes make.

Fortunately, both Grand Court and Stan Smith nails their goals to provide a sleek and modern look, but in a different way.

While the Grand Court proudly showcases the Adidas logo on its stitched upper, the Stan Smith takes more of a stealthy approach. The latter has three perforated stripes to express the iconic brand logo instead of showing it

All in all, the sleeker design and the stealthy look of the Stan Smith makes it a better pick over Grand Court, especially for casual wear. But you can’t go wrong with either of them.

2. Different Material and Technology

Most footwear manufacturers constantly chase innovation to keep up with the ever-evolving market, especially the top brands like Adidas.

Hence, the underlying technology of different shoes can vary dramatically despite being in the same category.

That’s not just PR talks!

The different materials and corresponding technology can undoubtedly affect the user experience.

Let me explain.

Upper Material

Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas are primarily made of full-grain leather, and the newer models are vegan-friendly.

Such an upper material is a bit high-maintenance but offers a smooth and durable build. It also molds around your foot over time and provides a personalized fit.

Adidas Grand Court footwear has more diverse upper material options, including canvas, leather, or suede.

Each of these materials offers something unique. Such as:

Upper materials of Grand CourtTraits
CanvasMore breathable and has a casual feel
SuedeAdds texture and durability
LeatherHas that premium and classic look to it

Overall, Grand Court beats out Stan Smith in material versatility and gains the upper hand in breathability, water resistance, and cleaning needs.

The difference in material quality also affects the overall comfort of wear, but more on that later.


While the Stan Smith sneakers have a standard EVA foam for basic midsole cushioning, the Grand Court takes things up a notch.

It features Cloudfoam sockliner technology for a plush and responsive midsole.

As a result, the Grand Court provides better shock absorption and comfort than Stan Smith in all-day wear.


The vulcanized rubber outsole found on the Stan Smith footwear felt very flexible and durable. I never felt any stiffness while walking over loose gravel.

However, it didn’t provide much traction in wet conditions.

On the other hand, the deeper tread patterns of the Grand Court’s rubber outsole excelled in both cases.

Since the Adidas Grand Court is a much newer sneaker iteration than Stan Smith, it obviously boasts newer and better technology. This became evident after I used both of them over the past few months.

3. Fit and Sizing

Both shoes offer a unisex true-to-size chart and standard width for most foot shapes. But, the overall build between the two models has slight variances, which provide a somewhat different fit.

Toe Box

The toe box area of the Grand Court is roomier compared to Stan Smith, which is great for those who have a wider forefoot like mine.

Both sneakers have a narrow build, but the chunkier silhouette and Cloudfoam cushioning provided a little more breathing room for toe wiggle.

You might not get a snug fit as you do in Stan Smith, but the Grand Court feels more comfortable for extended wear and light activity.

It’s also something to keep in mind if you’re concerned about bunions or blistering.


The Stan Smith consists of a long padded tongue with round edges.

Apart from being an iconic design element, it adds a layer of comfort and a slightly tighter fit than the competitor.tongue-of-adidas-grand-court-and-stan-smith

While the Grand Court takes a complete detour and provides a lower and sleeker tongue, it doesn’t sacrifice the contemporary feel and comfort. This sleeker tongue design also blends seamlessly with the shoe’s silhouette.

Other than visual differences, this slight difference in tongue didn’t impact my day-to-day usage, at least to any noticeable degree.

Lace and Eyelets

There are 6 eyelets on a Stan Smith sneaker for a precise adjustment and secure fit.

To me, it felt a bit boring as it limited the scope of exploring alternative lacing styles.

Thankfully, the Grand Court sneakers have seen improvements in this regard. It provides 7 or 8 eyelets, depending on the model.

As a result, you’ll have more flexibility in experimentation with criss-cross, ladder, or loop-back lacing.

The reinforcements and placing of the eyelets on these shoes are similar. So, they both should provide a similar lock-down feel for any activity.

Although the Adidas Stan Smith and Grand Court have some similarities, the overall fit and sizing is a bit better on the latter.

4. Weight and Comfort

In general, people usually prefer lightweight sneakers for everyday use.

And the Stan Smith footwear from Adidas provides just that despite having some sports DNA to it. This kick has distributed the weight perfectly throughout the whole build for a balanced walking experience.

This footwear’s simple leather construction and standard EVA midsole foam offer a lighter feel compared to the Grand Court.

Meanwhile, the heavier Cloudfoam sockliner and the bulkier silhouette of the latter added more comfort and support to my feet.

Not to mention, the superb responsiveness and shock absorption of Grand Court’s cushioning make it a better choice for light sports.


I prefer the overall heft and comfort of the Grand Court footwear over Stan Smith for all-day wear or general walking. The slightly heavier weight of these shoes doesn’t take away from their better attributes.

5. Performance and Durability

Neither Stan Smith nor Grand Court is designed for serious athletic performance. They also don’t have the necessary arch and heel support for extreme workouts.

That being said, the Adidas Grand Court fares better in walking, running, and light to medium activities.

The credit for such a feat goes to the Cloudfoam cushioning, versatile upper materials, and higher heel-to-toe drop.

Furthermore, the suede upper of the Grand Court Canvas Low Top model is slightly more breathable compared to the rigid full-grain leather build of Stand Smith shoes.

Specific NeedsSuitable Shoes
Casual WearBoth Adidas Stan Smith and Grand Court
Light ActivityGrand Court
Serious SportsNone

You also don’t have to worry much about losing grip when you’re rocking the Grand Court kicks regardless of surface.

The same can not be said about Stan Smith.

As for durability, both shoes have a similar wear and tear limit as they have a similar rubber outsole.

After using both of them for around 3 months, I started to notice some creases on the upper. But neither of them had any wear on the outsole.

Furthermore, if you go with the canvas version of the Grand Court shoe, you’ll get less durability than the leather or suede versions. The latter versions also provide better abrasion resistance for long-term use.

While both shoes delivered satisfying performance and durability, the Grand Court came on top due to better material choice.

6. Price to Value Proposition

The Adidas Stan Smith goes for around 100 bucks in both retail and online stores. You can find Grand Court at a much lower price point, approximately 60-70 dollars or so.

Fortunately, both models are readily available for purchase.

Hence, availability isn’t an issue for either of these shoes.

While both sneakers have their ups and downs, things start to go in favor of the newer model when we look at their value proposition.

For the asking price, the Grand Court shoes offer a better user experience compared to the Stan Smith.

Pros and Cons of Grand Court and Stan Smith from Adidas

The unique advantages and disadvantages of these classic Adidas sneakers become more evident when you check out the pros and cons of each of them.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of Grand Court and Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas:

Adidas Grand Court

  • »More comfortable for everyday wear.
  • »Less pricey.
  • »Available in different materials, like leather, canvas, and suede.
  • »More supportive and responsive.
  • »Roomier forefoot area.
  • »Better grip on slippery surfaces.
  • »The silhouette can feel less sleek.
  • »Slightly heavier.

Adidas Stan Smith

  • »Iconic design, suitable for various outfits.
  • »Stylish silhouette.
  • »Little to no break-in period.
  • »Can last a long time with proper care.
  • »Less cushioning and support.
  • »Slightly more pricey.
  • »Less grippy.

These key points should give you a good idea of whether the Grand Court or Stan Smith is worth buying. If you still want a more conclusive answer, move on to the verdict.

Adidas Grand Court vs Stan Smith: Which One is Better?

If you want a pair of stylish, comfortable, and well-performing Adidas sneakers, go for the Grand Court shoes. With Stan Smith being a close second, it has more versatility and flare that is suitable for both casual/everyday wear and light sports.

But I can’t deny the iconic fashion staple that comes with the Stan Smith sneakers.  This traditional design is also known to evoke emotions for those who appreciate classics.

To be honest, it is hard to depict a no “one size fits all” scenario when comparing these two shoes.

Stan Smith footwear excels quite well for its intended use. But the Grand Court is a better product when you look at it from a broader perspective.

In the end, I’d recommend trying out both of these shoes from a physical retail shop and getting a good idea of which shoe goes well with your physique and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adidas Grand Court shoes suitable for walking?

Yes. The Grand Court shoes from Adidas can be taken out for a walk. However, they’re unsuitable for long walks or stiff rides, as these shoes aren’t exactly made for such purposes.

What is so special about Stan Smith Adidas?

From the iconic design to the undeniable comfort, the Adidas Stan Smith shoe is quite special for such attributes. Besides, this model’s solid construction and cushioned footbed provide a satisfying experience in indoor and outdoor wear.

Is Adidas Grand Court good for tennis?

The Grand Court shoes from Adidas are suitable for casual play and basic stroke practice. If you want a more high-performance shoe suitable for competitive tennis matches, go for Barricade or Court Elite from Adidas.

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