About Mousumi Alam Tani

Written By rajib

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Tani, a remarkable individual whose talents and passions have shaped her journey.

Since childhood, she has possessed an innate knack for writing. Even while pursuing her undergraduate degree, she was a step ahead in academic report writing.


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The Gift Of Writing

Her ability to craft engaging narratives, clearly conveying complex ideas, and presenting well-researched arguments set her apart from her peers. Whether it was a literature analysis, a scientific research paper, or a thought-provoking essay, Tani’s writing skills always garnered praise and admiration from professors and fellow students alike.

So when she got the opportunity to choose this passion as a profession, she didn’t let this chance slip away.

But why did she focus on shoes out of so many niches?

Meticulous Shoe Selection

Tani’s dedication to finding the perfect footwear aligns with her approach to writing.

She is very picky regarding her footwear purchases and leaves no stone unturned to grab the coveted pair, whether it’s a sneaker, dress shoe, or boot.

However, she preferred to buy shoes by visiting the outlet. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, she started shopping online. And realized that a client must know the exact features and sizing before purchasing shoes online.

Consequently, she dedicated her time and expertise to writing shoe reviews based on her personal experiences.

She also writes about the legitimacy of various shoe reselling platforms so that buyers don’t get bamboozled. This kind of work gives her a lot of bliss; thus, she is continuously growing more and more.