Adidas Advantage vs Stan Smith: Battle of True Classics

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If you are looking for a pair of iconic sneakers that are stylish, comfortable, and versatile, you might be wondering which one to choose between Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith.

Both are classic models from the Adidas Originals line, inspired by tennis shoes and featuring a minimalist design.

However, which one is the proper choice for you?adidas-advantage-vs-stan-smith

Here, I’ll compare Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith in terms of design, materials, price, and popularity.

So, let’s begin and pick the ideal pair for you.

Overview of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith stand side by side, both minimalist marvels with iconic leather uppers and uncluttered lines.

Though they share a similar look, they hail from different eras.

Adidas Advantage

The Adidas Advantages is a tennis-inspired casual shoe. The shoe has a slim, unembellished design, fabric-like leather upper, and rubber sole.

Advantage also features Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner, which provides extra cushioning and comfort for the feer.

The shoe is available in various colors, such as white and green, white and black, and white and pink.

Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith is a classic tennis shoe from the 1970s, named after American tennis player Stan Smith.

The shoe has a low-cut fit and a slightly chunkier appearance, with a whole-grain leather upper and synthetic sole.

Also, there are many iterations of the Adidas Stan Smith, and it is now made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Also, it has variations like Primeknit, Boost, and Bold.

That said, the Adidas Advantage is cheaper than the Stan Smith, costing around $80, while the Stan Smith expenses about $100.

Both shoes are snug, true to size, and have a 9mm heel-to-toe drop.

Also, with time both Advantage and Stan Smith have some versions of their shoes, but they are still following the original style and philosophy.adidas-stan-smith

Okay, let’s jump into the below section and compare these two shoes with information. Then, I will go over the details and tell you about my experience with these two.

Attribute Comparison of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith offer twists on the theme.

Advantage Bold shouts with perforations, Stan Smith Luxe shimmers in premium leather.

Also, there is more.

Taking a detailed look at how Adidas Advantage differs from Stan Smith:

FeaturesAdidas AdvantageAdidas Stan Smith
Primary FocusCasual wear, comfort, tennisCasual wear, tennis legacy
MaterialLeather upper, Cloudfoam Comfort sock linerLeather upper, recycled and eco-friendly materials, Vegan, Eva foam Midsole
Tongue LabelAdidas logoStan Smith portrait
Heel TabAdidas trefoil logoStan Smith portrait
CushioningCloudfoam midsole for plush comfortEVA midsole for a responsive feel
OutsoleRubber outsoleRubber outsole
Toe BoxRoomySnug
FitTrue to size, but it seems to run biggerAdidas claims true to size, but I personally feel it runs bigger
WeightLightweightSlightly heavier
Heel to Toe Drop9 mm9 mm
VariantsCloudfoam, Adapt, BoldPrimeknit, Boost, Bold
PriceCheaper than Stan SmithTypically 100 USD
DurabilityVery DurableVery Durable
These are some of the core differences between these two iconic shoes.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the comparison between my experiences.

Primary Differences Between Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith

Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith are two popular models of iconic sneakers from the Adidas Originals line.

Both shoes have a minimalist design, with leather or recycled upper and tiny holes on the sides instead of the Adidas signature three stripes.

Let’s peel back the layers, dissecting their distinctive narratives to unveil the primary differences that set them apart in the realm of casual champions.

Check the following core differences of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith:

1. Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith share similarities but also boast distinctive features.

In terms of tongue design, the Advantage opts for a clean Adidas text, while the Stan Smith showcases a portrait of the tennis legend.

This choice gives the Stan Smith a more iconic feel.

On the sides, the Advantage maintains a minimalist approach with perforated holes.

At the same time, the Stan Smith features the classic three stripes and a green heel tab, offering a more traditional and colorful design.

Also, they have a very similar sole design with stitched welding.

I gravitate towards the Adidas Advantage.

Its simplicity, elegance, and enhanced comfort appeal to my preferences. The Advantage’s affordability and versatility, complementing any outfit or occasion, further solidify its appeal.

However, acknowledging diverse tastes, some may favor Stan Smith for its distinctive historical look and commitment to sustainable materials.

Here is an information table for the design and overall aesthetics of the Adidas Advantage and Adidas Stan Smith:

FeatureAdidas AdvantageStan Smith
Overall StyleMinimalist, modern, slightly sportierMinimalist, timeless, courtside legacy
SidesPerforated panelsClassic Adidas three-stripes
VampSmooth and unclutteredSmooth, occasionally subtle texturing
EyeletsStandard metalStandard metal or sometimes colored/textured
EyestayMatches shoe color schemeContrasting color
Overall ImpressionClean, versatile, slightly playfulIconic, courtside astonishing, hint of personality

I want to crown Adida’s Advantages in the design and overall aesthetic category.

2. Upper Materials

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith differ significantly in their upper materials, impacting quality, weight, and sustainability.

Stan Smith boasts whole-grain leather, offering a premium and smooth feel, while Advantage opts for fabricated leather, resulting in a synthetic and rough texture.

The Advantage is lighter, providing enhanced comfort at 10.6 oz (men) and 9.2 oz (women) compared to Stan Smith’s 13.1 oz (men) and 11 oz (women).

Stan Smith excels in sustainability, crafted from 50% recycled materials and featuring a 90% natural rubber outsole.

Also, Adidas Stan Smith offers some vegan choices now.

As for Stan Smith shoes, Adidas says:

“This product is made with vegan alternatives to animal-derived ingredients or materials. It is also made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. 50% of the upper is recycled content. No virgin polyester.”

I lean towards Stan Smith for its durability, smoothness, and eco-conscious design, appreciating the iconic look of Stan Smith’s portrait and green heel tab.upper-materials-of-stan-smiths

3. Midsole & Outsole

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith exhibit subtle yet significant differences in their midsole and outsole designs, tailored to diverse preferences.

The Advantage, featuring a Cloudfoam midsole, prioritizes plush comfort for daily wear and light activities.

Conversely, Adidas Stan Smith opts for a thinner EVA midsole, prioritizing stability and responsiveness, which is ideal for court sports.

In my personal experience, the Advantage stands out for its Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner, providing superior cushioning compared to the Stan Smith.

With a subtle tread pattern, the Advantage’s rubber outsole excels on urban surfaces, ensuring stability in various conditions.

I appreciate the Advantage’s cushioning and flexibility for everyday activities.

However, I prefer Stan Smith’s classic outsole pattern, which offers enhanced grip and stability, particularly on court surfaces.stan-smiths-classic-outsole

4. Comfort and Fit

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith diverge in comfort and fit, notably in cushioning and toe box design.

The Advantage boasts a Cloudfoal Comfort Sockliner, which delivers superior cushioning and responsiveness and is ideal for dynamic activities like running.

In contrast, the Stan Smith features a standard molded sock liner, offering a firmer, stable feel, more suitable for casual wear and walking.

I favor the Adidas Advantage for its plush cushioning and roomy toe box.

Although the shoe is plush, this results in a slightly wider toe box and a relaxed fit.

This is ideal for those with wider feet like me or those who prioritize comfort, but it may feel too sloppy for those who need precision on the court.

The Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner adapts well to my foot’s contours, providing a comfortable and responsive experience. The Advantage’s spacious toe box accommodates my wide feet without causing discomfort.

While the Stan Smith offers stability and a secure fit, its firmer feel may be preferred by those seeking more support.

In addition, both shoes fit true to size, but many people find that the Adidas Advantage runs bigger.

Adidas AdvantageAdidas claims true to size, but I personally feel it runs biggerThe roomy toe box, slim and sleek design, Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner
Adidas Stan SmithAdidas claims true to size, but I personally feel it runs biggerSnug toe box, slightly chunkier and classic design, regular molded sock liner

I like the Adidas Advantage for the overall fit and finish. Also, it provides better arch support than the Adidas Stan Smith.

5. Performance and Durability

The Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith engage in a subtle battle beneath their white exteriors, each excelling in unique ways.

With its Cloudfoam midsole, the Advantage surprises with comfort and agility, making it a reliable companion for everyday activities.

Its durability, tested over a year, proves resilient to city streets.

On the other hand, the Stan Smith, equipped with a thinner EVA midsole, thrives on the court, offering precise control and lasting durability.

My old Stan Smith pair, lovingly nicknamed – the city veterans, still bear the marks of countless adventures, a testament to their longevity.

I favor the Stan Smith for its performance and timeless appeal, finding reliability in its robust leather upper.

The choice between these champions rests on your lifestyle – opt for the Advantage’s comfort for daily adventures of Stan Smith’s durability for courtside excellence.

6. Price and Value

The rivalry between Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith goes beyond aesthetics, extending to price and value.

With its wallet-friendly tag of around USD 75, the Advantage caters to those seeking everyday comfort without breaking the bank.

For its price, the Advantage delivers solid value.

Its Cloudfoam cushioning, minimalist design, and occasional sale steals make it a budget-smart choice.

On the other hand, the Stan Smith, priced slightly higher at typically USD 100, embraces its tennis legacy and timeless allure.

Investing in the Stan Smith becomes a commitment to premium full-grain leather, enduring style, and versatile pairings.

I lean towards Stan Smith for its enduring value proposition, considering it an investment in timeless wardrobe versatility.price-of-stan-smiths

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith

Using recycled materials in Adidas Advantage and Adidas Stan Smith shoes has several benefits.

It helps reduce waste, conserve resources, and lower the carbon footprint of the products.

Moreover, this promotes sustainability and environmental awareness, making the shoes more appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Here are the pros and cons of Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith:

Adidas Advantage

  • »Plush Cloudfoam comfort for all-day wear.
  • »Wider toe box for a comfortable fit.
  • »Slightly lower price point.
  • »Perforated options for modern touch.
  • »Versatile style pairs with many outfits.
  • »It may appear bulkier due to a wider fit.
  • »Not as iconic as Stan Smith.

Nike Stan Smith

  • »Classic, timeless, courtside cool.
  • »Premium full-grain leather or vegan for durability.
  • »Responsive EVA midsole for control and agility.
  • »The iconic design elevates any outfit.
  • »Sustainable materials in some models.
  • »Less comfortable for extended wear than Advantage.
  • »Slightly higher price point.

Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith: Unveiling the Winning Shoe

Finally, two popular white sneakers from the Adidas Originals range are the Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith.

Both sneakers feature a leather upper and tiny holes on the sides in place of the three stripes.

However, they have some significant variances that may influence your decision.

The Advantage is less expensive, lighter, and more comfortable than the Stan Smith, but the Stan Smith is more iconic, durable, and long-lasting.

Both shoes are adaptable and can be used with any dress or occasion.

Choose the Advantage if you want an affordable and modern shoe.

However, pick the Stan Smith if you want a premium, easily recognizable and classic shoe.

In either case, you will receive excellent value for your money.


What is so special about Stan Smith Adidas?

Adidas Stan Smith is a cultural icon. Its timeless minimalist design has transcended the courts to become a fashion staple. The premium full-grain leather, vegan, and subtle details like the green heel tab and portrait tongue add a touch of personality.

Which is better, Stan Smith or Superstar?

The Stan Smith is a classic tennis shoe with a thinner EVA midsole for agility and control. It’s a timeless style icon that elevates everyday outfits. Meanwhile, the Superstar has a chunky shell toe and a thicker rubber sole for urban exploration.

Are Adidas Advantage base shoes comfortable?

Absolutely! The Advantage prioritizes plush comfort with its Cloudfoam midsole, cradling your feet in cushions. This makes them ideal for everyday wear, light runs, and conquering museum marathons.

Why are Adidas originals so expensive?

Several factors contribute to the higher price tag of Adidas originals. Premium materials and iconic designs require meticulous attention to detail during production.

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