7 Best Salomon Trail Running And Hiking Shoes Reviewed

Written By Mahia

When talking about trail running shoes, the brand that pops up in mind is Salomon. Salomon has been producing advanced trail running shoes for many years; it is one of the most favorite brands among hikers. However, finding the best trail running shoes among their vast collection can be a bit tricky.

Myself being a boot expert, I have trailed many trail running shoes from Salomon. So, I include the ones that work excellently.

Keep reading to experience Salomon trail running shoes’ fantastic features and find your perfect pair of shoes.


Review Of Top 7 Salomon Trail Running And Hiking Shoes

Men’s Speedcross 5Synthetic/TextileOverall Best
Men’s Speedcross 4SyntheticBest Looking
Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTXSyntheticAll-Rounder
Men’s X Ultra 3SyntheticMost Premium
Women’s Speedcross 4 WSyntheticComfortable
Women’s Speedcross 4 GTXSyntheticLightweight
Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX WSyntheticBest Budget

To get the best pair of Salomon trail running and hiking shoes, you need to know their features, like how durable and flexible the shoes are, in which climate you should wear them, waterproof or not, and many more.

Below I have listed the seven best Salomon trail running and hiking shoes and discussed their properties.

Here are the top 7 Salomon trail running and hiking shoes:


Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe


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Salomon men’s Speedcross 5 trail running shoes are sturdy and long-lasting since they are made with high-quality synthetic leather. The synthetic material makes the shoe ultra light-weight and comfortable as well. Synthetic can withstand scores and scratches, which eventually keeps your feet safe from injuries.

The boots’ sole is made of rubber, which offers excellent traction in muddy, rocky, or uneven surfaces. Rubber outsoles are naturally waterproof, so there is no chance of getting water into the shoes.

Features List

  • The shoes feature a firm grip that keeps the feet in their place and protects your feet from slipping.
  • The dynamic upper of the shoes promises excellent stability. The better the firmness, the better your shoes will resist compression. The upper also ensures a better fitting.
  • The shoes have deep lugs, which provide an additional grip and make your shoes slip-resistant. So you can hike comfortably on wet grounds without the chances of slipping.
  •  The unique property LT muscle midsole of the Speedcross 5 guarantees extreme grip on wet surfaces and acts as a shock absorber, increasing the duration of impact.
  • Salomon men’s Speedcross 5 trail running shoes come in 12 exotic colors that can complement any of your outfits.

Personal Opinion

Salomon men’s Speedcross 5 is an excellent choice if you want trail running shoes that offer a firm grip in all surface conditions. Your feet will not ache even after hours of running, all thanks to the advanced technologies used in the shoes.


Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes


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The pure synthetic-made Salmon men’s Speedcross 4 trail running shoes give more of a modern look and helps you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free walk. Its rubber sole gives the shoes a firm grip, which allows them to experience slip-proof running in all terrain types.

Features List

  • They are made of 100% synthetic, making the shoes lighter in weight and doesn’t give your feet a heavy feel while running.
  • The shoes have an aggressive grip, which gives maximum traction on grass surfaces that are muddy and wet.
  • The shoes are designed so that it holds your feet in place and provides secure support.
  • To offer a flawless performance while running, men’s Speedcross 4 has a contra-grip in the shoes, which ensures durability in the edge of the outsole and flexibility in the center of the outsole. Overall, it gives you an excellent grip while running.
  • The measurement of the shaft is from the arch to the low-top.
  • The compressed EVA midsole offers outstanding cushioning, resists compression, and makes your feet very comfortable. All in all, you will feel you are walking on clouds.
  • Seven beautiful colors are available from Salomon men’s Speedcross 4 trail running shoes.

Personal Opinion

Salomon men’s Speedcross 4 is the perfect shoe for running on soft grounds. A big no if you are planning to wear the shoes on hard surfaces. It will give painful pressure points and friction spots on your feet if you run on hard grounds.


Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Shoes


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Salomon men’s X Ultra 3 is an ideal pair of shoes if you are planning to hike. These hiking shoes are made with premium synthetic leather, which makes the shoe ultra light-weight and makes the shoe hard-wearing.

Slipping on wet surfaces is a common and risky problem every hiker faces. To solve this, Salomon has added two types of high-quality rubber soles in their shoes, which ensures an intense grip while hiking on wet grounds and prevents you from falling.

Features List 

  • The shoes offer an optimum fit so that you can hike comfortably without any trouble.
  • The Salomon sensiFit promises a smooth run on uneven grounds, downhill and uphill. It also increases the duration of running by eliminating muscle pain cramps and gives you additional energy, which prevents bruises or cuts.
  • The Advanced Chassis, a midsole support panel, is used in the shoes, which offers excellent strength by decreasing the lateral flex and also protects your feet from sharp objects.
  • A protective heel cap is attached to the shoes, which keeps the feet from impact and also prevents foot corns and blisters.
  • The high-performance EVA midsole behaves as a shock absorber and reduces the stress that your feet experience while impacting.
  • There are five unique colors of Salomon men’s X Ultra 3 mid GTX running shoes.

Personal Experience

Salomon men’s X Ultra 3 mid-GTX is an ideal pair of hiking shoes that provides maximum stability, cushioning, intense grip, and as well as they are lighter in weight. The shoes don’t need any break-in time, so you can just slip them on and go hiking. But remember these boots are not at all waterproof, so do not wear them on rainy days.


Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoes


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An excellent pair of hiking shoes to wear in hot weather. The shoes breathable properties allow your feet to breathe and keep them dry and crisp in warm weather.

Salomon men’s X Ultra 3 is an all-around shoe; you can wear them for everyday running, on local trails, and even on uneven or rocky grounds.

Overall, the shoes will give you a relaxing walk.

Features List

  • The shoes are built with Descent Control Technology, which ensures a secure grip in all environment types.
  • A protective mudguard is constructed around the foot’s bottom to protect the lateral and medial sides from dirty tracks.
  • The mesh uppers make sure no specks of dirt can be trapped between the insole and your foot.
  • In total, there are five designs available.

Personal Opinion

A very premium quality shoe made with advanced technology for smooth hiking. The shoes are very durable compared to other hiking shoes, and they are also light-weight. Men’s X Ultra 3 is not suitable to wear in cold weather, so wear them in hot weather only. If you have wide feet, go for a size up, it will give you an optimal fit.


Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Running Shoes


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Salomon women’s Speedcross 4 W trail running shoes are light-weight and offer a higher level of breathability since they are made with top-notch quality synthetic. To some extent, synthetic also makes the shoes resistant to water.

Features List

  • To help you run effortlessly on soft grounds, the shoes have an advanced Speedcross lug pattern, improving the shoes’ traction and stability.
  • The Sensifit feature holds the feet in the footbed firmly and helps to run effortlessly on uneven trails.
  • The Quick-lace system helps you to wear the shoes on and off very easily and quickly.
  • The shoes’ unique EndoFit characteristic makes them a high-performance trail shoe by engaging the foot with the inner sock-like layer below the upper.
  • The Contra-grip and the molded EVA midsole enhances comfort and provides a higher-level grip.
  • The ortholite footbed keeps your feet healthy as well as offers an extreme level of comfort.
  • Two colors are available from this design.

Personal Opinion

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 W trail running shoe is a very light shoe that is excellent for long runs and hikes. The shoes are sturdy and provide enough support to the ankle. If you want trail running shoes that are incredibly comfortable and offer maximum traction, then indeed, women’s Speedcross 4 W is the right choice.


Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Running Shoes


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Women’s Speedcross 4 Gtx is an ultra light-weight and breathable shoe because the shoe’s sole is made with synthetic. Synthetic soles are very much hard-wearing and comfortable. For long hours of run, nothing can beat the comfort level of synthetic soles.

Features List

  • The GORE-TEX feature has an insulated technology that keeps the feet warm in chilly weather and provides high-level breathability, keeping the feet dry all day long.
  • The shoes have all the properties that make them waterproof, so you can run flawlessly without getting your feet wet.
  •  The shoes have an intense grip, which helps you run on soft or hard grounds without slipping.
  • The shoes provide an excellent foothold so that you can walk securely.
  • Two colors are available from these designs.

Personal Opinion

Women’s Speedcross 4  GTX is the best pick to run on rugged grounds. Provides excellent traction on wet surfaces without the risk of falling. You can walk miles in these shoes without getting your feet tired.


Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots


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Salomon women’s X Ultra 3 mid-GTX W is an ultimate pick if you are looking for intense grip in boots. These boots are specially designed for ladies to experience the maximum hold, prevent slipping, and give a comfortable and stable walk.

Two different types of high-quality rubber are placed to provide more strong grip on all terrain types. The boots have a special patterned section on the heel, which grasps the terrain more strongly.

Features List

  • The boots are made with top quality synthetic.
  • The Advanced Chassis technology increases the boot’s stability and cushioning. And let you enjoy a tireless journey for long hours.
  • The molded EVA midsole promises high-performance in all types of grounds and makes your feet feel like lying on a soft pillow.
  • Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX W hiking boots come in 4 beautiful colors.

Personal Opinion

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX W hiking boots are an appropriate pair of winter hiking boots for women who want additional grip. After hours of walking, your feet will not feel tired at all. The boots are comfortable as well as stylish. For a better fit, go a half size up. Remember, these boots are not waterproof; instead, they are water-resistant.

Salomon Trail Buyer’s Guide

There are a few essential components that you should mainly remember while buying hiking boots.

Below I have described the points in short:

Quality: For smooth and effortless running or hiking, all you need is quality-full shoes. The better the shoe’s quality, the better your hiking or running experience will be. Salomon always focuses on its quality. For this reason, most of their shoes are made from top quality synthetic.

As the shoes are made from premium materials, the shoes become long-lasting, and a single pair of shoes can last you for years.

Price: The pricing list of Salomon trail running shoes are pretty good. Because there are shoes for every range, if you want budget-friendly shoes, you can choose Salomon men’s Speedcross 4 or Salomon women’s Speedcross 4 W trail running shoes.

Salomon men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking shoes or Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 GTX trail running shoes can be a good pick if you want to invest a handsome amount.

Advanced Technologies: Salomon always upgrades their running or hiking shoes by designing their shoes with advanced technology. When buying Salomon shoes, always look if the shoes have unique features like SensiFit, GORE-TEX, EndoFit, Advanced Chassis, and EVA midsole.


A good-quality and long-lasting shoes are needed to get the best experience of your adventurous journey. And Salomon trail running shoes have all the qualities to give you a smooth and hassle-free walk.

Once you choose Salomon trail running shoes for your hike, you will not look at any other shoes because Salomon doesn’t leave any stone unturned to amaze us with their hiking shoes.

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