About Tanvirul Islam Tonmoy

Written By John

Meet Tanvirul, whose passion for shoes and adventurous spirit has shaped his journey.

It all began on my 12th birthday when my uncle gifted me my first Air Jordan sneakers, albeit a replica. Little did I know this gift would ignite my curiosity and lead me toward shoe exploration.


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Obsession Towards Footwear

So you can say from an early stage of my life, a love for shoes grows in me. From then on, I started researching shoes and buying the ones that fulfilled all my expectations. My friends and family always take my advice before purchasing any pair.

Nevertheless, when I came into adulthood, I had to choose a subject for my undergrad that’s when I became an Electrical Engineer.

But my love for the shoes remains the same.

After completing my study, on a pale hot summer noon, I decided to follow my passion as a shoe expert. I just want to share my expertise and engineering analytic skills with the world.

I was lucky because then I got a chance to join RMKShoes. I didn’t let that opportunity float away.

I started as a Content Developer. Over time, my dedication and expertise in the field of shoes propelled me to a leadership role. Now as a Team Leader, I not only continue to indulge in my passion for shoes but also guide and mentor others in my team.

I am fortunate to have a Team with expertise and experience, and they are really gifted. Each one of them brings new ideas to the group.

My unwavering dedication to researching and acquiring the perfect shoes demonstrates my commitment to craftsmanship and personal style.

Simultaneously, my adventurous spirit on two wheels showcases my thirst for new experiences and my willingness to embrace life to the fullest.