About Nabila Tabassum Lisha

Written By rajib

Meet Nabila Tabassum, a remarkable woman who embodies the true spirit of women empowerment.

Nabila enjoys carrying designer bags and shoes. She consistently leads a fashionable lifestyle with her branded accessories.


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Nabila’s Passion

Her passion for trendy outfits is beyond imagination.

As the founder and driving force behind an exceptional ethnic attire brand (Kothok), Nabila and her sister have established themselves as a trailblazer and an inspiration to many.nabila-flower-art

After completing her BBA program, Nabila had always envisioned starting her own boutique business. And recently, she started Choturongo on her own, where she tries to infuse tradition into contemporary apparel.

She always attempts to be creative and boost her designer core, which is why she starts writing about the boots she loves to wear.

Now she pens content regularly about branded shoes. She also enjoys writing because this passion fulfills a deep-seated desire in her. Nabila loves to write about shoes because she believes that each sole has a soul of its own.

With unwavering determination and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Nabila started her brand from scratch, dedicating countless hours to research and design.

She makes macramé home decor and paints in her spare time.nabila-pillow-art

Apart from writing, She always loves watching both movies and thriller series.