Adidas Adizero Adios Pro vs Nike Alphafly Next [2024]

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Marathon mornings still send shivers down my spine, not from nerves but from anticipation. If you’re a marathon runner, you’ve likely heard of the Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next.

Both shoes promise a record-breaking pace, but which one is right for you?

As a marathon runner, I have tried both; they are outstanding and worth the hype. Here, I’ll compare the Adizero Pro and Alphafly Next in terms of design, materials, fit, comfort, and performance.adidas-adizero-adios-pro-vs-nike-alphafly-next

So, which one is the best supershoe for you? Let’s find out.

Overview of Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next

The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next are top-of-the-line racing shoes designed to help runners shave seconds off their bests.

They’re packed with cutting-edge technologies and boast impressive performance but cater to slightly different running styles and distances.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

Engineered for speed and performance, the Adizero Adios Pro boasts a combination of cutting-edge technologies.

It also features Lightstrike Pro foam and EnergyRods, delivering a soft yet responsive ride and enhancing propulsion.

The single-layer Celermesh upper ensures durability, though some users note initial comfort adjustments. With a Continental rubber outsole offering excellent traction, this shoe is a formidable contender for those seeking race-day excellence.

Adidas also enhances its footwear game. For example, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 and Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 have notable changes.

Nike Alphafly Next

The Alphafly Next from Nike is a marvel of marathon engineering.

Its full-length carbon fiber plate and ZoomX foam provide unparalleled energy return, while the Air Zoom pods in the forefoot enhance cushioning and responsiveness.

The shoe also features a Atomknit upper for a snug and breathable fit.

The Alphafly Next has been recognized for its role in marathon records, as it has helped runners achieve new heights. However, its premium price reflects its elite status.

That said, Adidas and Nike launched iterations of these superheroes.

BrandModelVariationsRelease Year
AdidasAdizero Adios ProVersions: 1, 2, 32020-2023
NikeAlphafly NextAlphaFly Next% 2 & 32019-2023

Now, scroll down to the following section to see how these shoes compare.

Feature Comparison of Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next

The Adizero Pro comes with plush foam, which is ideal for marathons. Alphafly Next ignites speed with lightweight tech, perfect for shorter bursts.

Choosing the right racing shoe is crucial for peak performance.

The following comprehensive comparison table analyzes the key features of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next.

Feature Adidas Adizero Adios ProNike Alphafly Next
CushioningSofter, more cushionedBit firmer, more responsive
StabilitySuperior stabilitySuperior stability
Upper materialsCelermesh with Primegreen recycled materialsAtomknit upper
MidsoleLightstrike Pro foamZoomX foam with Zoom Air pods
OutsoleContinental Rubber outsoleRubber
Carbon ElementCarbon rods in the forefoot and plate in the heelFull-length carbon fiber plate
Rocker GeometryAggressive rocker for rolling motionAggressive rocker for rolling motion
Weight (Mens 9)7.8 oz7.6 oz
FitTrue to size, some runners find it narrowTrue to size, some runners find it narrow in the forefoot
Heel-to-Toe Drop6 mm8 mm
Break in periodShortShort
Price~ $250~ $275
StrengthsComfort, stability, durabilityResponsiveness, lightweight, propulsive

Now you’ve seen the numbers have been presented; it’s time to delve deeper based on my own miles in each shoe.

Buckle up for some real-world insights and personal preferences that go beyond the specs.

Primary Differences of Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next

The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and the Nike Alphafly Next are two of the most innovative and revolutionary shoes in running history.

These are flagship shoes designed to help you run faster and longer.

Now check the core differences between the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next:

1. Upper Craftsmanship & Materials

While both pushed the envelope in marathon footwear, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next exhibit distinctive approaches to upper craftsmanship and materials.upper-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro-and-nike-alphafly-next

Adidas embraces innovation with the Adizero Adios Pro’s Celermesh upper, featuring a durable net-like material. Also, it uses 50% recycled content.

The unique lace enclosure system, though a bit unconventional, offers a secure lockdown.

Also, the tongue design is functional but took some getting used to, requiring careful lacing to prevent bunching.

Despite initial concerns, the Celermesh material proved resilient over the miles, exhibiting no signs of wear or tear.

In contrast, Nike employs a Atomknit upper for the Alphafly Next.

This delivers a snug and breathable fit.

Also, a contentious aspect of the shoe was its thin tongue, which tended to bounce up during wear, requiring meticulous adjustment.

The lace enclosure system and the heel lock provided a secure fit, but it takes some break-ins.lace-system-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro-and-nike-alphafly-next

The Atomknit material seemed slightly less transparent than Adidas’ Cleremesh, balancing breathability and comfort.

Though I find the Upper of Adios Pro 3 is durable, the overall quality and functionality are better on the Nike Alphafly Next% 2.

2. Midsole Technology

Diving into the heart of marathon prowess, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next showcase distinctive midsole technologies.midsole-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro-and-nike-alphafly-next

Adidas employs Lightstrike Pro foam and EnergyRods in the Adios Pro, delivering a soft, responsive ride with a suspension-like feel.

The Lightstrike Pro foam is more durable and crease-resistant than the Alphafly’s ZoomX.

Personally, the EnergyRods offered a unique sensation akin to a gentle lift with each stride.

Meanwhile, Nike’s Alphafly Next relies on a full-length carbon fiber plate and ZoomX foam, providing unparalleled energy return.

In my Alphafly Next% 3, the full-size carbon fiber plate provides more responsiveness than the carbon fiber plate used just in the heel of the Adios Pro 3.

The Air Zoom pods in the forefoot felt like a subtle propulsion, translating into a distinct push-off sensation during my runs.

The Nike Alphafly Next and Adidas Adizero Pro have superior technology in the midsole.

However, I find Adios Pro’s midsole is better overall for longer distances and slower paces.

3. Traction-Optimized Outsole

So, we’ve fueled the engines (midsole). Now, let’s talk about tires – the outsoles.

The outsole divergence between Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next reflects their unique takes on marathon traction.

Adios Pro 3 employs Continental rubber strips in key areas that touch the ground.

However, after 250 miles, I noticed some wear, especially in the heel groove.

Also, the traction optimization leans towards ground contact, providing a solid grip.

On the other hand, the Alpha Fly Next Percent 2 showcases rubber in the heel and midfoot regions, safeguarding the Zoom X foam.outsole-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro-and-nike-alphafly-next

However, signs of wear, particularly in the heel groove and near the fly plate cutout, hint at the robust demands of marathon mileage.

From my own experience, I prefer the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 for its outsole performance. I find it more comfortable and versatile for different paces and distances.

4. Enhanced Comfort and Support

The Adios Pro boasts Atomknit 2.0 in its upper, offering durability and comfort.

However, I initially felt discomfort around the top and Achilles area of the lace enclosure system.

Skillful adjustments mitigate these concerns, eventually ensuring a comfortable ride.

Notably, the Adios Pro establishes itself with a broader, more stable base, accommodating various foot shapes and sizes for enhanced support.

On the contrary, the Alphafly Next, with its single-layer Celermesh upper, presents a thicker and more durable composition.

The only issue I have with the Alphafly Next% 2 is its tongue and a bit of a rugged interior.

However, after adjusting the tongue, the shoe provides satisfactory support.

The Alphafly Next, featuring a narrower and less stable base, leans towards a more specialized fit, potentially posing challenges for wider and flatter feet.

In terms of support, both excel, with Adios Pro’s EnergyRods offering stability. At the same time, Alphafly Next’s combination of a carbon fiber plate and Zoom Air pods provides a supportive and responsive platform for runners.

For its comfort and support, I prefer the Adizero Adios Pro. It fits my foot shape and size better, and I enjoy the cushioned and smooth ride.comfort-and-support-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro

5. Size, Weight & Fit

Choosing the right racing shoe isn’t just about tech and performance; it’s about finding the perfect fit.

In my experience, both shoes tend to run true to size.

However, the Adizero Pro’s snugger upper with the lace closures might feel a bit tight for wider feet.

In contrast, the Alphafly Next’s sock-like upper has some built-in stretch, potentially feeling slightly roomy for narrower feet.

Weighing a mere 7.8 ounces, the Adios Pro becomes a featherlight companion.

The shoe delivers a positive sensation, making it feel effortless to run long distances.

In contrast, the Alphafly Next% 2, which weighs 7.6 ounces, provides a lighter feel.

That said, reflecting on fit, the Adios Pro accommodates a wide range of foot shapes, embracing a secure glove-like hug, especially in the midfoot and heel.

On the flip side, the Alphafly Next’s snug, sock-like fit with Flywire cables delivers a precise, propulsive feel.

Also, the Adizero Adios Pro boasts a spacious, flexible, and durable toe box, catering to various foot shapes with grippy stability.

Meanwhile, the Alphafly Next features a snug, rigid toe box.

This offers less adaptability and durability but a more secure fit.

Adizero Adios Pro wins for me with its perfect size, weight, and fit, offering balance and versatility for my feet.size-weight-fit-of-adidas-adizero-adios-pro

6. Peak Performance

In the pursuit of peak performance, the Adizero Adios Pro and Alphafly Next deliver distinct advantages.

With its Energyrods and cushioned Lightstrike Pro foam, the Adios Pro provides a consistent and stable ride that is perfect for long distances. The shoe’s wider base and adaptable fit provide reassuring stability, making it a reliable companion on varied terrain.

Contrastingly, the Alphafly Next, armed with a higher stack height, carbon fiber plate, and Zoom Air pods, takes center stage in shorter, explosive bursts.

The ZoomX foam propels me with trampoline-like responsiveness, akin to having rocket boosters for shorter races.

However, the constant responsiveness became fatiguing on longer runs, my muscles yearning for a touch of plushness. While I didn’t PR in a marathon with these, they shaved seconds off my 5K time.

Also, Alphafly Next’s towering 39 mm heel and 33 mm forefoot exceed the Adizero Adios Pro’s 36 mm and 30 mm.

This delivers a higher energy return.

The Adios Pro’s consistent performance over extended runs is well-suited for my marathon training. At the same time, the Alphafly Next excels in speed workouts. It’s providing an extra burst of energy for those quick-paced miles.

7. Price and Best For

Shoes can be investments, both in our performance and wallets.

So, before you lace up, let’s jump into the price tags and ideal uses of the Adizero Pro and Alphafly Next, helping you score value on your race day quest.

The Adizero Pro comes in at a slightly more modest $250, while the Alphafly Next demands a premium $275.

Although the Alphafly Next boasts cutting-edge tech, the Adizero Pro’s price tag might feel more accessible.

The Adizero Pro shines in marathons and longer distances.

Its comfort and stability kept my legs striding even during the final grueling miles of my last marathon.

On the other hand, the Alphafly Next excels in shorter, speed-focused

My 5K PR felt within reach thanks to the explosive energy return of the Alphafly Next% 2.

Remember, value is personal. If durability and long-term use are key, the Adizero Pro might win. If peak performance in specific distances is your priority, Alphafly Next could be your champion.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next

These Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next are flagship marathon shoes with modern amenities.

The Adios Pro contains a carbon heel plate and Energyrods, while the Alphafly Next incorporates a carbon fiber plate, ZoomX foam, and Zoom Air pods.

I have already provided you with detailed information about these two shoes.

Now, let’s compare their pros and cons.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

  • »More cushioned and durable than the Alphafly Next.
  • »Plush comfort with Lightstrike Pro foam and Energy Rods.
  • »Compatible with racing and daily runs.
  • »The upper is durable.
  • »Has a heel carbon plate.
  • »Slightly heavier than Alphafly Next.
  • »Not as responsive as the speed demon Alphafly.

Nike Alphafly Next

  • »Blazing speed with lightweight ZoomX foam and aggressive rocker geometry.
  • »ZoomX foam and Zoom Air pods for incredible responsiveness.
  • »Has a carbon fiber plate.
  • »Holds the record for the fastest marathon distance ever.
  • »Not as comfortable as the Adizero Pro.
  • »Slightly more expensive than the Adizero Pro.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next: Which One is Better?

The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and the Nike Alphafly Next are two of the most innovative and revolutionary shoes in running history.

In the marathon shoe showdown between the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro and Nike Alphafly Next, these contenders showcase formidable strengths catering to the needs of serious runners.

The Adidas Adios Pro excels with its EnergyRods and Lightstrike Pro foam, providing a soft and responsive ride.

Meanwhile, the Nike Alphafly Next, with its full-length carbon fiber plate and ZoomX foam, stands as a pinnacle of energy return and performance.

Adidas is for those valuing EnergyRods’ suspension feel, and Nike is for enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge technologies that have propelled marathon records to new heights.

Each represents a top-tier option for those chasing marathon excellence.


Who is number 1, Nike or Adidas?

It’s impossible to say which brand is number 1. Nike and Adidas excel in different areas, and market metrics can fluctuate. Nike often holds the top spot for brand value and global footwear market share, while Adidas dominates the European sportswear market.

What is similar to Alphafly?

For those who enjoy Alphafly Next’s explosive responsiveness and lightweight design, the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3, the Hoka One One Rocket X, or the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 are also worthy considerations.

Who are Adidas Adios Pro 3 competitors?

The Adidas Adios Pro 3 represents a marathon-focused shoe that competes with other shoes in the category that offer plush cushioning and stability. Strong contenders include the Brooks Ghost 15, ASICS Kayano 29, and New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v13.

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