Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 Vs Adios Pro 2 [2024]

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The characteristics of the best running shoes are lighter in weight but heavier in cushioning.

While the Takumi Sen 8 focuses more on short distances with less cushioning, the Adios Pro 2 features more cushioning, making it more suitable for long distances.

Though these shoes have divergent positions in Adidas’s collection, they are comparable due to their similar material and specs.adidas-adizero-takumi-sen-8-vs-adios-pro-2

Let’s dive into the charming realm of Adidas running shoes to uncover the appropriate one for your day-to-day runs.

Quick Overview of Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 & Adios Pro 2

Adidas is a prominent German sporting goods company with the most instantly recognizable logos on the globe. They are primarily known for producing extraordinary sports and running shoes.

Among numerous Adidas running shoes, the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 and the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 share some similar characteristics and are head-to-head comparable.

The Takumi Sen 8 is a specialist racer shoe best suited for short races (5 & 10 km) and light workouts due to its lightweight build. The stack height of this model is 33 mm (for the heel) and 27 mm (for the forefoot), which is lower than the Adios Pro 2.

On the contrary, the Adios Pro 2 is a super smooth-riding shoe best suited for half marathons and marathons. This model is 0.4 oz lighter than the previous version (Adizero Adios Pro).

Adidas has improved the first model with a comfy upper & midsole, and the outsole is more durable and provides excellent energy-saving over long distances.

With all this information in mind, move down to the next section and have a look at the technical specifications of both pairs.

Specifications of Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 and Adios Pro 2

While there are multiple similarities, a few differences make one stand out over the other. To understand the congruities and contradictions of these models more precisely, consider the subsequent specs table.

ParametersAdidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2
Release Year20222021
UpperCelermesh upperRecycled Celermesh upper
MidsoleLightstrike PRO & Energy RodsLightstrike PRO & EnergyRods 2.0
OutsoleContinental rubberContinental rubber
PlateNoneCarbon fiber plate
Inward RotationNeutralNeutral
Weight6.5 ounces (for Men’s 9)7.5 ounces (for Men’s 9)
Heal-to-Toe Drop6 mm10 mm
Forefoot Stack Height27 mm29.5 mm
Heel Stack Height33 mm39.5 mm
Best forShorter distancesLonger distances

Attribute Comparison of Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 & Adios Pro 2

Though these models are from different lineups and serve different purposes, they share several similarities, making them quite comparable.

But what sets these shoes apart?

The primary difference between the Takumi 8 and Pro 2 is their weight, stack height, and soles. Besides, these models also differ in design pattern, performance, stability, and durability.

So, let’s discuss the dissimilarities to track down the most suitable one.

1. Upper: Design & Materials

Both models have the Celermesh upper, which is an ultra-lightweight, extremely breathable, and flexible material.

On the Adios Pro 2, Adidas utilizes the upgraded version of the already proven upper, Celermesh 2.0, which provides a more secure lockdown fit. This new upper is made out of recycled plastic materials.upper-design-of-takumi-sen-8-and-adios-pro-2

As you can see in the above image, the tongue has some dissimilarities. Takumi Sen 8 has a perforated one that is more breathable and also plays a role in reducing the overall weight.

However, Adios Pro 2 has a long tongue that touches the ankle and a better lacing system.

If you look closer, you will notice the toe box of the Adios Pro 2 is more comprehensive compared to the narrower toe box of the Takumi Sen 8.

I liked the Adios Pro 2 upper over the Takumi Sen 8 due to its recycled plastic materials and the slightly better and more secure lockdown fit.

2. Midsole Madness

The midsoles of both shoes are made of Lightstrike PRO and Energy Rods.

The Lightstrike Pro is a cushioning foam that provides comfort and also assists in propelling forward.

The Adios Pro 2 leads in this segment with its updated EnergyRods 2.0 and carbon fiber plates for better energy return.

On the other hand, the Takumi Sen 8 also includes EnergyRods.

Unfortunately, no carbon fiber plates are in the heel section like the Adios Pro 2.midsole-of-takumi-sen-8-and-adios-pro-2

As you can see in the above image, the stack height of the Adios Pro 2 is a little higher compared to the other model. I will talk about this in minutes.

Both shoes have soft cushioning and a bouncy response that generates faster propulsion.

Still, the Pro 2 has a more majestic trampoline effect than the Takumi 8.

In the midsole comparison, the Adios Pro 2 midsole surpasses the midsole of Takumi Sen 8 due to its updated EnergyRods technology and energy-loss-preventing carbon fiber plates.

3. Outsole Metaphors

Both shoes come with the same Continental rubber outsole, which is widely known for its superb traction on any terrain.

During the test, I realized that the Pro 2 provides more grip.

The outsole’s shape (heel) is the reason behind this extra grip.outsole-of-takumi-sen-8-and-adios-pro-2

If you look closer at the above image, you will notice an extra cutout throughout the heel section of the Pro 2.

But why this extra cutout?

Adidas has taken this extra step to reduce some weight (though it is still heavier than the Takumi 8), as the Pro 2 has a thicker outsole than the Takumi Sen 8.

In short, both pairs provide extraordinary traction on most surfaces, and you will never slip wearing these shoes.

4. Stack & Weight Divergence

Stack height and weight are crucial in running shoes, from short sprints to tempo runs.

Personally, I prefer a higher stack height for my running shoes.

The Adios Pro 2 offers a significantly better stack height (39.5 mm for the heel & 29.5 mm for the forefoot).

On the other hand, the Takumi Sen 8 comes with a lower stack height (33 mm for the heel & 27 mm for the forefoot) and a reduced weight (6.5 ounces compared to 7.5 ounces of Pro 2).

The increased stack height of the Pro 2 affects the overall weight; the difference is visible here.

Adios Pro 2 weighs almost 1 ounce more than the other one.

Because of the decreased weight of Takumi 8, it surpasses the Pro 2 in short-pace runs.

In the stack and weight comparison, both shoes shine. The higher stack height of the Pro 2 is something you want from a long-distance running shoe, and the less weight of the Takumi 8 excels in short-distance runs.

5. Performance & Stability

Takumi Sen 8 is a lightweight, responsive shoe best suited for short-distance runs (5k or 10k) due to its snappish feel and agility.

With its low stack height, I feel closer to the surface, dramatically increasing the stability and allowing me to take fast turnovers on all terrains.

Unfortunately, this fabulous pair is unsuitable for inexperienced runners, and its narrow platform may feel unstable sometimes.performance-of-takumi-sen-8-and-adios-pro-2

Conversely, the Pro 2 can generate maximum energy return and propel you forward thanks to its EnergyRods and carbon fiber plate.

Along with its cushioning and comfortable ride, this model is very stable on most surfaces, even when running downhill. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an experienced runner to feel the super performance and stability.

If you prioritize speed and agility, pick the Adizero Takumi Sen 8.

On the other hand, go for the Adios Pro 2 in case you’re looking for comfort and support for longer distances.

6. Comfort and Durability

In the head-to-head battle of comforts and durability, the Pro 2 surpasses the Takumi 8. Let me elaborate for a better understanding.

The Takumi Sen 8 is lighter and less bulky because of its thinner midsole.

You will certainly feel the lack of cushioning and miss the durability while running on rough surfaces.

Fortunately, the Pro 2 doesn’t have such issues. Because of the thicker midsole, this pair provides comfortable cushioning and better shock absorption.

Moreover, it offers a broader base that dramatically improves the overall performance.

By the way, I didn’t like the thicker upper of the Pro 2 as I found it warmer on hot days, and it also lacks the breathability of the Takumi 8.

But with the thicker outsole, this pair can handle more mileage on different rough terrains, which makes it more durable.

In summary, go for the Takumi Sen 8 if you want a lightweight, comfy running shoe for short distances. Pick the Adios Pro 2 for long distances without compromising the cushioning, stability, and durability.

7. Price and Significance

Lastly, the Takumi 8 is available for only $180, and the Adios Pro 2 is available for only $220.

Both model’s price points are reasonable because of their different purposes and usages. The Takumi Sen 8 is 20 dollars more pricey than the previous Takumi Sen 7.

But this price gap is logical due to the vast improvements of the Takumi 8.

On the other hand, if you consider all the features of Adios 2, the price is justifiable compared to similar models (Nike Alphafly 2).

Go for the one that better suits your running style, and both of their prices are justifiable.

Pros & Cons: Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 Vs Adios Pro 2

Both models are great and have their own advantages and disadvantages, like any other renowned running shoes. While the Takumi Sen 8 focuses more on short runs, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 is more long-runs-centric.

Following are the strengths and weaknesses of Takumi Sen 8 & Adios Pro 2:

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8

  • »Extremely lightweight.
  • »Excellent propulsion with comfortable cushioning.
  • »Breathable upper.
  • »Joyful ride with a bouncy midsole.
  • »Good foot lockdown and excellent grip.
  • »Not suitable for longer distances.
  • »High price compared to similar shoes.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2

  • »Max energy returns with great comfort.
  • »Have the power to propel forward.
  • »More durable due to the thicker outsole.
  • »Breathable and better fitting upper.
  • »Best for long distances.
  • »Superb lockdown and extraordinary traction.
  • »Heavier than Takumi Sen 8.
  • »Lack of stability.


While both pairs share almost similar materials for the upper, midsole, and outsole, some technical aspects set these shoes apart.

Remember, the Takumi 8 provides maximum speed for short runs, and the Pro 2 is designed for comfort on long-distance runs.

Though the Adios Pro 2 offers more cushioning, the Takumi 8 offers more responsiveness.

For short and speed runs, the Takumi 8 outshines the Pro 2, thanks to its lightweight design and stiff midsole and outsole.

After considering all the technical specs, I suggest the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 for fast pace, short runs (5k & 10k), better propulsion, and breathable upper.

On the contrary, I recommend the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 for longer distances, comfortable cushioning, better forward propelling, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Takumi Sen 8 have a carbon plate?

No, the Takumi Sen 8 doesn’t have a rear carbon plate. Instead, it utilizes the EnergyRods to stabilize the entire foot. However, some reviewers claimed that the Takumi Sen 8 has a small carbon plate under the midsole in the heel.

Does Adidas Adios Pro 2 have a carbon plate?

Yes, the Adidas Adios Pro 2 comes with a small carbon plate in the heel. This unique pair also features carbon EnergyRods for better stability and stiffness throughout the forefoot and midfoot.

Are Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 true to size?

The Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 fits true to size. This model is moderately wider than other racing flats, making more room for toe splay. However, the toe box decreases quickly after the forefoot. I suggest choosing the actual size without going for a half-size down.

Are Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 true to size?

Yes, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 runs true to size for most people. However, it can be too long for some people; in that case, you can go down half a size.

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