About Zarin Tasnim

Written By rajib

Meet Zarin, a Seamstress Extraordinaire and Enthusiastic Shoe Collector!

She is a content developer at RMK Shoes. Through her passion for work, she analyses and develops each and every of her content from scratch.


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Her writing shows the depth of her knowledge about shoes and other lifestyle sectors.

Zarin’s Hidden Talent

Every sector of fashion amazed her from the very beginning. She started to learn sewing at a very young age, and her curiosity grew. Even with her Chemistry background, she kept working her way to elevate her everyday outlook.

The fusion of her sewing creations and shoe collection has become a seamless expression of her artistic vision.zarin-stiching-artShe sews amazing handmade backpacks, purses, and traditional Potli bags.

She also makes her tops and matches cute headbands and scrunchies. She owns her page named রেখাচিত্র.

red-design-bag-zarinThat’s how she began her journey and soon realized the importance of shoes and sandals as a fashion staple alongside dresses. And during her perfect and versatile shoe hunt, she understood the necessity of learning about shoe materials and the manufacturing process.

She also loves to collect versatile and timeless shoes and sandals. Her personal favorites are Mules and Chelsea boots.

Not to mention she has a few unique pieces in her collection.

That’s how it started, and this industry talked to her like she was meant to be here. She is as consistent as a designer pair of Louis Vuitton and gives us her best work to help others understand shoes properly.

She has in-depth knowledge about other branded shoes like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Dr. Martens, Birkenstocks, and so on.

As the industry is huge, she is also satisfying her thirst through her work and passion.